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I worked with my father in-law on the HVAC system in our house and he is excellent, but from way out of town so can’t help you there.  I can tell you with a good deal of certainty though, if you are replacing duct work and installing a new furnace/air handler/compressor…etc…it is definitely going to be in the $18,000 range to pay someone for a new system.  It gets real pricey real quick.  We totally ripped out the radiator’s in our house and hand built the duct work and installed it so it fit nicely into floor joists and duct shaft and didn’t take up a lot of square footage/nor lost overhead ceiling height.  Most of the problem you will find is actually fitting in the right size ductwork where it is unobtrusive/not unsightly all the while still giving you the max amount of air handling/heat load (such as venting over the windows where you need it the most – due to heat loss).  We placed our hot water heater in the attic (sounds crazy I know) which was a “tank-less” water heater.  Therefore you don’t have any leaks/bursting problems because the water heater only has water in it when it’s actually doing it’s job and heating it.  It’s fairly small and fit into a good spot in our attic.  The Renai’s are nice.  It’s a lot of work though.  It took me and my father in-law about a month to install it all in multiple trips.  He also had a helper too from time to time.  You will definitely need to rip open walls if you are changing where you want the vents too.  Takes some time…