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I live in Capitol View, which is a neighborhood just south of Deanwood near the Benning Road Metro station. My husband and I bought a nice home there about a year and a half ago and love it. It’s true that that area of the city is lacking in some amenities (at least compared to Capitol Hill where we used to live), but it us just a short trip to Capitol Hill, H St, or Prince George’s County for coffee shops/movie theaters/more grocery store choices. The new development at Minnesota and Benning, plus the new library/rec center, will and are making the neighborhood nicer. I work on Capitol Hill and the 15 to 20 minute bus commute was a big selling point for us. There is talk of the street car coming over the river there as well, which would be a nice addition.

I would just suggest you see the houses, walk the neighborhood and see how you feel. You’ll be able to tell if you could feel good about living there. Don’t buy for some future time when you think the neighborhood would be nicer; buy if you like it now, but the neighborhood is someplace that is growing and changing in mostly good ways.