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“Dear PoPville,

I went to the police station with a friend to make a report of the incident, but the cop unfortunately told me based on the story I’ve provided it was not sufficient (so my friend asked: what is “enough” to make a report?). Another friend of mine was disappointed with the lack of response from the cop and suggested that I reach out to spread awareness.

On Friday late evening/early Saturday morning at 3am, I was followed by a guy about 5’4″, 30-ish, Hispanic, from the intersection of Mt. Pleasant & 15th towards Harvard & 14th. At first, the guy followed by bike as I was heading down towards the direction of Irving. He tried engaging in conversation, but I ignored him as I kept walking. At one moment, the guy disappeared (between Irving & Columbia along 15th street) and occasionally I looked over my shoulder to make sure he wasn’t there. That’s when I took out my keys, along with my mace, so I didn’t have to dig for them while standing at my door. (more…)

trash truck trouble
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“Dear PoPville,

I am a neighbor on the 1100 block of H street NE and every morning a trash truck from Bates Trucking and Trash Removal number 175 or 176 comes to remove the commercial trash at 420-430 am. The truck is removing the trash from 1118 H Street NE (H&Pizza) who has their dumpsters located on public property without a public space permit. I’ve filed multiple official complaints with DCRA through the Trash Truck Noise Program as well as emailing and calling DCRA but they will not enforce the law in this case. Do you have any other suggestions?”


el ray
919 U Street, NW

“Dear PoPville,

My friend and I were having dinner in the back room of El Rey around 8:30 pm yesterday when a brawl broke out between a group of patrons. Only a few were actually fighting, but the crowd involved was probably about 40-50 people. Tables were flipped, chairs tossed, and at least one woman was throwing glassware at people.

The fight was eventually broken up (props to the bouncers on this!) and the crowd made their way out to the street leaving a wreck behind them. Our server told us that the two-top next to us had paid with a fake $50 and skipped out when the fighting crowd dispersed, so I imagine he was not the only server who got stiffed last night.

I am even sadder for the fact that while my friend’s first reaction, and that of several staff and other patrons, was to call 911, those closest to the fight pulled their phones out to film it. I feel disappointed and disgusted by the behavior I witnessed last night. I know there has been a long debate about whether and when to get involved when an individual witnesses crimes in action, but the very least people can do is call the police when a situation is escalating like that and putting others in danger.

Despite the incident yesterday, I will definitely be returning to El Rey. After the fight dispersed, the staff was really great and sweet to the patrons who were not involved, our server gave us a couple of beers and a series of apologies for what was clearly not his fault. I feel sad that this happened to them and their business.”

1501 Connecticut Avenue, NW

From MPD:

“We have received your emails and heard your concerns about the meeting this Saturday evening in Dupont Circle with the writer Roosh V.

We understand your concerns about events of this nature in your community. We are aware of the upcoming event.

Events like these take place all the time in the District of Columbia and the MPD prepares for all of them.

These groups have the same First Amendment rights as any other citizen or organization in our country.

We understand that there may be counter protests to this event and we have prepared for that as well.

The MPD are there to ensure peaceful and lawful events. Any persons breaking the law will not be tolerated.

A lot of times controversial organizations plan public events just to provoke a response from the community.

Please let the MPD handle the situation and remember there are many ways to express yourself in a peaceful manner.

Let’s continue to work together, we are making great progress!!”

From Collective Action for Safe Spaces:

“We invite you to join local nonprofit Collective Action for Safe Spaces for Women Drinking Coffee: Sitting In For Safe Spaces on February 6 for women, LGBTQGNC folks, and allies to meet to talk about ways that we can make public spaces safe for everyone.

The sit-in was planned after we read this article about an event happening at the Dupont Starbucks and realized it had been too long since feminists had gathered at this location to enjoy delicious beverages like the white chocolate mocha. While the event cited in the article may have been canceled, our sit-in for safe spaces will prevail. (more…)

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“Dear PoPville,

I recently moved into a basement apartment and this morning, I found that my floor was covered in water. I don’t think there was a flood, rather, intense moisture and condensation that resulted in standing water all over my floor, soaking belongings (including my floor lamp, which I then unplugged from the wall). This is my first basement apartment, so I was wondering if this was a common issue with basement apartments and if there was anything I can do to remedy the problem (such as purchase a dehumidifier). I really do not want to have to move again, but I’m afraid of ruining all my possessions! Thanks.”

road rage
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“Dear PoPville,

Mine may be an isolated incident, but I figured I would reach out, as I hope no one else experiences what I did as I walked home to Mount Pleasant yesterday afternoon with my 10-month-old.

As I’m sure you are well aware, there are many “crosswalks of shame” around the District and pedestrians have to gingerly navigate piles of plowed snow to safely cross the street. Around 3:45pm, a man in a late model black Ford F-150 plastered with Redskins stickers narrowly missed hitting my daughter and I as we waited patiently on packed snow for our turn to cross 16th Street at Monroe. Of course, he almost hit us because he gunned it at the last second and decided to swerve around the snow bank on a red light.

As I threw up my hands and shook my head in disbelief, he had the gall to stop, get out of his truck, and yell several times, “I’ll hit and kill you next time, b*itch!” He was still screaming at us as we walked away, with many on-lookers watching the incident in disbelief.

Needless to say, only the most depraved life forms would threaten a female pedestrian with a baby strapped to her chest in front of several other adult and child pedestrians, so no wonder what that piece of human garbage is capable of doing. While I am relieved my child and I were able to walk away safely, I am shaken and wish I had been able to get the offender’s DC tag number.”