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Thanks to a reader for sharing a note sent to Metro about “a U Street Metro attendant who did something positive and deserves to be commended for it. It was simple, but meant so much to me:

I can’t thank you enough.

It may have been a routine thing for you, but your act of kindness meant the world to me.

I dropped my scarf while running to catch a late train, and you called after me as a man (whom I wish I could also thank) was returning it to me. I didn’t understand you at first as you yelled to me, and may have even seemed annoyed or ungrateful, but the fact that you made sure I received it was very much appreciated. I didn’t even fully process it until after it happened. You could have shrugged your shoulders or cared less, but you didn’t.

A very close friend gave the scarf to me many years ago, and I would have been devastated to lose it. The simple act of calling after me meant so much, and your kindness made me reevaluate my interactions with others. (more…)


“Expect large crowds, fewer trains and major delays along the entire Red Line.”

And may God have mercy on our souls.

Although GoDCGo offers (among other alternatives) something that just might be good for our souls:

“You can walk anywhere, but you can also take this opportunity to use the Metropolitan Branch Trail. Take it during the day for a direct route, about 3.7 miles, 82 minutes walking. This trail is accessible via the NoMa, Rhode Island Avenue, Brookland, Union and Takoma Metro stations. The best route on the northern side is on the Metropolitan Branch Trail toward MBT Stairs, see instructions here. The best route on the southern side is on Galloway St NE see instructions here.”


From an email:

“When: October, 20th, 5:30pm-6:30pm
600 5th Street, NW

Who: DC Residents Who are Against Service Cuts

Social Media Link.

What: Metro has proposed cutting late night service (and off peak service for some stations), permanently.

On Thursday, Oct 20th metro will be holding a hearing to get feedback from residents.

Concerned residents will host a rally outside the Metro Building and show up to the hearing with signs and let metro know that we need to fix the system but it should not come to the detriment of D.C. residents.

In one of the richest regions in the United States, we can find creative and effective solutions to fix our transportation system.

Our leaders should develop a “regional agreement” between MD,VA,DC leaders, businesses, and advocates to say no to late night service cuts (and off peak service cuts at some stations) and yes to pushing for additional funding that does not come off the backs of area residents.”

Past Red Line Blues

Yesterday it was the Orange and Blue and Today’s Rush Hour mess features the Red Line – from WMATA:

“Metro is advising Red Line customers to expect delays during today’s afternoon rush hour and into the evening due to two unrelated service issues where trains are single tracking:

Due to defective rail fasteners in the area of Dupont Circle, all Red Line trains are sharing a single track between Farragut North and Dupont Circle stations. The issue was detected during a routine track inspection. Repairs are expected to take several hours.

Due to a cracked rail in the area of Grosvenor, all Red Line trains are sharing a single track between Medical Center and Grosvenor stations. Metro crews are currently bringing a crane to the site to replace a 39-foot section of rail. (more…)

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“Metro is advising customers on the Orange, Silver and Blue lines of a service disruption that will impact travel during the afternoon/evening commute.

Due to defective rail fasteners in the area of Smithsonian Station, all Orange and Blue line trains will share a single track between Federal Center SW and Smithsonian stations. The issue was identified by Metro inspectors during a routine track walk.

Orange and Blue line trains will be subject to delays of 20-40 minutes during this evening’s rush hour as rail traffic alternates through the affected area. Customers on these lines may experience significantly longer waits and crowding on platforms and trains. Riders traveling between DC and Orange Line stations in Arlington may consider Metrobus 38B service as an alternate.

All Silver Line trains will operate between Ballston and Wiehle-Reston East only to reduce congestion. Riders traveling to Silver Line stations in Virginia should use the Orange Line to travel between DC and Ballston.

Customers traveling to/from Virginia stations south of Pentagon should consider the Yellow Line as an alternate to the Blue Line.

After rush hour, the single track area will be extended between Federal Center SW and McPherson Square to allow for repairs.”

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“Metro is working to improve safety, reliability, and to get its financial house in order. The SafeTrack program underway now is designed to restore the Metrorail system to a state of good repair, but maintaining the system will require more track access moving forward. For riders, this means the number of hours that Metrorail is open would be reduced so that more preventive maintenance work, quality control, and inspections can be conducted when trains aren’t running.

Before SafeTrack started in June 2016, Metro was closed for just 33 hours each week, providing little time for maintenance and inspections. Compared to 1998 when the Metrorail system had 12 fewer stations and trains operated with just two to four rail cars, there were 44 hours per week for maintenance. That’s 25% less track time for a system that’s considerably larger today.

We know that adjusting the hours of operation will impact many riders, and we want to hear from you. Four proposals have been developed for your review. Each proposal provides Metro with an additional eight hours of track access each week, with the proposals designed to impact the fewest customers possible.
What’s being worked on when Metrorail is closed?

Metro uses time when the tracks are out of service to conduct maintenance, inspection and quality control work, as well as capital improvement efforts to replace or rehabilitate parts of the system. Prior to SafeTrack, all of these efforts were conducted in the overnight hours and during weekend single tracking and shutdowns, but the limited time available led to a backlog of both routine maintenance efforts and safety critical improvements.

Metro is now developing improved maintenance and inspection programs that will be put in place when SafeTrack ends next year. Increasing track access by 20 percent will be critical to this new effort. The new programs will strengthen preventive maintenance for tracks, switches, interlockings and traction power cables. The new preventive maintenance programs will be carried out across the system during overnight hours when trains are not operating, so that capital programs can be conducted during weekend shutdowns and single tracking events that are scheduled on a weekly basis in specific locations.


Would you take the bus?



Chad emails us at 7:30am: “Going to be a long commute”


“Red Line: Single tracking btwn Medical Center & Van Ness due to a track problem outside Friendship Heights. Delays in both directions.

Red Line: Outbound trains are bypassing Tenleytown, Bethesda & Friendship Heights to reduce single tracking delays. Use inbound trains.

Red Line: Single tracking btwn Friendship Heights & Van Ness due to a track problem outside Friendship Heights. Delays in both directions.

Personnel on scene to repair cracked rail outside Friendship Heights. Red Line trains continue single tracking. 8:17a

Red Line trains continue single tracking between Van Ness and Friendship Heights. Outbound trains are bypassing Tenleytown. 8:30a #wmata”


The petition says:

“Metro SafeTrack maintenance is an extremely important initiative that will hopefully improve the safety of the Washington DC public rail system which has been in disrepair for years. The residents of DC, Maryland, and Virginia; as well as millions of visitors to the area have dealt with the disruption that systematic closures to rail lines have incurred. These closures are a necessary inconvenience to reduce the number of, and impact of accidents surrounding the Metro system. However in the coming weeks, the Washington Nationals will be entering the playoffs for the third time in their brief history. (more…)


Thanks to a reader for sending around 1pm:

“What is going on, street shut down, cops, police tape?”

Metro reports:

“Gallery Place’s 7th & H Street entrance is closed due to a police investigation. The 7th & F St. and 9th & G St. entrances remain open.”

Updates when/if more is known.

Update from MPD:

“At approximately noon today in the 700 block of 7th Street, NW we had an Assault with a Dangerous Weapon that occurred. An adult male suffered a stab wound to the arm by the hands of two others who all knew each other. Both suspects were immediately apprehended and identified as those involved that led to his injury and arrested.

This offense occurred in Patrol Service Area 102 and is currently being investigated by members of the First Police District Detectives Office and should you have witnessed this stabbing or have knowledge of it, we urge you to contact the departments Command Information Center immediately on 202-727-9099 and reference CCN# 16-160-991.”