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From New Columbia Heights (
“At the recent ANC 1A meeting there was a presentation from Bacon Funeral Home. As you may recall, Bacon has been building a new facility next to their existing one at 3447 14th Street NW. The new building has been under construction, if you want to call it that, for I don’t know how many years now and nothing has been done to it in forever. It’s a cinder block eyesore and to put it charitably, it looks like shit.

So I was glad to see that there was an agenda item at the meeting with an update. I wasn’t able to go unfortunately, but ANC 1A05 commish Laina Aquiline provided a summary.

Basically, Deidre Lee, Bacon’s office manager, talked about problems they’ve had with contractor credentials, the city’s Dept. of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA), financing, and the change in ownership/management to a young generation of the family. All have contributed to the delays. 

The DC Building Authority has given them a 60-day stay for them to get their act together or the city will condemn or “remedy” (as in fix up or knock down, I believe) the building. Bacon’s plan is to demolish the existing facility (the one that’s open) and replace it with a parking lot. Obviously this doesn’t sound like an ideal plan.”