04/16/14 9:10pm


A reader writes:

“This dog was found in Petworth today, 9th and Buchanan. Ray is the person who found the dog, his contact is tel:202-882-8482″

Another reader sends:

“We took her to get scanned and she is not chipped. Very friendly, good in car and at vet. Pale pink collar. No id. Please call 202-321-7573.”


04/11/14 8:29am

“Dear PoPville,

When I was jogging with my labrador this morning, a large dog jumped over his fence at 3rd and F NE (why do people think 3 foot fences can contain their large dogs??) and lunged at my dog, pinning him up against the fence. Thankfully, he wasn’t able to bite my dog and my screaming seemed to startle the dog enough to get them to separate and we were able to walk away. As far as I know however, this dog is still loose. It was a large, mastiff-looking brindle colored (brown/black) dog.”

04/07/14 11:50am


“Dear PoPville,

I originally adopted this cat in 2011 with my best college friend in St Augustine, FL. In November of that year, while staying with that friend my grey tabby Kiki either jumped or fell (we aren’t sure, she has very bad balance) through the screen and out a second story window early one morning. Sure she would come back, we set up food, treats, formed a search party but to no avail. We gave up after about three months of looking.

Fast forward to October of 2013, and both me and the cat’s other caretaker have moved to DC for grad/law school. We received a call saying our other college friend had found Kiki in a Jacksonville Beach Pet Supermarket where she had been brought after being saved from a kill shelter. Thankful for the return of our wayward cat we retrieved her from FL and brought her here.

Earlier this year, my apartment flooded due to a fire in the unit two floors above us. My boyfriend and I were forced to evacuate, and eventually move to a new apartment north of 150 sq feet smaller than the original one that flooded. Since then, it has become excruciatingly apparent that Kiki is no longer happy living with us. We work long days, the apartment is much much smaller than the first one, and she has become lonely and bored which she tells us by an increased neediness.

Kiki is 3 years old approximately, is up to date on her shots, is spayed, and has no health issues. When we got her back from Florida she was too thin, and now she has filled out. She makes sweet chirping sounds instead of meowing and purrs so loudly you can hear her three rooms away. She is the best and that is why I know that this is for the best for her pending a home that can give her a little more room or a little more company. Or both.

Please no hurtful comments as I truly believe that I am trying to do my best for my pet and this is the least easy decision I’ve had to make in a challenging 2014. She has had quite the adventure and it’s time for her to settle. Unfortunately I cannot provide that for her. I’ve attached 2 pictures for reference. If you can help or know anyone who can, please reach me at gnmccaffrey(at)gmail.com. A full vetting process will be required as I am taking this very seriously.”

04/06/14 9:12pm


“Lost Yorkshire Terrier on Capitol Hill between A and 3rd NE and East Capitol. He was seen heading towards Lincoln Park. The fur on his head is golden brown and his body is gray/silver. He is a larger Yorkie (around 10-15 lbs). He is a very sweet rescue dog, and the tag on his collar has the number R14-0768. His name is Sigmund, but he doesn’t really answer to his name.”

If you think you’ve seen him please reply to this craigslist post.

04/03/14 9:37am


“Dear PoPville,

Some friends found this dog near the Harris Teeter around 17th & Kalorama last night (4/2/14). We gave her a bath and cut off the biggest clumps of matted hair – it’s possible she’s been on her own for a few weeks. Right now she’s staying with another little dog who seems OK with the intrusion.

She’s really a sweet dog, confident and happy, but also grateful for attention. She probably 10 pounds, and the woman from the Humane Society said she’s probably 3 or 4 years old, and generally healthy. She’s quite alert and very friendly.

A stranger said she looks like a Morkie (Maltese / Yorkie).

You can e-mail MrValdezJr@yahoo.com or call 202-487-4253.”

03/14/14 8:01pm


“Dear PoPville,

Some good samaritans and I saw this pup hit by a car today. Or rather- she ran into the car at full speed. The owner of the car stopped and waited for help. She has some scratches and was definitely traumatized but physically appears somewhat ok. She had no tags and no microchip. Since it was after hours- we called the humane society since all the vets are closed. He appears to have broken her leash. Can you please share with your crowd in hopes of finding her owner? I’d hate for her to spend the weekend in the shelter after she was so traumatized. She was hit around 7pm on the corner of 11th and Maryland NE. She is currently with WHS at their NY Ave. location.”

UPDATE: Owner Found

03/12/14 4:15pm


“Dear PoPville,

Pete was hit by a car this morning near the Congressional Cemetery on Capitol Hill. He ran away and has not been seen since so his condition is unknown. Pete is scared of strangers. He will bark but not bite. He’s a 70 lb hound mix. With information or a lead:541-285-3622″