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“Dear PoPville,

I know we have some lawyers & at least one cop on this blog and hoping they can give advice for police encounters. Today I witnessed a sad and disturbing encounter with US Park Police this afternoon – 2:30 pm. in Meridian Hill Park. Walking my dog, ordinary day, saw 3 cops investigating the bathrooms, then strolling around. The usual homeless guys sleeping on benches, nannies with babies, joggers etc.

But then the cops clustered around a couple on a blanket and things got crazy. Accusing them of pot smoking – said someone had called in a report – yeah right. The couple was completely compliant and non-confrontational. They let the cops search their bags, let them see they did indeed have one joint in a Tupperware container. The cops bullied and escalated things beyond any sensible level. “have you ever been arrested?” “Are you sure?”

I’ve lived over 30 years in Columbia Heights – I know when people are being obnoxious or belligerent. This couple was totally non-confrontational. And there was absolutely NO smell of pot anywhere near them! This was absolutely clearly a case of police belligerence. (more…)

From a press release:

“Metropolitan Wellness Center (MWC), a cannabis dispensary located in Washington, D.C., today announces the release of Cannabis in the Capital, a virtual reality experience taking consumers behind the scenes to see how cannabis is produced and prepared for sale in the district. (more…)

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“Dear PoPville,

I like to jog on the Mall in the morning and have done so for years. Lately, a pair of women there have fixated on me as a “criminal” who is following them. This started 6-8 weeks ago. They dress all in black, including sunglasses, hats, and black winter earcovers no matter the weather, and carry black garbage bags. I have never spoken to them, have no idea who they are. I wandered too close to them, I guess, and they both pointed at me and scream-chanted in unison “Criminal! See something, say something, criminal! Never come near us again!” over and over and over. I was weirded out and a little scared (“Invasion of the Body Snatchers” scarred me as a kid) but I just ran away and chalked it up to life in the Big City. (more…)

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“Dear PoPville,

I live on Park Road and 16th and am concerned about noise pollution from city sirens:  Park Road is an emergency route but the westbound green light at 16th is really short.  Daily there’s an ambulance or fire truck wailing for 90+ seconds directly outside my windows.  Drivers are too scared to cross the red on 16th and get out of the way, the cities emergency responders are grossly delayed, church services are interrupted, and I’m considering moving because I don’t think I can raise a baby in this apartment.
It seems like an acoustic traffic signal preemptor at 16th and Park would fix the problem.  Do you know if there’s anything I can do as a citizen to help get this done?”

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“Dear PoPville,

The Federal Bureau of Prisons (our federal govt.) has initiated a proposal to put in a 300 Bed Male Prison Halfway house 200 ft. away from the Washington Global Middle School in SW. This proposal seem to have been in the works for a few yrs now (published in May 2013), but it was only yesterday that I had ever heard of this initiative through our neighborhood forum. I don’t understand how/why the federal govt. is able to pull an initiative like this and bypass the City and the SW community so we don’t have a say on something so impacting to our community as this? How can the federal govt. think they can just put in a 300 bed house and that not be affecting our community, or at least have our voices be hear in the process? From Council member Charles Allen’s letter to the Federal Bureau of Prisons, it doesn’t sound like the DC police dept. support this proposal either. Can someone help clarify and simplify what’s going on here? Is it a done deal?

Please see 3 attached public documents.

475School_Oppo_Ltr_CM_Allen_Final (PDF)

FINALCICHopeVillageReport052413 (PDF)

475School_Street_Halfway_House_Fact_Sheet (Word)

Thank you.

–concerned citizen in SW

no smoking sign

“Dear PoPville,

Would you know who in our DC govt to contact regarding requesting NO Smoking signs for our DC parks?

I would like to start a campaign to request signage in our children’s playgrounds and I was hoping you could help direct me to the right agency/ person.

I did submit a complaint online to DC parks and Rec, but no response.”


Temperatures could crack 60 degrees today…but damn it free is free so bundle up and get some!!

DC Locations:

Chinatown location @ 703 7th Street, NW (next to Verizon Center)
Georgetown location @ 3120 M Street, NW
Union Station location @ 50 Massachusetts Avenue, NE (Lower Level Food Court)

MD Location:
Bethesda location @ 7237 Woodmont Avenue (next to Landmark Bethesda Row Cinema)

VA Location:
Pentagon City Mall @ 1100 South Hayes Street (Lower Level Food Court)

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“Has anyone else felt increasingly unsafe while walking outside Union Station in the past couple months? I have noticed more people who appear to be suffering from mental issues, drug addiction, and homelessness loitering outside. In the past couple months, I’ve seen people urinating, someone openly smoking crack, and someone under the influence of some hallucinogen pretending to punch people in the head. Today, a homeless man threatened to “smack the glasses off my face” when I wouldn’t give him money. This is occurring during daylight hours, generally immediately after work. I’ve had the same walk for three years, and I don’t remember ever feeling so unsafe outside Union Station until a couple months ago. I’m just wondering a) if other people have noticed this increase b) what can be done about it. ”

2pm Friday

“Dear PoPville,

I have two friends that live in Shaw (declining to give specific address) and figured this story was worth sharing with a clip of the perpetrator included. The two women live across the street from each other, and were both in one of their front yards on Friday 4/18 afternoon. The neighbor was getting ready to leave and walk across the street to go home when she paused because she saw a man walking down the street in front of her house, squat down with his hands in his pants in front of her house, and then proceed to throw his own feces at her front door. She yelled at him, and he yelled back and continued on his way. The cops showed up quickly and were obviously flabbergasted. Video of crap thrower at 0:15 in clip.”

Ed. Note: Whoever is reading this should thank me for not the posting the photo. I’m coming off of a vicious 24 hour food poisoning (I can tell you stories about my day posting yesterday) and looking at the photo gave me the exact same feeling…


“Dear PoPville,

The guys who blatantly deal drugs on a daily basis at 14th and Meridian NW were just involved in some sort of altercation. Here’s the scene [Saturday] with EMS responding. One of them is yelling threats at the police while in handcuffs, which is a somewhat regular occurrence here. He will surely be right back out there tomorrow. Neighbors are encouraged to contact [email protected] if they would like MPD to finally clean up this corner.”