06/13/14 10:30am


“Dear PoPville,

Just curious- has anyone else reported a guy standing on the roof of Cardozo HS by the parking lot with a giant, camo colored telescopic lens? He’s been there around 8:30/8:45a the past 2 days, taking pictures of either an apartment in the Wardman Court apartments or the roof. Really weird, but he’s not trying to hide himself, everyone who walks by notices him.”

06/11/14 1:25pm

“Dear PoPville,

Weird thing happened to my wife yesterday, was wondering if any readers have experienced something similar: while in her car at a stop light in the Van Ness area of Connecticut Ave., a woman in the car behind got out of her car, came up to the driver’s side of my wife’s car, and took a picture of her, just a couple inches from the window. My wife was so stunned she didn’t think to take the license plate, and the woman turned off before she could react. Crazy person, or ulterior motive?”

06/05/14 10:50am


“Here’s the photo of our still missing gnomes, who were discovered missing from our front porch on the morning of May 25. Also pictured (above) is a robot man which also disappeared at the same time and has some sentimental value. The gnome kidnapper also took a rusty lantern. We looked around the neighborhood at the time without any luck. No ransom note was received.

Fast forward to last night and sometime between 8pm and 10.30pm, some gnomes returned to our porch in new attire and a new position (see second photo below). Plus there was one more of them. My four year old suggested a gnome fairy had visited.

Very interested to hear of any other gnome antics, particularly whether anyone has come across our original gnomes (or the robot) which we’d really like to have back.”


“The guy below showed up sometime last night in the rogue garden behind my apartment in Dupont”

Ed. Note: And seriously if you know where the robot or vintage gnomes are above, please return them to the owner due to sentimental value.


06/04/14 1:40pm


Thanks to @jdsonder for tweeting us the wild shot above from the Tidal Basin.

The Washington Post reports:

“The Army conducted a helicopter training exercise midday Wednesday in the D.C. region.

The one-hour training flight involved helicopters from the Army Air Operations Group, 12th Aviation Battalion.”

Update from Air & Space Magazine:

“DC: Helicopters will be flying low over the National Mall 12-2pm today; @SmithsonianChan is filming Aerial America.”

05/29/14 9:30am

photo 4
620 T Street, NW

Fellow flaneur and Navy Yard ANC Rep David Garber first noticed the snafu yesterday:

“Good news: @HowardTheatre replaced shredded flags. Bad news: American flag is upside down, & they traded out DC flag.”

He also noted that, “They say they’re aware and management is going to flip right side up.”

When I stopped by later in the afternoon it was still upside down.

Thank God it didn’t happen over the weekend.

photo 1

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