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I am a car owner, so I will put in another perspective for owning a car.  You should definitely take into account the costs of owning a car, but should also consider the lifestyle you intend to have in the near future.
If your mom’s health is such that you anticipate multiple trips to see her every couple of months, and you are not sure when these are going to occur, a car may be a good thing to have, as you will also have the flexibility to leave right away, as opposed to having to pick up a zip car (not sure where you live).  Also, if you intend to get pets, you may have emergency trips to the vet.  These can be done with a taxi or a zip car, as well, just saying there is a delay in having to wait (and if your animals aren’t spastic like mine are, this may not be a big concern).  Again, all of htis can be done, it just takes more planning without a car, so if the freedom to be spontaneous matters to you, a car is a nice thing.