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Hi there – I think the costs of owning a dog can varying greatly but in general I’ve found the following ‘start-up’, ‘recurring’, and ‘occasional’ costs:

start-up – adoption fee (varies), toys (+/- $50), collars/leash (+/- $35), shots ($35-$75+ per shot), spay/neuter ($150+), car harness/securing mechanism ($30), crate ($50+), bed (+30), training ($110+ per packaged of group classes; individual classes start at $65 per)

recurring – food and treats ($10-$35 per bag – usually buy about monthly), waste clean up bags ($10), regular vet check-ups ($70+ depends on your vet), replacement toys (est. per month $20), grooming supplies (+/- $10) or groomer ($15++ per visit), flea, tick and heartworm prevention ($50-$70 per 3 month supply), dog walker (if needed $15+ per visit)

occasional – emergency vet bills (est saving $25-50 per month, or pet insurance +/- $50 per month), boarding/pet sitting ($40+ per day), replacing chewed/ruined items (varies – if you spend money on training this is less likely to happen!)

i’m sure i am forgetting something so others can chime in! also – the larger the dog, the more expensive each item is. good luck, don’t let this list scare you off, owning a dog is so rewarding – i say do it!