“Lost Cat Please Help- Rock Creek Church Rd NW

We live on Rock Creek Church Road NW right near the intersection with Georgia Ave (near the metro). He got out around 7:15, and got spooked so he bolted. He is a gray cat with black stripes. The undersides of his back paws are black and his left ear is clipped. His name is Woodrow, but like most cats, he doesn’t really respond to his name. He’s exceptionally friendly, but we imagine he’s very scared right now (and wet), so he’ll likely be hidden somewhere small and dry. He’s likely very skittish, so if anyone finds him they can contact us at [email protected] He’s also chipped, so people can also call the Humane Society at 202-576-6664. They’ll give directions to make sure he gets to them, and then back to us.”

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Photo by PoPville flickr user Caroline Angelo

From a press release:

“Washington National Cathedral will welcome pets of all kinds and their caretakers to the building’s West Front for “Blessing of the Animals” on Sunday, October 2, 2016 at 2:30 p.m. ET.

The event is part of the Cathedral’s celebration of the feast day of St. Francis of Assisi, patron saint of animals and the environment. In the past, dogs, cats, horses, ferrets and guinea pigs have all assembled at the Cathedral to receive blessings. (more…)

301 H Street, NE

Thanks to a reader for sending word about City Dogs opening another location on H Street, NE. On Facebook they say:

“Our contractor is aiming for the second week of November for the work to be complete so we can open. We’ll have full availability at that time, with the likely exception that Thanksgiving and Christmas may fill up quickly after opening.”

City Dogs also has a location at 1832 18th St, NW: “City Dogs provides a fun, cage-less environment for dog daycare and boarding. Make your pooch a happy dog!”


“As my friends were getting ready to leave on their honeymoon this afternoon (Monday 9/12), they discovered their beloved cat, Pablo, had accidentally gotten out of their apartment on Biltmore St in Adams Morgan between 18th and Cliffbourne. Pablo is a larger grey and white cat with a white nose and white legs. He was not wearing his collar but is chipped. He is affectionate but shy and will probably run away if he is chased. Our friends have posted signs in the neighborhood but since they had to leave the country we are taking over the search — please text or call (202) 256-2357 with any sightings or findings!”


“I was driving on grant circle around 4:40 pm (September 12) and found a dog wandering.

I stopped and follow the dog from a prudent distance, she was tired and scared and I lost track of the dog on on the north side Sherman circle.

Hope the dog finds her home.”


If you recognize this guy, please email me at [email protected] and I’ll put you in touch with OP thanks!

“Very sweet and I’m sure someone is looking hard. We’ll keep it for the night and take it to the humane society tomorrow morning.”


“Dear PoPville,

Off of 27th Street, where there tends to be a large congregation of homeless individuals — near the Kennedy Center/Rock Creek Parkway — I saw two dogs and a sign that said “puppies for sale” and “need $$ for puppy supplies.” I didn’t see any puppies and the two adult dogs looked healthy, were playing, and there was a large bag of food…. it made me sad to see the dogs, but I thought I could just drop extra food or dog supplies off as opposed to just giving cash. When I drove by again today, I did see a small plastic kid’s pool full of puppies and no adult dogs in sight. The puppies couldn’t have been older than 2-4 weeks. There was a bag of puppy food, but I think they looked too young for that — they should be feeding off their mother or from a bottle.

I called Animal Control and they said it had already been reported, and they had sent someone out. I could call the responsible agency if I wanted to follow up. I’ve emailed my vet, as well as the rescue organization that I got my dog through, but I thought I’d reach out here as well.”

Another reader reports:

“I’m not sure what to make of this. This is part of the tent city near the watergate and the overpass from the white Hearst freeway. The couple set up home on their veranda while checking their iPhones. In front, not in pictures they were selling puppies from the dog that is under their seat.”