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Yes I’ve had this happen. Here’s the story, in case it’s helpful to any of you. At end of April, had a guy come to door of my house, in the 500 block of Randolph St in Petworth. I was home alone, am a woman. He was dressed strangely for a serviceman- a big, colorful bowtie, short-sleeved buttondown shirt tucked into ill-fitting jeans, with pointy black and white dress shoes. About 5′ 6″. He quickly flashed the put in his pocket a homemade badge, then gave a spiel about how he was there to ensure the house was using as much green energy as possible. Then said, “so, to get started, may I see your most recent Pepco bill?” I told him I wasn’t going to do that and that I wasn’t interested. Closed the door, he walked off the porch. A few minutes later I put it together that he was a scammer, called the police and said, “I’m not sure I should call you – but thought I would check.” They were grateful, said this type of thing should absolutely be reported, that the police should definitely be dispatched, and asked me to lock my doors until they were on the block. Police came without blaring sirens – even one on a bike showed up. They didn’t make a scene, just peaked around, talked to neighbors who were on their front porches, and then went on their way. If you see a similar guy, I encourage you to report him to the police so they can continue to keep an eye out for him.