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Washington Gas Energy Services (WGES) supplies electricity and natural gas through Pepco and Washington Gas (the natural gas utility), respectively, at a lower price.  Here are the numbers:
Electricity  –  Pepco is charging DC residential (schedule R) customers 9.98 cents per kWh for the electricity supply portion of their service.  WGES supplies it through Pepco for 7.9 cents per kWh.
Natural Gas  –  Washington Gas now charges DC residential customers 68.78 cents per therm for natural gas.  WGES supplies it through Washington Gas for 57 cents per therm. 
To enroll, get your Pepco and Washington Gas bills and go to .  You will WGES’ promotional code to get the prices quoted above.  Here it is!  Where it asks “New to WGES?  Enter your promo code here” enter code EAHOME-EA1016  .  This brings up WGES’ promotional price offers.
If you enroll with WGES, Pepco will continue to deliver your electricity, respond to issues, and do the billing as before – but will bill you for your electricity at WGES’ price rather than at Pepco’s higher price.  There is no service interruption.  Nothing is connected or disconnected. 
The same holds true with Washington Gas if you enroll with WGES for your natural gas.