Photo by PoPville flickr user nevermindtheend

“Dear PoPville,

Have you heard anything about the fireworks that were set off last night at 6:30pm in Kalorama Park?”

I got tons of reports and confirmations @PoPville on twitter last night but nobody was able to provide more info. Think somebody came into a nice personal stash or was this an organized/semi organized thing?


A reader reports:

“My guess is some sort of performance art. Person with his face wrapped up in tape or gauze, just sitting there like a statue. Uniformed MPD blocking cars and foot traffic. Block now taped off.”

Update: Another reader reports:

“Its been removed, police say it was a mannequin”

Though another reader reports:

“I was wondering what this was. Drove by and his hands are now handcuffed behind his back and he and the chair lying on side.”

An update photo of “the mystery sculpture before the MPD knocked it down” after the jump. (more…)

Photo by Erin Ward Bibo

Erin tweets us:

“What is this big balloon flying over DC? Huge and hovering. I’m at 12th and M NE. It looks to us like it could be north of convention center? But also close to helicopter flight path?”

First spotted back in October 2009, this is the Air Photos Live: “balloon launched by Digital Design and Imaging Inc. to take aerial photos of the District’s skyline as part of the joint Height Master Plan the DC Office of Planning and the National Capital Planning Commission are conducting in response to a Congressional request.”

Anyone else spot it this morning? If so, where’d you see it from? We get sightings about every six months or so.  The last one was back in April.

And here’s a great close up from Mr. T in DC (@MrTinDC) from N Street, NW near the convention center pre-launch:



“Dear PoPville,

I walk by this gorgeous house every other day. I posted a pic of this house on Instagram and called this projection a cupola. My friend disagreed. We’re not sure what this architectural feature is called. If it is not a cupola what the Helen of Troy is it? Any historical significance? What’s the practical reason for this type of addition?”


“Dear PoPville,

Please see the attached photo of the front steps of my building on the corner of Mt. Pleasant and Lamont. This is at least the 3rd time I have seen this in the past few weeks. It’s strange for a few reasons: 1. Nobody takes the trash out the front door, so it’s unlikely that this fell out of someone’s trashbag 2. What are the chances that only the used coffee filter always ends up on the top of our stairs? 3. There’s been an increase in the number of stolen deliveries/packages inside the building and this isn’t an issue we’ve had in the past.

It’s all very, very strange and we’re beginning to wonder if there’s any secret message behind these “coffee filter bombs”. Are they code for something? Are they just marking a location? Is it a very strange coincidence after all? I’m wondering if anyone else has seen these or is experiencing something similar? Would appreciate outsourcing this!”