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I’ve only done this once and the circumstances were slightly different in that the car was from NC and being given to me in DC. I could be missing some necessary info but, to my knowledge, all you need to do is transfer the title to your name. This is as simple as going to a bank so that a notary can witness the transfer. Once the transfer is officially in your name then the ball is in your court to get the car registered, etc. If the car is not registered to anyone right now I don’t know if/how this could affect things. I would say, however, that if you are moving to MD soon then I would wait to register the car until you move so you don’t have to deal with DC DMV and then MD’s DMV. It’s a pretty basic (albeit time-consuming, tedious) process (in no particular order) of registering your vehicle, getting your tags, getting your title, getting your insurance, and paying tax on the car, which is determined at the DMV. Hope this helps – good luck!