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The process:
-become a MD resident & get MD license
-insure the vehicle & take proof of insurance and car’s title [signed over to you] to MD MVA along with a bill of sale [does not need to be notarized]:
and the ‘Application for Certificate of Title’:
Even though someone gave you the car, you’re better off having them ‘sell’ it to you for $700 on paper, and pay the appropriate taxes [6% = $42].  If you claim it was free, you will probably have to provide additional/notarized documentation.  Suck it up and pay the $42.
As the vehicle is not currently registered and located out of the state of MD, you will need temp tags – tell the MVA agent this and get 30 day tags. You then need to get the vehicle inspected. Most good gas station in MD can do this. Once you have the inspection certificate, go back to the MVA and finish the process by getting your real tags.  Feel free to email me at my username @gmail if you have any questions.  Just helped my mom go through the process [twice].