03/24/14 11:00am

Photo by PoPville flickr user cdefoe

Hard to believe but more snow is really on the way – from DPW:

“The Department of Public Works announced today that due to the snow storm predicted to start Tuesday, March 25, it is cancelling the residential street sweeping program for the week of March 24-28. Parking officers will not write tickets for residential street sweeping violations; however, other parking violations will be enforced. DPW explained that the sweepers empty the debris they remove from the streets into dump trucks, which also are used in the snow program to spread salt during snow storms.”

Ed. Note: Last I saw 1-3 inches of snow were predicted for Tuesday.

03/17/14 9:53am

Photo by PoPville flickr user ekelly80

SnowPatricksDay Snowball Fight in Meridian Hill Park:

“Meridian Hill Park
16th & W Sts NW
Today at 12:30pm

Come to the fight, and then have a pint, in honor of SnowPatrick’s Day! We’re trying something new – the first #DCSFA battle in Meridian Hill Park! Thanks to all of you who suggested the park as a battleground on previous occasions… now let’s make it happen!

As always, we like to remind the snowball community of a few things:

• Please follow any instructions given by the Metropolitan Police Department or the U.S. National Park Police
• Don’t target members of the media (too hard), and please try not to damage anyone’s camera!
• In the interests of safety – please play fair, DON’T THROW ICE, and wear any protective gear that you think you need!
• Pelting moving vehicles could cause accidents, SO DON’T DO IT!
• Anyone who behaves recklessly is responsible for the consequences.

See you at Meridian Hill!”

03/17/14 5:57am

Photo by PoPville flickr user Nikoo’s Photos


“Metro to restore bus service systemwide as of 11 a.m. with snow detours in effect

Metrobus service will transition from the current “severe” snow plan to a “moderate” snow service plan, starting at 11:00 a.m. today. Under the moderate snow service plan, most Metrobus routes will have service with snow detours in effect to keep buses off of hilly terrain, narrow side streets and other problem areas.”

From OPM:

“For 03/17, fed. offices in DC area closed – emergency & telework-ready employees must follow their agency’s policies”

From DC311:

“The District Government and @dcpublicschools CLOSED today.” (more…)

03/16/14 3:12pm

Photo by PoPville flickr user wolfkann

A Winter Storm Warning has been issued from 7pm Sunday- 2pm Monday predicting 4-8 inches for the DC area.

What are the odds for one more snow day?

@MeridianPint [11th and Park Rd, NW] tweets us:

“Indiana Jones trilogy in the basement with sound if @usopm calls a snow day tomorrow. Brunch at 10 movies at noon.”

And remember that street sweeping is suspended for Monday and Tuesday.

And metrobus will be on a “moderate” snow service plan:

“Due to forecast weather and road conditions, Metrobus service is expected to begin Monday on a “moderate” snow service plan, meaning that many Metrobus routes will have planned snow detours in effect to keep buses off of hilly terrain, narrow side streets and other problem areas.  Most, if not all, Metrobus routes are expected to operate under the moderate snow service plan.

Riders can get details and check maps showing the planned detours by using the links below:

All bus service may experience delays due to weather road conditions. Please allow additional time and use extreme caution when traveling.”

03/13/14 4:45pm


A reader writes about the photo above:

“Proof of the crazy wind – I was having a hard time finding my bus stop, but then. Realized why. This is in front of Gallaudet University.”

And another reader writes about the photo below:

“Wind Damage in NW – Poor tree on 9th and M couldn’t handle the wind we have been having.”


03/04/14 9:51am

Photo by PoPville flickr user Miki J.

From @Mayorvincegray:

“The Snow Emergency has been lifted.”

Park with abandon!

Update from WMATA:

“Most Metrobus service will resume normal routing starting at 1 p.m. today. Many routes had been operating on planned snow detours since 7 a.m. to avoid hilly terrain, narrow streets and other problem areas.

The majority of Metro’s 316 bus routes will resume normal service. However, the following three routes will remain suspended due to road conditions: M8, M9 and U4

In addition, the following ten routes will continue to operate on snow detours: A4, A6, A8, D12, P12, R12, S80, E6, 3A and 3T.”

03/03/14 9:58pm

Photo by PoPville flickr user elleno1975

From OPM:

“For 03/04, federal agencies in the DC area have a 2 hour delay, with the option for unscheduled leave/telework”

From @mayorvincegray:

“Tuesday, 3/4 – DC Govt. & @dcpublicschools will operate on a 2-hour delay. Eligible employees have option for unscheduled leave/telework.

Snow Emergency Remains in Effect until Further Notice”