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I heard it but don’t know the details.  What I do know is that Friday night, a similar scene occurred on 5th between Webster and Allison and I had to call 911 three times.  Each time, the police did a drive by to break it up, but the hoodlums just reconvened a little later.  Finally after the third call, they rounded them up and searched them, but to my knowledge let them go.  I posted about this on the Petworth listserve and Muriel Bowser responded me that she was notifying Commander Missouri of the issue, so hopefully that problem house on Allison will start getting some attention.  
I believe this all stems from the nightly gathering in front of the house at 5th and Webster.  We need everyone to start calling 911 whenever the congregation begins, regardless of whether they are up to no good or not at the time – it seems that group is attracting attention from another crew, and thus the commotions.  Make it uncomfortable for them to congregate there.