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First thing is contact the commander of the police for your ward. Email, phone, face to face doesn’t matter. Enlist the help of other neighbors if you can. Find out who owns the building and complain to them. Call 911 morning/noon and night. The police need the numbers to drive them to put cars in the area. Get a group of emails from your neighbors that want to get rid of them and when you or one of them see something send out an email so all others can make 911 calls too. Get lights, lots of light, get your neighbors to leave front porch lights on as much as possible. Drug dealers need darkness to do their thing and they are like roaches and hate the light. Call DCRA and report any housing issues occurring on the property. The owner will get fined if they don’t take care of it. Call Tommy Wells and if he doesn’t help you get pictures and send to the press about how he is do nothing CM and not to vote for him. He doesn’t need this now with the election coming up.

Don’t feel your alone this happened on a block I lived on in Capitol Hill and we got rid of the dealers. It is a beautiful street now and folks kill themselves to buy homes there.