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I moved to DC in 2004 with a car and ended up selling it about nine months after my arrival.  I don’t miss it.  I ride a bike when I’m traveling in the city alone.  My wife and I walk and use Uber, regular cabs, bus and Metro getting around the DC area together (she doesn’t bike).  And I rent a car from a national chain and Union Station when I want to head out of town to visit family/friends.  I have a Zipcar account, but rarely use it.  Regarding regular rental cars, most credit cards include rental car insurrance if you rent the car on that card (check your card service agreement), which will cover damage to the rental card, but I usually buy supplemental liablity from the car rental company to cover my personal assets ($10-$14/day).  I looked into a non-owner policy, but it was way more than $200/year (more like $400).  JD, what company do you have your non-owner policy from?