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I fired the Green Mop a while ago after they left my back door completely unlocked on three separate occasions.  We have three locks: the door handle, the deadbolt, and a chain.  All three were unlocked each time.  I called and talked to the management several times and for whatever reason, the cleaning people still were incapable of remembering to lock the damn door.  But what really, really pissed me off?  I reviewed them on Angie’s List and they flat out lied in their response, despite several emails between me and the management to the contrary, saying that all of the locks were undone when they arrived (which is never, ever the case) and that I had never specified that I wanted the staff to lock the door when the left.  I would NOT recommend them.  Last I checked, they also had been removed from Angie’s List after violating their guidelines.  Seriously, look elsewhere.