Still photo of plane from video

“Dear PoPville,

Yesterday (Saturday Sept 27) around noon, a Navy plane was flying low circles over Columbia Heights, Shaw, and further southeast of us. My boyfriend, a former Army Ranger, spotted several objects– possibly parachuters?– dropped out of the plane down in the Capitol’s direction from where we are in Columbia Heights. The plane continued to circle a few more times before gaining altitude.

I’ve video of it (In the sky over the tree, you can see a few white glistening lines that the camera tried to focus on but couldn’t catch. Also shows the Navy plane circling over.), but my iPhone wasn’t as up to the task and it’s not very clear. I’ve been waiting to see if someone is going to write about it, but both the Post and the DC blogs don’t have anything yet.

So what’s the deal? Were the Marines having a bit of fun practicing a new response in the field? Think they could let us know? To the few residents paying attention enough, seeing a military plane drop objects over the capital can be mildly alarming.”

Thanks to BH for sending the photo below:



“Dear PoPville,

What is the mysterious structure that they are currently building on the 625 T street, NW lot (facing the Howard Theatre) ? a few days ago, they fenced the lot and brought wood – some painted green and a few people are working on building something: since then they have been working on a mysterious structure.”

and @AlexMurray1 tweets us the photo below:

“@PoPville any ideas what they are building in front of Howard theater? I thought it was going to be a small park?”

Anyone know if this anyway related to the possible HR-57 development or more of a temporary unrelated pop up?



“Dear PoPville,

I have a mystery for the residents of D.C.

Currently, The now closed Latham Hotel and its adjoining restaurant, Michel Richard’s Citronelle, are liquidating all of their assets (they will be doing so for the next 3 weeks).
The location is in Georgetown and I think people will find the sale interesting. As they unload a hotel’s worth of items, some curious things are going up for sale. Amongst the silverware, artwork, furniture, and statuary there was this:

A 300 pound bronze-cast plaque.

It is being sold-off…One of the ladies suggested purchasing it for its scrap value…Still no one knows who the image depicts.
Aside from what is seen here, there are no maker’s marks at all on the front or the back. Can anyone identify this person?”

Ed. Note: Obviously, free PoPville t-shirt for the first one to get the identity right.

Latham Hotel at 3000 M Street, NW