“Dear PoPville,

I wanted to reach out to you about a dangerous animal on second street. The other night I was letting my dog out to go the bathroom and we went to the field by second and W st, nw. When we were out there there was a dog that I could not see that was way back in the park. And that dog ran after my dog and viciously attacked my dog Kaiser. I was wondering if we can find any more information about this dog. It’s a black pit bull its owner is an African-American with short dreadlocks about 30 years old. When I confronted the owner about his dangerous animal he told me that I should not be in the field with my dog. That his dog is a dog aggressive dog and I should take my dog to the dog park not the field. I’m in the process of making a report and trying to get this dog removed from the neighborhood. I was wondering if anybody else has dealt with this dog or knows of an incident that happened with their dog with this dog?

Photo of injured pup after the jump. (more…)


“Dear PoPville,

I saw this sign at the LeDroit Park dog park. Almost every evening, unsupervised children come to the dog park to play with the dogs. Generally speaking, the kids are curious and friendly and positive experiences are had. However, I’ve always been worried that a kid might inadvertently get hurt. I was not present with this incident occurred, but the fact that this parent is now looking for the dog owner leads me to believe they were not present when this bite happened, otherwise I’m sure that information would have been exchanged. Some dogs simply don’t like kids, or when dogs are running around someone could get knocked down and hurt. Does the city have rules on this? I fear some good dogs could get put down because children are entering dog parks unsupervised.”


“Dear PoPville,

A parakeet, which is clearly someone’s pet, made it’s way to our playground. We were able to capture it and have it at our school. We’d like to get the word out to folks in the neighborhood.

Christian Family Montessori School
201 Allison St., NW

They can call the school 202-722-1520 and ask for Wendy. We have contacted the humane society and they will pick up at some point today but it didn’t sound like it would be immediately.”


“Dear PoPville,

Potential update to the Lincoln Park Dog Incident.

In Lincoln Park this afternoon [Friday], police are giving out tickets to owners with off-leash dogs. I saw the guy let his dog loose and throw a tennis ball a few minutes before this. I honestly hadn’t noticed a cop, and I felt bad because there weren’t many people around, plus the dog seemed sweet. But after Kiki’s wounds, I totally get it. The owner was very respectful and patient during the ticket writing process, so kudos for that.”


A reader asks:

“Please keep your eyes peeled for a kitty who went missing in the Adams Morgan neighborhood just South of Columbia Road and Ontario Road last night. My friends adopted him just a couple of weeks ago from the Humane Society. He tore a hole in a window screen and escaped from their apartment at 2800 Ontario Road. He was last seen around midnight a half block away on The Ontario apartment grounds. His name is Leonard and he’s very friendly.

If you see him, please call my friends (202-615-4411) or me (202-986-5397) ASAP.”


“Dear dog owners and neighbors:

On April 6, 2016, around 7pm, there was an incident in Lincoln Park with an offleash dog that resulted in my (leashed) dog Kiki having three puncture wounds on her neck and needing immediate serious vet care.

I am trying to locate the owner of this dog. The offleash dog was medium-large size (50 to 70 pounds?), tan/brown, shorthaired. Maybe named Kirby, or something similar.

If you know the owner, or are the owner, please contact me as soon as possible.

Thank you for your help.”

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“Our beloved cat that went missing from 23 9th st NE on capitol hill escaping from the back of our house Tuesday night. He (should) currently have an orange collar and not the bell and heart in the first pic. Contact by email ([email protected]) or

2025987941 (text, phone)
[email protected]

Chris Gross (text, phone)

Mason 3 (1)

“Grey striped Maine Coon kitten lost on Columbia and Mintwood in the Kalorama Triangle last night. Goes by the name “Mason.” He is attached to a leash and harness.

Please call Elaine at 703-399-4997 or e-mail at [email protected] Reward.”