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As you probably know, a common source of ongoing, low-level aggravation with the MPD is disregard for traffic and parking law – officers violating traffic and parking regulations without apparent good reason or consequences. Two examples: I saw a MPD officer turn on the siren to get a civilian to move from an illegal spot, only for that officer to park in the spot and walk away. Another time I saw an MPD officer park at a fire hydrant and walk into a restaurant. When I asked him about this, he said he was just picking up his dinner it wasn’t a danger because he had his radio on the whole time and could hear if a fire truck needed access. And I’m sure everyone, LE included, has seen a police officer turn on the siren, run the light, then turn the siren off again.

I understand that it’s not always possible for the police to follow traffic and parking laws while actively protecting the public; but there are so many times when there is no hot pursuit or exigent circumstances. My feeling is that seeing incidents such as these, makes otherwise sympathetic residents aggravated with the law enforcement community as a whole, and diminishes respect for the force.

What does this issue look like from your side? Is it a topic of discussion and if so, what are the discussions like?

Thank you.