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2030AP features new condos designed by renowned architect Morris Adjmi. Sales start this fall!

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On Friday, we wrote about the developments happening now at the U Street Corridor. Time to talk about another one, 2030AP. PoPville has been covering this story over the past year. Last June, developer The JBG Companies started demolishing the old Atlantic Plumbing Supply Company at 8th and V to make way for the new two-building complex. (more…)


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The Hatton is an evolved style of living in the U Street Corridor. Sales start this fall!

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The U Street Corridor has become something of a nightlife and arts destination over the past few years. Galleries, bars, and restaurants are popping up all over — for examples, check out our coverage here on PoPville. Word of its rise even made it to The New York Times, who called it “vibrant,” a nightlife alternative for those who were a little older than the Georgetown crowd and had more money to spend. (And that was in 2009.)

It’s no surprise that a booming scene has attracted a wave of condo developments. The Hatton is one of the latest — a six-story building that will feature 91 units, and will be the eastern of two “twin towers” on either side of 8th Street at Florida Avenue. (The western tower, The Shay, will consist of rental units.) The two buildings were designed to be two facets of the same development, and will share a host of communal amenities such as underground parking, landscaped roof decks, a pool, and a fully equipped lounge. (Pet owners will be happy to know that one of the planned amenities is a dog-washing station.)

Sales begin this fall. In the meantime, you can track the building’s progress via their live cam, their Facebook and Twitter pages, and these construction photos on Curbed. To get more information and receive updates about opportunities at The Hatton, sign up here.


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The DC Sustainable Energy Utility (DCSEU) helps DC residents and businesses use less energy and save money.

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Living in the District during the summer months usually means three things: heat, humidity, and high energy bills. With the average July high temperature in the upper 80s and humidity hovering in the high-60% range, running your air conditioner can wreak havoc on your wallet – but it doesn’t have to. The DC Sustainable Energy Utility (DCSEU) helps D.C. residents make smart energy choices, including offering rebates of up to $500 for central air conditioning systems. By maintaining your air conditioning equipment and purchasing a properly sized unit for your cooling needs, you can save without sacrificing comfort in your home.

Following are 7 ways you can keep your energy bill down, no matter how hot it gets. (more…)


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Join us at the Safeway Barbecue Battle to see who can master the flame during the McCormick Grill Mates KCBS Match-Up Competition.

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McCormick Grill Mates and the Kansas City BBQ Society have challenged some of the country’s greatest pitmasters to compete in the McCormick Grill Mates KCBS Match-Up and will fire up their best beef dish using McCormick’s Montreal Steak Seasoning. Pitmasters will be competing for the chance to win the coveted title of Master of the Flame and thousands in cash prizes. The multi-city event comes to D.C. this Saturday and Sunday, as part of the Safeway Barbecue Battle on Pennsylvania Avenue between 9th and 14th Streets NW. Drop by the McCormick Grill Mates tent for a free hamburger, Montreal Steak Seasoning samples, and a custom photo booth experience!

The McCormick Grill Mates KCBS Match-Up will stop next in Kansas City (June 27-28), Grand Rapids, MI (July 25-26) and Nashville, TN (August 22-23). And you can track progress of participating teams here.

Enter below for your chance to win a grilling kit comprised of a collection of Grill Mates products, including a new line of seasoning mix-ins for burgers, an island-inspired Grill Mates marinade, and a new shake-on Chipotle & Roasted Garlic Seasoning.

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The folks who run advertising (and IT) for PoPville, BlankSlate, is hiring a D.C.-based Senior Sales Executive to spearhead sales efforts for PoPville and other leading DC and Beltway region publishers in their network. If you’re the sort of person who is familiar with local and regional businesses and agencies in our area, and you’re good at identifying, pursuing and closing digital sales opportunities… you should contact them here and become part of our team.


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Casey Trees is committed to restoring, enhancing and protecting the tree canopy of the nation’s capital for the long term.

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Ever since the Washington Post ran an article about the steady decline of D.C.’s trees, Casey Trees has been dedicated to bringing them back. Casey Trees was established in 2002, its mission to “restore, enhance and protect the tree canopy of the Nation’s Capital.” With Casey Trees’ encouragement, the city set a 40% canopy goal by 2035.

In order to call attention to their mission, Casey Trees issues an annual Tree Report Card, the country’s only independent assessment of a city’s trees on both public and private lands. Following is the city’s 2013 report card, item by item. You can decide for yourself whether this report card is worthy of hanging on the refrigerator.


wonderland rabbit

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Men, women, and children in sundresses celebrating another groovy day. The Wonderland Ballroom's 10th Annual Sundress Fest is May 4, 2014.

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So you say you want to be a philanthropist?

Well, have we got a party for you — all you need is a sundress and a sense of humor. If special occasions call for putting on your best dress, then the 10th annual Sundress Fest at The Wonderland Ballroom is certainly one of them!


As we celebrate our first decade in the neighborhood, Wonderland invites D.C. to come out Sunday, May 4, to support a local charity by putting on a sundress and celebrating life. We’ll have an all-day happy hour for ANYONE in a sundress. We’ll have a pig roast (and veggie options!) in our Bohemian Beer Garden. And we’ll have our annual Champagne of Beers toast to the Wonderland mascot, the White Rabbit. You can bring your own sundress, or get one at Wonderland. We’ll have racks of sundresses, and everyone can find one that fits. It’s all for charity, so c’mon, show a little leg. (more…)


Sponsored By Casey Trees.

Casey Trees is committed to restoring, enhancing and protecting the tree canopy of the nation’s capital for the long term.

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Despite what you may have heard, George Washington loved trees.

Our first president wanted the new nation’s capital to have a lush canopy, extensive green spaces, and tree-lined boulevards. Thanks to his vision, and that of its designer Pierre L’Enfant, Washington, D.C., still boasts more green space per capita than any other city in the United States. The tens of thousands of trees planted here in the 1800s earned D.C. one of its nicknames, the “City of Trees.”

But the city’s trees are in jeopardy. DC’s tree canopy declined to just over 35% in 2011, down from 50% in 1950. A Washington Post article chronicling this decline encouraged Betty Brown Casey, a longtime area resident, to establish Casey Trees in 2002 with the mission “To restore, enhance and protect the tree canopy of the Nation’s Capital.” With Casey Trees’ encouragement, the city set a 40% canopy goal by 2035.

In order to call attention to their mission, Casey Trees issues an annual Tree Report Card, the only independent assessment of D.C.’s trees on both public and private lands. For 2013, the city received an overall grade of B minus. There were many positive advancements, including a reported 10,232 total trees being planted collectively by individuals and groups across the District. However, the overall grade was brought down due to the city’s inability to confirm that trees planted to replace removed Special Trees — those 55 inches or greater in circumference — actually survive to maturity. Only if trees live until maturity can the lost tree canopy be offset. (more…)


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Aria Development Group. Historic real estate. Good times.

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Hi there! We’re Aria Development Group, and we’ve been reading all of your comments and questions about The Alden, our new renovation of 2620 13th Street NW. There is clearly a lot of speculation about the information surrounding this project, from building history and ownership to affordability and rent. Well, we were inspired by your comments, and we’d like to offer the following oh-so-fun-and-entertaining Alden Quiz to test your knowledge of the salient facts of this deal. And we will offer you one free month of rent if you answer all of these questions correctly, or if you come visit and decide you’d like to live at The Alden before May 15th. If you so desire, you can study from the “CliffsNotes” here and here. Are you ready? Let’s begin!

Quiz after the jump. (more…)


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DC Home Buzz is a real estate company in Columbia Heights.

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As part of a series of profiles of women who own their own businesses, The New York Times profiled DC Home Buzz’s real estate broker Ati Williams, where she discussed how homeowners can save thousands through her newly introduced initiative, “Full Service, Flat Fee.”

Introduced last April, the program is open to all home sellers and developers in the DC metropolitan area (DC, Maryland and Virginia) who list with DC Home Buzz, regardless of home price.

“When brokers sell a house,” writes Colleen DeBaise of the Times, “they typically collect a commission of 3 percent of the purchase price [while] another 3 percent goes to the buyer’s broker. Brokers like this model, but consumers increasingly want lower fees, Ms. Williams said, particularly as the Internet has changed the way people market houses.”

Instead of collecting the standard 3-percent commission, DC Home Buzz collects a flat fee of $9,900 from the seller and 3% for the buyers only if the home sells. This fee includes tailored marketing (including photos, video, and social media advertisement), plus complimentary staging and an expert agent in charge of pricing, handling offers, and negotiations.

To get more information and a free, no-obligation estimate of your home’s value, you can get started here.