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I just received the same ticket and got fined for one with no lid. Those cans have been in the same places since I bought the house over a year and ago. I always see cans line the alley in DC I thought it was the norm. I’ve lived here all of my life. $75 is way too much for a 1st offender. I called to find out about the can with no lid 3 times and didn’t get a return call from DPW to find out who’s can it is. Of course no return call so I told them to remove it and its still here. I’m fighting the tickets and I’ve got fines for leaving and old dresser on the sidewalk when I first bought the house. I fought and beat that ticket. I pick up trash everyday since I bought this house they need to pay me…lol I’m trying to figure out where can you leave the can because its in my backyard now and it’s attracting all types of animals.