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If you’re on the Hill, you can join MOTH, which has insane amounts of information regarding childcare.  From your name, I’m guessing you’re not – you can try the DC Urban Moms and Dads website and click on the tab “nanny forums.”  You can also put an ad out in a paper for a nanny or use Craig’s list and start interviewing (we did that before we got into the daycare at my office, which we love – it’s for employees only).  Also, don’t be shy about approaching pregnant women you see around your neighborhood and asking what they’re doing – they’re most likely in a similar situation, and you may find yourself a family to set up a nanny share with (which we also did). 
Good luck!  I know this can be a very stressful thing to figure out.  While you may be “behind” with respect to daycare (this varies from each one), you are early for setting up a nanny – those mostly happen closer to when you actually need care to start.