1300 block of Kenyon St, NW

Thanks to all who’ve sent emails about this pop up on Kenyon Street in Columbia Heights. MW sends the photo above and writes:

“An interesting example of a pop-up that seems to be extremely well done, 1300 block of Kenyon Street NW. Note adaptive reuse of original turret. Very thoughtful, and respectful of the neighborhood fabric.”

Here’s a couple of closer up photos I took over the weekend:



photo 2
1400 block of Shepherd St, NW

Thanks to all who sent emails about the Washington Post article It’s pop-ups vs. solar panels on Shepherd Street NW in Columbia Heights:

“But Shepherd Street’s residents now face an unexpected obstacle to their environmentalism: pop-up rowhouses potentially blocking their solar panels’ access to sunlight. Two Shepherd Street homeowners with solar panels are especially upset because one rowhouse is slated to grow to three stories right in between them.”

photo 1
TV crews getting in on the action

Kenyon between 13th and 14th St, NW

Thanks to all who’ve been sending emails and updates about the pop up above on Kenyon Street. One writes:

“We’ve been watching progress on Kenyon between 13th and 14th. Looks like they will be keeping part of the spire so that’s good. Builders say it will be three separate condos. Interested to see finished product.”

And nearby the old building at 13th and Park Rd, NW has been completely razed. You can see renderings for the new condos coming here.

13th and Park Rd, NW June 2014

Prior to Demo:

13th and Park Rd, NW February 2014