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Back in June a reader wrote:

“Has anyone noticed the young and older men around the Potbellys in COLUMBIA HEIGHTS? They seem “fazed”, “gone”, and on something other than weed. What are they on? What are police or community agencies doing to help these men?”

Sadly it appears to be the synthetic marijuana we’ve been hearing so much about. A reader sends this story from NBC Washington earlier today:

“Synthetic Drug Use Suspected Near Columbia Heights Metro Station

More than a dozen people suspected of using dangerous synthetic drugs were treated in D.C. on Friday — including four people believed to have overdosed near the Columbia Heights Metro station, according to sources within the D.C. Fire and EMS Department.”

Photo by PoPville flickr user Melanie Cohen

A reader writes in with this disgusting/disappointing note on Friday:

“A cyclist spat on me today. I’m a tour guide and I was standing next to the vehicle while my guests were slowly coming to get in, something I’ve done literally hundreds of times before. Directly behind the Jefferson Memorial there is a stretch of Ohio Drive that people often use for loading/unloading. I was standing on this sidewalk next to one of several vehicles in the road when a cyclist on the sidewalk rode toward me, simply turned his head and spat on my face. He didn’t look back as he sped away.

So heads up maybe there’s a serial spitter biking around.”

Ed. Note: In a perfect world, one caught spitting in someone’s face would be punished severely. In reality this chump will never get caught nor punished. Sadly, lowlifes like this have been witnessed using all forms of transport – so let’s not focus so much on the bike – but I hope we can all condemn the action itself.

Photo by PoPville flickr user Pablo Raw

“Dear PoPville,

I wanted to alert you and your readers to something that happened on the metro yesterday (Saturday) around 7:30pm on the blue line going toward Franconia-Springfield. While entering the train at McPherson Square, I noticed that a male passenger sitting near the doors was either filming or photographing twenty-something female passengers without their knowledge or consent. At first I thought he was watching a video on his iPhone until I realized the scenes on his phone were other passengers. He even zoomed in on the bare legs and upper thigh area of one of the passengers. I was completely disgusted and walked to the other end of the train. I regret not knowing what else to do as I feared getting a photo of him, advising the other passengers, and/or confronting him would further threaten the safety of those within the train.

I wanted to let you know so that your readers keep an eye out for this type of behavior and what their fellow passengers may be doing on their devices. Many other passengers sat near this man and it appeared none of them were aware of what was happening. Unfortunately the man had no real identifying characteristics so giving a physical description would not be helpful.”

Ed. Note: Back in December a reader reported a “Creep filming women on Metro” then posts footage to an adult site.


“Dear PoPville,

One of our neighbors found gravy-covered rat poison in our alley this morning (the alley that abuts Trolley Park and runs between Monroe and Otis). Please remind your readers to be careful when walking their dogs.

I would not be surprised if this is connected to the woman who harassed the Alley Cat Allies lady a few weeks ago so aggressively that the police had to intervene.

My understanding is that it is illegal to put out rat poison in DC.”

Yesterday a reader sends the photos above:

“The first sign appeared two days ago, posted about a dozen times, in the alley between 11th and 13th in the 3500 block. Today, someone responded.”

Closeup of the second note after the jump. (more…)