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I am not sure which Vida you are thinking about joining. My experience is with verizon. I joined first with a 60 day groupon deal. I fell in love after day 1.  I then joined via a corporate membership thru my husband’s work and paid $87/month for the one location.  However as months wore on I became less enthusiastic. I have since quit… Their equipment is great and I rarely had issues unless I was there right at 6 pm but I still could usually find equipment to use. The weekends were really quiet (I am sure that’s not the case at metropole or U street though).  The down sides were:
1. every spin class plays the same/similar music.  I used to belong to xsport in arlington and loved that each instructor made their own mixes.
2. barre classes are beyond packed and they don’t limit the number of students.
3. I used to love Tami’s (she teaches the kickboxing) classes, but she seemed to get meaner and meaner as time went on and not in an encouraging kind of way. Threatening to end class because we couldn’t keep up with her. She seemed to forget that teaching the class was her JOB! 
The final straw for me was that they continue to add programs that were “extra” and cost the same to non members.  I now just participate in those (pilates reformer, boot camp) and opt to be a non member.