A reader reports:

“This sign/art popped up in Columbia Heights yesterday at 14th & Irving across from metro in front of CVS. Did a google search and IG search and didn’t come up with anything. Any idea who is sponsoring?”

I was able to find them on Twitter:

“The Respect Flag at 14th & Irving in DC. Designed by Connect your stories & selfies taken through the stars. #harassmentfreedc Respect!”

Sponsored by Vision Zero DC (part of DDOT):

Photo by PoPville flickr user Chris Williams

“Dear PoPville,

My husband and I are looking to move from Dupont and are considering the Berkeley/Kent/Palisades area.

Upon researching the area, I came across the noise issues some of the neighbors are discussing with respect to the changing flight times and paths coming from DCA. Here is a Washington Post article that discusses this situation:

“In the District, there were 1,286 noise complaints in 2014; by 2015, the year NextGen changes were implemented, complaints jumped to 8,670 (although airport officials are quick to note that 6,500 of the complaints last year came from the same person). Even so, residents say complaints have risen dramatically.”

My question for the community is if the noise from the airplanes is really as constant and loud as the articles are making it out to be?”

Wisconsin and Veazey St, NW

From a press release:

“Starting today and running through the Inauguration, Nando’s PERi-PERi is launching a campaign at all of its Washington, DC, restaurants that declares “#Everyone Is Welcome.” Hatched after one of the most divisive elections in our nation’s history, the campaign expresses Nando’s belief in the values of inclusion, diversity and mutual respect.

On Nando’s social media sites and the windows of Nando’s six DC locations, the South African-Portuguese restaurant known worldwide for its spicy flame-grilled chicken states:


Nando’s also is distributing 60,000 free posters to Washingtonians that state “#Everyone Is Welcome” with an oversized heart. The front of the poster is not branded, to encourage widespread display. On the back, the posters include the Nando’s statement and add: “Even if you’ve never sat at one of our tables, you’re welcome to stand with us.” The posters will be included in copies of the free Express newspaper, available at Metro stations throughout Washington, DC. Nando’s also will pass out the posters at its DC restaurants and encourage shop owners, restaurants and DC residents to download printable versions of the poster at, for display in public places. (more…)

813 S Street, NW

Thanks to David for sending:

“Capital Pool Checkers has been in the Washington D.C. area for over 35 years. It is a place for people to gather, socialize, and of course play checkers. In recent years the small club has seen their membership decline. As gentrification seems ever encroaching, it is becoming harder to stay in their current location of the Shaw neighborhood. They are looking to draw a younger generation of people to join their club and play the game they love.

The checkers club adds a unique character to the neighborhood. With nicknames such as The Razor, The Z-Man, Pressure Man, Hard Rock, Special-K and many more; there is never a dull moment at Capital Pool Checkers.
Walk-ins are welcome.

Capital Pool Checkers Contact Information
The club is located at 813 S Street NW, Washington D.C.
Facebook Page

Brickyard Digital
Director | DP | Editor: David Ross
Producer: Marc Elraheb”

Capital Pool Checkers | Made in Shaw from David Ross on Vimeo.


“Dear PoPville,

Thank you, PoPville Community for your  generous donations to detained immigrant children!
Last month you shared a post about CAIR Coalition’s Noviembre de Niños campaign with PoPville readers. The days following your post, donations of books and art supplies through our Amazon wishlist soared! We were overwhelmed with the flood of donations.
Last week, CAIR Coalition was thrilled to donate 7 boxes full of donations to a detention facility, including 35 backpacks filled with goodies such as coloring books, DVDs. crayons, origami sets, a full set of Harry Potter books, and more! These gifts will brighten up the holidays for detained youth in the DMV region.
We could not have done it without you. Your continuing support is also greatly appreciated and imperative to allow us to continue to serve detained immigrant children in the area. Please become a member or sign up for our newsletter and keep up to date on our work!
Can you please share our thanks?  The attached picture is of two of our staff with some of the donations at the detention facility.”

Tymara Walker posts on youtube (thanks to all for sending links):

“This is the original recording of the woman (well… me ) singing in Union Station in early December. I’m celebrating new life, life after being a DV survivor, now I’m just victorious!
Enjoy your holiday”

The Washington Post reported:

“Walker said there have been a lot of life circumstances of late that moved her to want to hold an impromptu one-song performance in a Metro station. After years of hardship — an abusive relationship, a traumatic divorce and then a period of homelessness as she worked to get back to financial independence — Walker said things had finally started looking up in the past year. She’s remarried now, “to my Superman hero.” She has steady work doing what she loves: singing. And she felt as if she could finally afford to buy some nice things for her children for Christmas.”

Photo by PoPville flickr user anne marie hathcock

Lost laptop update.

“Dear PoPville,

I got a call last Thursday from the BWI TSA. The gentleman shown on the security footage taking my laptop had reached out…he did indeed have my laptop! So…BWI TSA had his, and he had mine. I was so overcome on the phone with the TSA agent I had to take a moment before I could even talk to him rationally.

I had to take even a few more moments before I called the nice man from Cleveland who had my laptop in hand! He spoke with a significant accent and his side of the story goes like this: he went through security with his laptop and there was some confusion. He was pointed to my laptop, which he took by mistake. He also took a laptop bag which ended up not being mine NOR his…he just seemed over the phone like the classic absent minded professor.

He told me he doesn’t use his laptop much so he hadn’t even opened it for several days…and when he did, everything was different. He couldn’t figure it out…he thought he had been hacked. So he showed it to a friend and his friend finally told him “hey, this isn’t your laptop!!”, which was a total surprise to him! And then he got in touch. I got my laptop back the next day.

I’d like to thank everyone in PoPville for the sympathy and support. It really helped. It’s been a really tough few weeks for me and I’m still recovering from my father’s passing and my MIA laptop (because I’m still flip-flopping between two laptops…). All along I thought someone had it…that’s what my gut told me. I’m very glad it turned out to be true and that it turned out to be someone nice. As much as people can really be awful, this supports my fundamental belief that the vast majority of people are good, kind, upstanding folk.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays hugs to all you good people out there, each and every one of you!”