Romo is Back on Calvert Street, NW Washington-20150120-00139

Thanks to a reader for sending the photo yesterday: “Romo is Back!”. He was supposed to have moved to Arlington this past Fall. For whatever the reason, it’s great to have these extra glimpses. Hopefully he’ll be lounging Romo style come springtime.

My favorite portrait of him:

Photo by PoPville flickr user ekelly80


“@PoPville Finnegan has been found! We were circling solid leads in Petworth and got a text that he was spotted back in Brookland. #findfinn”

“His name is Finnegan, and he just ran away at ~5:30PM Eastern time. He was last seen at 9th and Monroe St NE, in Washington, DC. He was running the Metro Branch Trail.

He’s a mix of rat terrier and cattle dog. Photos of him are attached. Any sightings or information will be extremely helpful.

About Finnegan:

* He’s likelier to come if you crouch down and beckon or whistle. Don’t run at him, and try to crouch and stay low if you get near him.
* He responds to “Finnegan”, “Finn”, and whistles.
* He is microchipped.
* He likes peanut butter, jerky, and other normal dog things.”



“I found a lost cat a few minutes ago at the corner of 18th and Kilbourne in Mt. Pleasant. The cat is very friendly (it even let me pick it up and carry it inside my apartment building). Has a silver name tag that says Petey. No other information.

Owner can contact me at this email address ( or call my cell at 202.455.0294.”


“I arrived home to my house on the 1600 block of 4th Street NW last night and found this sweet, big boy stuck in my front yard. He seemed to have wandered up my walkway and somehow closed the gate behind him. According to my neighbor, it happened at around 9 pm (she heard him barking). We called animal control because none of us could keep him with our existing pets. He looked intimidating but was quite a softy. He isn’t neutered and although he looked like he had cataracts, the animal control officer guessed that he is young.

We are trying to track down his home if he has one; we did confirm today that he isn’t microchipped.. If anyone in Truxton Circle/Bloomingdale/Shaw recognizes him, he’s at the New York Ave shelter.

We are also sending to Lost and Found dogs FB.”

Nimbus 5

“Dear PoPville,

Thanks so much to the folks who found the gray cat last week at Howard University.

Last week, during the Great Dupont Circle Power Outage of 2015, I was checking your blog for when Pepco was going to restore power. And while perusing that and other stories, I ran across your article about a smoky gray cat that was found lying on a grate near Howard University. When I clicked on the article, the cat reminded me of my cat growing up- Nimbus, except my cat was a boy. When I inquired with the Washington Humane Society they said they had given the 2-½ -year old female the name Nimbus! I had been considering a cat for some time, so surely this was a ‘sign’ that the time was right and this could be the cat- I had to go visit her. She became ready for adoption on Friday and I visited with her on Saturday afternoon. She purred immediately and after about 20 minutes of petting and purring, she was in my car carrier headed home! And she will retain the name Nimbus. She’s been doing really great. She has really good litter box manners, purrs and meows a lot, and quickly made herself very comfortable on my bed. Clearly she is an indoor cat. Anyway, thanks again.”

Nimbus 4


“Our cat went missing on Sunday afternoon. I’ve contact the Humane Society and Shaw Listserv but we are trying to get as many eyes on the lookout in the neighborhood as possible.

Misty is a three year old long haired white cat with large gray spots. Misty is part of the Humane Society’s CatNIPP Program, so his left ear has been clipped.

Misty never strays far from our home at 5th and O Street and NEVER misses a meal, so we are very worried.



“Dear PoPville,

We found a cat last night on a vent on the Howard University Campus near the football field (so about Georgia and Fairmont Ave). He/she had no tags and is dark grey color. It approached us quickly when we fed it and was very affectionate as well. We dont know if it ran out accidentally from someone’s home or if it was abandoned but definitely not a cat that had grown up outside. We brought it to the Washington Humane Society on New York Ave as it’s getting very cold and we took the attached picture of the cat upon arrival to the shelter. Hopefully it can be re-united with its owner or find a loving, happy home.”

OP writes: “I didnt get a picture of him before he took off but this is kind of what he/she looked like”

“Dear PoPville,

This morning at about 8:35 i was walking to the bus stop and saw a little white dog eating some garbage in my block, and I didnt recognize him as any of my neighbors dogs so I assume he is lost. “He” (couldve been a she) had a collar on but I couldnt tell if it had tags. I tried to coax him over but he spooked and ran away. I saw him on the 1400 block of Parkwood place running towards 14th street (by the Exxon station). He was small to medium, white, shaggy, about 20 pounds I’d guess. Looked like his collar was blue or purple. Very timid- took off running when i took one step towards him.”

1926 17th Street, NW

Three Fifty Bakery & Coffee Bar opened up at 17th and U St, NW back in early August. Just noticed this sign out front:


UPDATE from 350Bakery in the comments:

“Hello, I opened Three Fifty Bakery as a Pet Friendly bakery. Having two amazing dogs myself, I purchased water bowls and plan on baking dog treats soon. In November, a customer informed us that it is against DC Health Code to have dogs on our patio. This customer then went outside and took a picture of a dog on our patio. I started to investigate and was told by many people that it was allowed….so I continued to allow it. A few weeks ago, we were paid a visit by the DC Health Department and told that it is not allowed. They said the exterior patio is an extension of our interior. I even said I would take down the fence if that would change things, but was informed that it wouldn’t. As you can imagine, a small business’s worst fear is being shut down for a health violation. Please realize how upset and disheartened that I had to put signs up. If anyone knows anything that I can do to get approval to allow dogs, please let me know and I’ll try to do it.