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I’m happy to be car-free.  Between zipcar and cars2go (and otherwise cabs and Uber), I can typically get where I need to go.  If you are not driving every day, you may spend less on those services than you do weekly on insurance, let alone gas. 
I do agree with the comment that zipcar can be annoying – but thats why cars2go makes a perfect complement.  One thing though – the prices JD quotes for the rental ($15/day), will typically be without insurance.  Also, while Zipcar’s flat overnight rate is reasonable, especially considering it includes gas, there is a maximum mileage per reservation before you have to start paying per mile.  Therefore, for far weekend trips, Zipcar may not be an ideal method.
Overall, I’ve been very happy to be car-free.  I think the two things tough without a car is visiting my friends in Virginia and taking random day-trips.