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These are automatic <a href=””>proactive inspections</a>.  They are looking for building/fire/health code violations that may or may not be apparent or reported by residents.
Technically, you do need to let the inspector in; otherwise they can come back with an administrative warrant.  It really is not a big deal.  You don’t have to be there unless you feel you can’t trust your landlord/building staff in your unit without you being present.  Put valuables or other sensitive items where they aren’t in plain sight.  Tidy-up the place so it’s presentable.  Remove/correct any obvious things that are *your* responsibility, like doing dishes; making sure all non-refrigerated food is securely closed and counters, stove, and any spills are cleaned up so there’s no attraction for vermin;  making sure the tops of kitchen cabinets are cleared; all your outlets are accessible; there is clearance around your heating/air conditioning unit(s); and hit your bathtub with some mold/mildew cleaner if it needs it.