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I would echo ‘mtpreader’ in being weary of Brown’s Honda of Arlington, but I’ve only dealt with the Service Center. While they were fast, they’ve “fixed” a rattle in my rear speaker deck THREE times now, only to have it continue to occur, sold me the wrong wiper blade replacements AT the parts window, and every time I go in for an oil change, they’ve recommended no less than $500 in work to be done. They also show no regard for establishing a customer relationship, as I’ve had a different service rep every single time, even after requesting the previous one.

I purchased the actual car from Hagerstown Honda, and got the Internet sales price, which was true to form, absolutely no hassle, and while they had sold the one I had wanted to look at, they had an identical model, less miles, one owner as opposed to two, AND they Certified it for free, because they didn’t want me to feel that had pulled a “bait and switch” on me. Internet price was $16.9k, it appraised for over $22k, which was great.