Photo by PoPville flickr user Raymond Bryson

“Dear PoPville,

I was at a reception on the rooftop just south of the W Hotel. From that vantage point we saw a huge red glowing structure on top of an office (?) building. It looked like it was probably on 16th or 17th and a few blocks north of the White House, but it was hard to tell. It was a cube, probably two or three stories high, and the whole thing was glowing bright red. It looked like it was probably a translucent glass structure with minimal metal structuring on the outside to keep it all together.

My friend and I asked everyone but couldn’t get an answer. Do you know what it is?”

Photo by PoPville flickr user Eric P.

This was a rather bizarre set of tweets from last night:

@estherysong tweeted last night:

“WHY are there so many fearless fruit flies on 14th from T to W?! cc @PoPville”

Which led to @VBagate’s tweet:

“In somewhat offbeat but important DC news, there is a freak swarm of flying ants or something like that near the entrance to Metro Center.”


“flying ants is accurate. Did we do something to a DC Moses?”



“Dear PoPville,

A question that has been vexing my son and I for some time.

On Q street between 14th and 15th on the north side of the road, there are a series of two, adjoining rowhouses with narrow alleys on either side of them. But the rowhouses are connected on both sides by narrow passages between the houses that connect on the second story. Anyone know the story of these homes or why these are connected on the 2nd floor like this?”

Ed. Note: I know we’ve talked about these in the past – but I can’t find it in the archives. Anyone remember? textdoc can you find the old posts?


‏@_TheHMS tweets us last night:

“@PoPville What’s the huge balloon looming in #navyyard? It seems to have landed on #mcdonalds on #southcapitol”

This is very likely the balloon from Air Photos Live, a “Digital Design & Imaging Service” last spotted in March. You can read some background on them after previous sightings here.

Of course it could just be a promotion for Jurassic World/hamburglar water glasses that deflated…