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I used and loved it.  Easy self install – $39.99 month monitoring fee.  No fees for false alarms. Sensors included door, window and motion.   This included a key fob – so I could disarm/arm when leaving and didn’t have to push the buttons on the panel – this was great when hands were full of groceries, etc. Best feature – REMOTE monitoring.  So – if  I could check to see if I armed it if I thought I forgot – or could arm/disarm to let in workers, or a friend or whomever.  You can also set up multiple codes – so I had one for my GF and one for the contractor and one for the catsitter – and one for the tenant – so super useful. I’ve also been able to reset the alarm when, for instance, my tenant’s BF accidentally set it off.   IIRC they go through Frontpoint – but just look at the website – I can’t believe more ppl don’t use this.