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Short answer: DPR is messed up.
Longer answer: I had the same experience. Turns out they were checking IDs very slowly. Someone from out of state wanted to pay, so they held up the entire line while they figured out how to accept credit cards. Then they held up the line to debate with pool patrons whether their attire was cotton or not and hence whether they were permitted. This such a huge problem that I don’t go to Banneker anymore despite it being the closest pool to me.
Another problem: “adult swim”. For 15 minutes of every hour (actually more) they kick kids out of the pool and make them wait in the baking sun for no reason. They even kick them out of hte kiddie pool for adult swim. They don’t explain this policy to the kids, so the kids wonder why adults need to swim in the kiddie pool (which of course they don’t so it sits there empty).