07/21/14 11:15am

Photo by PoPville flickr user ep_jhu

“Dear PoPville,

One of our neighbors is running an unlicensed BBQ business in an alley near Kennedy Street and 8th NW. He has a giant smoker in his backyard, which runs most days (always on Saturday and Sunday) from 10-5 or so. Cars come and park, blocking the alley. Trash overflows from the cans in his backyard, attracting vermin. We have witnessed the owner and patrons relieving themselves in the street (not at the same time, fortunately). But worst of all is the smoke, which comes in our window and makes our entire place smell. We have complained to the DC police and our city councilperson multiple times. DCRA knows about it, and claim that the owners have even been fined once, but the grill just keeps on going. Any ideas? (And no, we have not tried the meat.) Thanks!”


“Dear PoPville,

A bunch of hipsters decided it was really cool to burn the American flag on the 4th of July.

It was around 7ish and the alley between Fairmont and Girard was in full party mode with loud music and BBQ. Then about 10 to 15 individuals, a mixed group with black and white in their late 20′s early 30′s came out on the deck over the garage with a flag upside down and then set it on fire. The property is a rental with constant change and the owner lives in New York.

The flag took a long time time to catch on fire and eventually caught the attention of the many parties going on in the alley. Many people started yelling at the flag burners. The flag burners then started shouting about US imperialism and suppression of the blacks. Somewhere in the yelling there was also comments from them about how bad Obama was. Eventually, the flag caught on fire and started blowing chunks of flames very close to the cable and electric wires. At this point I called 911.

Eventually 911 sent police over and at which point the flag burners went inside except for about two of them who then denied setting the flag on fire. Most of the neighbors came out and a rather heated argument ensured. I am not sure what occurred after but the flag burners went inside.

I am quite aware one allowed to burn the flag as freedom of speech. It was ironic that they decided to do it in the alleyway to incite the local crowd and then run in when the police came.”

07/11/14 11:37am

Photo by PoPville flickr user flipperman75

“Dear PoPville,

Yesterday at around 6:45pm during the downpour near the EEOB, the kindest man swooped in and, upon seeing me soaking wet, walked me to the bus stop a few blocks away with his umbrella. It was such a nice gestured in and of itself, but it came on the heels of a day where I needed extra reminder of all the goodness in the world. I thanked him but I can’t imagine that he knows what it meant to me and how much I appreciated it. So, to the White House switch board operator: thank you for being such a spectacularly kind and thoughtful human, please know that I will pay it forward.

Thank you!”

Fire at Garfield Terrace in April 2014

“Dear PoPville,

I wanted to warn people who walk/bike/drive or park along 2400 block of 11th Street NW, east side in front of Garfield Terrace Apartments.

Yesterday evening, 6:30pm, I witnessed several times pedestrians, bicyclist, and drivers going north on 11th st NW get peppered by fireworks thrown on them by a tenants from the balconies of Garfield Terrace. The main perpetrator was an African-American male, shirtless and wearing only flip-flops and grey jogging pants and he was lighting fireworks and throwing them down on unsuspecting victims and then dashing inside. He was doing this from 3rd floor balcony, closest intersection is 11th and Clifton St NW, and working with his young neighbors in adjacent balcony by throwing firecrackers simultaneously.

I also witness the same shirtless man bring out a child in diapers while doing this and I called 911 and gave them all the description and my information. I was with my son on the westside 11th st NW, sidewalk going uphill next to Cardozo HS., when I started to hear fireworks and I was disturbed to see a grown man involve children and even a small infant completely disregard anyone safety. Both MPD and Housing Police showed up but unless they witness they actions all they officers could do was patrol.”

Ed. Note: Previously we’ve had reports of rocks and bb guns being fired at cyclists on this section of 11th Street.

Photo tweeted to us over the weekend by ‏@waynemancomedy

“Dear PoPville,

We are currently experiencing our 4th power outage this summer – each and every one happening without any storm or weather event. My neighborhood, a vibrant residential and growing commercial district along 11th Street, is plagued by these seemingly random outages. It takes Pepco several hours (usually 6-12) to restore power, but whatever fix they do is never lasting. We had an outage yesterday, and here we are again today – no power.

Please, what can be done to have this finally fixed? I’ve lived in my home for 6 years, and we have constantly had Pepco issues, but never this often or persistent. It’s like we’re living in a 3rd world country.”

06/27/14 1:25pm

Bloomingdale- Handsy Creep at 3rd and Rhode Island:

“In the interest of protecting other local ladies, I wanted to raise awareness of a potential creep in the neighborhood. Those who live in the area are familiar with the spot on Rhode Island Avenue, between 2nd and 3rd street across from the gas station, where a group of men (and sometimes women) sit and hang out. I’ve walked by this spot more times than I can count, however, while passing the ledge last night, a man (one of three present) made an attempt to grab my backside.

I calmly turned around, told him no, and walked away. He quickly backed off. I would not have interpreted this to be an aggressive situation, but the advance was unwanted. I told a friend today about the interaction and she said something similar happened to a female friend of hers while she was waiting at the Shaw Metro. Regardless if the two incidences are related, I felt this was worth sharing. For those that frequently cross this hang out spot, I’d advise crossing the street if you’re passing after dark.”

06/20/14 4:20pm

Photo by PoPville flickr user ep_jhu

Because a few folks sent me links to this travesty of a listicle – allow me to retort – they write on Vice.com: Here are a few reasons why DC is the Petri dish for the virus infecting America:

“Washington, DC, Is a Celebration of Itself
Washington is basically an open-air museum of America. There are monuments, historical sites, and gift shops dedicated to patriotic tchotchkes everywhere.”

What, you don’t like 10 shirts for 10 dollars? 10 shirts for 10 dollars – that’s a good deal!! Also, you nimrods, the National Mall, which is awesome, does not define the District.

Finally, stop slouching and have some pride.

“Marion Barry
During a 1990 joint FBI/DC police sting operation, Barry was captured on videotape with his former girlfriend using crack cocaine.”

The man has his flaws no doubt about it. The man also cares for and fights for another item on your list below. The man is passionate. Are you the same people you were 25 years ago? What happened in 1990 was absolutely an embarrassment but in fairness does not define his entire life.

“Taxation Without Representation
More than 646,000 Americans live within the legal boundaries of the District of Columbia. They are all required to pay federal taxes. None of them have a representative in Congress with voting rights.”

Good one and this should be on your listicle of why Congress sucks, you jackwagons.

“Summer Is Hell
It’s so hot in Washington this year that the Department of Public Works announced they’d be picking up trash an hour earlier than normal this week”

Yeah because it doesn’t get hot in New York City over the summers. Your beef is with the rotation and tilt of the earth not the District of Columbia – you neanderthals.

“The Poverty Rate Is Out of Control
US Census information that revealed that 18 percent of Washington residents live below the poverty line”

Yes and that same data will tell you that the poverty rate in San Francisco is at 23 percent. This is a national problem you, if I may borrow a phrase, myopic twits.

“Where You Went to School or Where You Work Determines Your Social Class
Like most cities where there’s a dominant industry and a surplus of competition, it’s common to believe that your career or alma mater makes you a better person”

Nobody cares where you went to school. Seriously, nobody cares. And if you’re hanging out with those kind of people well then that’s on you – not us.

Washington DC Is Just Los Angeles for Ugly People
The same rules of status, image, and networking apply here as in LA.

What a novel critique, I’ve never heard that one before!! Damn it – Look at that photo above and tell me I’m ugly. I was once told (possibly by my mom but nevermind that!) that is the face of a middle aged Paul Newman – and there are plenty of us out there you superficial wannabees.

The Redskins
Today, the US Patent Office canceled the trademark registration for the Washington Redskins football team.

The Redskins name is most definitely offensive to many. And that lies at the feet of their owner. The team (not even mentioning their super bowl victories) is an integral part of the fabric of DC. For many years and even today it remains one of the unifying forces in the District – fandom bridges income, race, age etc. Hell, even the DC rivalry with DC based Dallas fans is mostly good natured and also bridges divides. Wait till next year fools.