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“Dear PoPville,

Curious as to whether anyone has more clarity on Metro not charging fares when end up not taking the metro? I thought they were not charging for non-rides, but I noticed this morning when I gave up on the red line after waiting twenty minutes and realizing that it just wasn’t WMATA’s day, that I was charged the base fare on my card. Just wondering if you need to talk to the station manager to refund it each time (which seems very impractical), or if it is supposed to automatically happen?”

Ed. Note: Didn’t someone say that Metro reimburses at the end of the month? Am I imagining that?


Ed. Note: As of 9:15am I’m told that there are still massive delays. (more…)

metro card stolen
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“Dear PoPville,

Is there anything I can do about someone using up all credit on a lost Smartrip? I usually bike to work and so take the metro rarely but have an automatic metro credit loaded by my employer. I realized my card was missing now (a month + after the fact) and on my online account realized someone has been using my Smartrip to commute and used up $60+ of credit from my card. Shoot! Is there anything I can do to get that money back? Smartrip customer service told me it’s not their problem since I didn’t report the card missing immediately while metro police told me that customer service would want to know and could credit me. I have this person’s whole schedule of trips and the stops they got off at, etc. and feel like they must have been caught on camera multiple times. Any chance I’m going to get my money back?

metro wireless
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“Metro and the nation’s leading wireless carriers – AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless – today announced the availability of wireless voice and data service in the first tunnel segment on the Red Line. Metro riders traveling between Glenmont and Silver Spring can now enjoy uninterrupted wireless access when traveling between these stations.

The wireless carriers previously installed wireless service in all of the Metro underground stations. Working together, the latest tunnel segment is the second portion of the system to have wireless service, following the segment between Potomac Avenue and Stadium Armory on the Blue, Orange and Silver lines, which was activated in December 2016. As a result of the new wireless coverage announced today, a Metro customer can now travel from Glenmont to Silver Spring with an uninterrupted wireless signal.

Metro is installing special cable along 100 miles of tunnel walls to support wireless service as the transit agency also installs the infrastructure needed for a new radio system for trains and emergency responders.

“Customers have told us that they want the ability to stay connected while on Metro, and we are pleased to have worked with the wireless carriers to deliver this service,” said Metro GM/CEO Paul J. Wiedefeld. “I look forward to announcing the activation of additional tunnel segments in the months ahead.”

The process of installing the wireless cable in Metro’s tunnels requires weekend track outages to allow crews and contractors to drill special brackets along the walls. Under a new approach that maximizes efficiency, cellular cable is being installed concurrently with Metro’s new radio system. Once the cellular cable is mounted and secured, the cable infrastructure is turned over to the wireless carriers to install the electronics needed to connect and optimize their networks. Wireless service on Metro is funded, operated and maintained jointly by the carriers.

Also today, Metro announced a list of 30 underground stations that will have free customer Wi-Fi service by the end of the year. Currently, six stations already have Wi-Fi – Metro Center, Gallery Place, L’Enfant Plaza, Judiciary Square, and Archives. The additional 24 stations are: (more…)


Thanks to Haile for passing on this awful story from the Washington Post:

““I need you to give me the password for that phone and look the other way, otherwise it will not end well for you,” the man was told, according to a Metro account.

When the man held onto the phone, the people began punching him in the face and head.”

navy yard
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“Metro Transit Police and District of Columbia emergency responders will conduct a full-scale response drill Sunday, April 23, at the Navy Yard Metrorail Station to practice the evacuation of a disabled train in a tunnel.

The exercise, which will take place inside the tunnel between Navy Yard and Anacostia stations, will simulate real-world conditions to test coordination and communication between on-scene responders, Metrorail operations staff, Metro Transit Police and support personnel.

The exercise will begin at 8:30 a.m. and is expected to conclude no later than 2:00 p.m.

Metro conducts quarterly drills with emergency responders throughout the region. In addition to Metro Transit Police and Metrorail operations personnel, DC Fire and EMS, and the Metropolitan Police Department will also participate in the event. More than 100 emergency responders and volunteers are expected to participate.

Customer Information

  • Navy Yard station will remain open; however, the Half Street entrance will be closed until the event concludes. All Metro customers using Navy Yard Station will be directed to use the New Jersey Avenue entrance.
  • (more…)

metro paint

I thought for sure this would be an April Fools joke until I saw it with my own eyes. Thanks to all who emailed, I took these photos on Sunday morning.

Curbed DC reported a response from WMATA spokesperson Dan Stessel:

“Metro is in the process of painting the Union Station vault to create a lighter, brighter station environment for customers at our busiest station. Customer frequently comment about station lighting, asking Metro for brighter stations, which also helps them feel safer and more secure. While power washing was considered, years of dust, dirt, and grime coating the vault cannot effectively be cleaned and does little to move the needle when it comes to brightness. (Power washing occurs before painting, so if you’ve seen photos showing the partially painted vault at Union Station, you can see the difference paint makes.) And if you’ve been to Union Station today, you can see the difference firsthand.

In an email to Curbed DC, Stessel said that Union Station is currently the only station getting a paint job, further adding, “Metro will determine next steps once Union Station is completed.”

union station paint

After the jump a reader sends a letter of objection to metro GM Paul Wiedefeld from the Washington Chapter of the American Institute of Architects. (more…)

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“Metro today announced its service plan for the next SafeTrack surge at the northern end of the Green Line. Originally planned as a longer period of continuous single tracking, Metro will instead conduct Surge #14 as a “shutdown” to reduce the duration of the project and mitigate the impact to customers elsewhere along the Green Line.

Surge #14 will be conducted in two phases. The overall surge will run from Saturday, April 15, through Sunday, May 14.

During phase 1, from April 15 through April 29, buses will replace trains between Greenbelt and Prince George’s Plaza. Two stations will be closed: Greenbelt and College Park. Free shuttle buses will run between Greenbelt and Prince George’s Plaza with an intermediate stop at College Park. Green Line trains will run close to regular service elsewhere on the line, between Prince George’s Plaza and Branch Ave, every 6 to 8 minutes during rush hours. Yellow Rush+ trains will not operate during this time.

During phase 2 (more…)

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This weekend, riders on the Red, Green, Orange and Silver lines will enjoy regular weekend service with no track work as Metro eases up on most daytime maintenance to accommodate Cherry Blossom visitors. For the next several weekends, the only daytime weekend trackwork will be SafeTrack related, affecting customers on the Blue and Yellow lines primarily south of Reagan National Airport in Virginia. The ongoing SafeTrack surge is a long-term project through April 12 that has Blue and Yellow line trains sharing a single track between Braddock Road and Van Dorn Street/Huntington. (more…)

thank you
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A reader wishes to convey this public thank you to two riders on the Red Line Friday night:

“I really appreciated their kindness and looking out. Hope to run into them again sometime.”

“To the two ladies on the Redline train Friday night who were kind enough to chat with me when the older gentleman was too (uncomfortably) talkative, thank you. I really appreciate your approach and apologize for not being more responsive. Exhausted after a week of work travel but will not forget your kindness and will be sure to pay it forward.

–The girl who got off at Woodley Park Station”