03/23/14 10:02pm


The pop up on New Hampshire Ave just north of the Petworth metro had it’s first open house on Sunday. Anyone stop in?

One of the 3 bed/3 bath units is listed at $649,999:

“Petworth Commons ~ Modern design & elegance to Petworth in the form of 2 unique 2 level townhome style condos. 3/3 beams abundance of light from every direction. Private balconies, backyard, & rooftop deck. 1700 sqft open interior space. All the bells & Whitles! Look no further for your city oasis! OPEN SUN 3/23 1-4pm”

Check out a virtual tour here.


01/17/14 1:30pm


Last month we talked about this sign “Ugly Pop-Ups: Destroying Family Housing on Lanier Place.”. Following is an attempt to explain from a neighbor, Gary Tischler.

A while back, I had a talk with a neighborhood friend about popups and their implications to the Lanier Heights neighborhood, standing right across the street from one of those popups next to the day care center. He offered up the idea that maybe people should get used to the idea of change, and the popups and the targeting of the neighborhood by developers was one of those change things that might be inevitable.

That may be so, but something’s getting lost in that discussion. I saw it in the cavalier notice given by the developer reps that they had indeed targeted our neighborhood and were indeed seeking to get people to sell their houses in order to convert them to condos, and in the comments on the net that followed Paul’s signs next door to his new neighbors. In most of the comments—most of them from people who don’t live here—the attitude was one of surprise or anger that neighborhood residents—be they homeowners or renters—would object to the presence of the popups, or openly oppose the idea.

Many folks—mostly homeowners—are upset about this wholesale attempt to basically alter our neighborhood. That’s what’s getting lost in the discussions—the consequences to the neighborhood if the developers succeed.

What will happen to put it very simply is that the nature of the neighborhood will be dramatically changed to the point where we will lose most of the things, the characteristics of the neighborhood that we love.

I’m not trying to speak for other people—I’m a renter, and we’ve lived here for well over 15 years now. I found the neighborhood early on to be deceptive—I mean it looks on the surface to be kind of a bucolic place, quiet, a kind of residential, one-family housing island close to but also separate from the street scene on Columbia Road, the traffic on Calvert and the night and day bustle of 18th Street and all that entails, all of which by the way add the special urban flavor that everyone loves.

01/15/14 12:30pm

5th street popup 01

“Dear PoPville,

The first one at 5th and Ingraham [picture above] contrasts greatly from the neighbors in terms of colors and height, but likely won’t be a standout for long.

The second [pictures after the jump] is around the corner on Jefferson just west of 5th. I haven’t seen a conversion like this one in Petworth/Brightwood yet. The sideyard of this once-duplex enables three 3-story units to be accessed separately on the side instead of from a shared front entrance. From the back, you can really see how much massing was added compared with its attached counterpart.

Hope this bodes well for Kennedy’s eventual revival.” (more…)

12/17/13 11:30am


“Dear PoPville,

Someone is incensed by what is, in my opinion, a relatively tastefully done Pop-Up. There is no historic designation in this area and the developer could have used much cheaper materials and been more aggressive on the massing had they wanted to go as cheap as possible. The signs wouldn’t cause me to be worried about buying in this building but they would definitely make me think twice about what kind of neighbors I’d have.”

I have to agree with the OP – I don’t think this one looks too bad at all, maybe a little funky in the back, but overall looks pretty good to me. What do you guys think of this pop up?


You can see how the pop up looks after the jump. (more…)