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I’ve been a member at Vida since they opened the first (Verizon) location.  I pay $84 a month (with no corporate discount or affiliation), but that might be lower than other folks since I joined so early.  My husband has gone in a few times over the years to inquire about a membership and they’ve quoted him rates any where from around $100 (about 4 years ago) to $79 (about 2 years ago with a corporate discount).  I’m like you – I take a lot of classes (try to make at least 3 a week), so the cost is worth it to me, especially when comparing the cost to a per class cost at the specialized gyms/yoga studios.  I also go to four of their locations to mix it up, so I don’t get bored.  Also, as the above poster mentioned, they have some “extra” cost classes/training, but I’ve never bothered to do those because I’m happy sticking with the classes that are included in the monthly membership fee.