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I’ve had the same person cleaning my Petworth rowhouse for 8 or 9 years and she recently raised me to $100 for every other week. I know this is low, but she’s worked for me for so long that I sort of got grandfathered in. She usually charges closer to $120.  She comes with one or 2 friends who she pays out of her earnings.
I give her a gift card or cash on the holidays, and I gave her a paid week off when her baby was born a couple years ago.  (She actually only took a couple weeks off, and then just brought the baby with her to work!  Sat with him while her crew cleaned).

Companies like Merry Maids tend to pay their cleaners very poorly, which is why I wouldn’t use them. My cleaner works for a lot of friends of mine, so there’s plenty of quality control that way…if there’s a problem at one house, she could lose a LOT of jobs.  In all the years she’s been coming, I’ve never had an issue with her or her team.