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If you find one let me know.  I’ve been here 11 years and not found such a place.  I think this is a syndrome in DC with real anything.  Can you find a “real” bagel?  No.  Can you find “real” NY pizza?  No.  Can you find a real kosher deli?  No.  Can you find a “real” philly cheesesteak? No.  Can you find “real” filipino food? No. I think “real” and “DC” are at odds with one another when it comes to food from other places.  I realize a roll is not the same as a cuisine, but kind of like a bagel.  And bakeries in general do not seem to be a thing DC does well, when it does it at all (I’m talking greater DC).   This is opposed to Brooklyn/Queens/Bronx, or South or NE Philly, or any of a number of other NE cities where you have various long-time ethnic populations where great bakeries have been a staple in every neighborhood.