A reader sends: “this fancy warning sign from 14th street in Columbia heights.”

Another reader sends, “This Columbia Hts renovation (near Ogden) has seemed suspect from the get go—the unintended light show appears to affirm”:


What’s going on in Baltimore reminded me of this emergency announcement notice I once spotted at the Shakespeare Theatre in Chinatown. I’m all for preparedness but to be honest the fact that it even exists is unsettling. Let’s hope thoughtful people can work together to address past injustices, prevent future ones and make sure that this announcement is never heard.


Rhode Island Ave NW and North Capitol Street, NW

A reader writes in:

“Just noticed these new flashing FLOODING signs in Bloomingdale at the intersection of Rhode Island Ave NW and North Capitol Street. Seems odd they put up permanent signs when they are supposedly fixing the problem now.”

Post Express reported:

“Soon, Lucy [1,582-ton tunnel boring machine] will begin boring a tunnel deep under First Street NE, which will, hopefully, solve a longstanding flooding problem in the neighborhoods of Bloomingdale and LeDroit Park.

When completed, the 2,700-foot tunnel will hold excess rainwater and sewage and then slowly pump it back into the treatment system after a storm has passed.”