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I’m not an expert by *any means but I can empathsize as to how ridiculous this is, and I’m sorry you have to deal with it. For what it’s worth and if I were in your shoes, my thoughts (with the great caveat that again, I’m no expert 🙂 ):

1. Go to the hearing. You absolutely want a paper trail of this incident in the event it comes back to haunt you later. The chances are slim that it would, but it’s not worth taking the risk of it going down in history as something for which you’re at fault. If DPW is sloppy enough to make this mistake once then they’re sloppy enough to do it again. You don’t want a ‘record’ of admitting your guilty when you’re clearly not. On a related note, keep a record of what happens for your own recordkeeping purposes.

2. In regards to the witnesses and evidence: witnesses and evidence to what? You didn’t do anything wrong. The best you could possibly do is submit the picture(s), and letter(s) from willing and reliable neighbors or friends who can attest that the original photo is not your property. I would think that’s the best you could do for now. If they want something more specific then they’ll need to request it from you; assuming your inquiry above is comprehensive of what happened then realistically you don’t even have anything else to submit to them (until they specifically request it from you).

3. I wouldn’t get too caught up with the legalese regarding the certificate. I don’t know if it provides more information about that on the notice but it sounds like a standard line that is probably put in every notice that is issued, regardless of the reason for the notice.

4. The last ‘NOTE’ that you mention? Classic! They’re not even in compliance with their own legalese! ha! There’s some evidence for you right there… they don’t provide you with their own evidence as to why you’re supposedly at fault.

Again, sorry you have to deal with this. Maybe if you don’t get many responses in the forum then you can ask PoP to post it on the main site (if he thinks it’s appropriate). It sounds like something that would get a lot of responses from PoPville. Best of luck to you! A non-expert empathsizer, HorseShoe