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From a press release:

“Today, the ACLU of the District of Columbia filed an administrative complaint with the U.S. Marshals Service (which conducts evictions in the District) for its abusive conduct during what should have been a routine eviction.

The complaint describes that on the morning of June 19, 2015, multiple U.S. Marshals stormed into Donya Williams’ home in Southeast D.C. with guns drawn, despite no information to indicate anyone in the apartment would pose a threat. Once inside, they went to Ms. Williams’s bedroom. The complaint recounts: “She called out that she was getting dressed and had no clothes on. Nonetheless, two Marshals burst into the bedroom. Ms. Williams was completely naked.” (more…)

self reporting tool
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“Dear PoPville,

There have been, just in my small universe, three incidents in the last four days of individuals using “go back home”, “this is my country”, “where are you from” “get out muzzie C^&*” interactions in the last four days. All three of the incidents were in Petworth/Park View. Two of them may be related. We, some of us lawyers, have checked DC ACLU, and SPLC, and there’s not a specific reporting mechanism on issues like this within DC.

Could you please ask people to fill out this form if they have had any incidents. And if there’s someone who specializes in how to turn these encounters into appropriate identification and tracking of bad actors to pass on ways to do so?”

After two friends within an hour, and three within two days faced confrontations that tread the hate-crime line, we are creating this self-reporting form for individuals to report incidents of intimidation, hate crime, and other danger in the face of political beliefs. The hope is we can establish patterns if needed. All responses will be kept confidential, and contact information if disclosed will only be kept by the database administrator.


“Dear PoPville,

Today (1/25 5:00pm) waiting for my bus home (the Union Station- Georgetown circulator) I noticed a homeless woman talking to a man with a MAGA hat on at the bus stop. (First thought: oh jeez a trump supporter.)The bus comes, and all of the sudden the man is talking to the bus driver, explaining how this woman in from North Carolina, lost her phone, and needs to take the bus, but doesn’t have money. (Second thought: he’s getting scammed). He then helped the lady onto the bus, loaded ALL of her heavy suitcases and bags onto the seats, AND physically lifted her into the seat.

Politics and scams aside, you can’t help but smile at someone genuinely caring and showing compassion for a stranger.”

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Brian sends from SW.

And thanks to Susan for sending below from Columbia Heights:

“Seen in Columbia Heights on Inauguration Day: “Feeling blue today? Treat yourself to a poem. This is our pick please grab one.” They had a stack of copies of Langston Hughes’ “Let America Be America again” in a plastic folder. They were all taken by the time I walked by again later to take this photo, presumably bringing joy to many in the neighborhood, including me!”