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I had the “pleasure” of serving on the 5-week grand jury a couple of years ago. It’s about as unpleasant as you think it is: 9-5, Monday through Friday for 5 weeks straight with no access to phones or computers. And then you have to go back for a day six weeks later to close out any outstanding business. I luckily had just started a new job so didn’t have many work obligations to put off and the employer is flexible with those sorts of absences so I didn’t feel I had a legitimate excuse to get out of it. The experience itself was pretty interesting and I ended up becoming pretty good friends with one of the other jurors. So it wasn’t a complete loss. But, man, some of the cases were pretty depressing. And don’t assume that because you’ve served a 5-week stint that it’ll buy you a bunch of time from the summons gods: I just received a new summons 2 years later on the dot. It’s for Petit Jury, but still…

Good luck!