@sarahkliff tweets us the photo above:

“DC: found this lost lady pup in Mt. Pleasant with a purple collar but missing tags.”

and via email:

“I’m at a vet and she’s unfortunately not chipped. I’m going to be taking her to the humane society on New York Ave. Vet estimates she is 6 years old.”

UPDATE: Owner found!


“Our sweet dog, Lulu, ran off while our neighbors were walking her today (14th and Quincy St, NW).”

Update: Lulu found too!

Ed. Note: I really thought this was the found dog above, sadly not.


“Missing Cat — Answers to the name of Plum
Gray cat, lost sometime on Sunday, mid-morning from 8th and S St, NW. She responds to her name and is super friendly. Please call 610.715.3859 if you find her.”

UPDATE: Good news – Plum has been found.


“Dear PoPville,

He usually wanders around Mt Pleasant neighborhood, but I’m afraid he might have crossed 16th St and ventured into the Columbia Heights area. He was last seen on the east side of 16th and Oak.

His name is Peanut, and he’s kinda hard to miss. He does know his name, and if you call him he might walk up to you. He’s about 20 lbs and looks like a Maine Coon. He’s not shy at all, not scared of people or dogs, and he usually lets people pick him up. He’s medium haired, tuxedo cat.

He has a blue collar on with my name and phone number, and he’s also got a rubbery white flea and tick collar on. If anyone has seen him, please give me a call at 610-745-0314.”

Magners of Logan Circle (yes, named after the Irish cider!). Today is our one month adoptaversary from K9 Lifesavers!

“Dear PoPville,

Looking for nice ideas of things to do with pup and other half. No car, so would be nice if it was in walking distance of NW, because we also can’t take her on public transport either! Though we’re willing to walk far too (walked to eastern market last weekend) – don’t want people to think it has to be a five block radius!! As it gets cooler, there’s only so long we can rely on outside seating at restaurants and cafés, so any ideas the community has to take us through winter would be wonderful!!”


“Dear PoPville,

Weekend before last, I found an abandon kitten under my patio deck. He was muddy and starving, so I brought him in, gave him a bath, and started bottle feeding. In addition to being incredibly adorable, he is now strong, very cuddle-y, and constantly purring. However, I am not allowed to have pets under my current lease so I am looking for a loving, forever home.

I believe he is about 4-5 weeks old and goes by the names: squeaks, little prince, and ewok. We took him to the walk-in clinic, where he received some basic kitten treatments.

Can you help me find a forever home for Squeaks? Please e-mail me at Squeaksthekitten(at)

Thank you so much!”

penelope 2

“Dear PoPville,

This morning my friend woke up to a pushed in window and both of her cats missing. One cat was quickly found, but Penelope is still out there. 10 pound female tabby might be a bit skittish. Is also microchipped. Penelope lives at 9th and T Sts NW and her humans are putting up flyers, leaving out food, etc. If anyone in the Shaw/ U St area sees Penelope or a cat that looks at all similar, please call 410-236-8186.”


“Hi PoPville,

I thought I would send along an update as I adopted the adorable little kitten found on the bridge who got so much love last week. As it turns out, he is actually a she, which was confirmed over the weekend by her lovely new vet, Dr. Kampani at Atlas Vet. She has now established mastery over her new digs and after much debate and endless name brainstorming sessions, she’s been renamed Rickie (short for Frédérique) in homage to her Frederick Douglass Bridge heritage and gender-bending ways. If anyone wants to keep up with her life and times, which consists of naps, chasing, cuddling, naps, munching, hiding under stuff, jumping, scratching, and – you guessed it – more naps, she has her own Instagram feed @kittyrickie. Rickie says thanks for helping her find a forever home, and wishes all the lovely folks in Popville a very happy Monday!”



“Hi PoPville neighbors!

We believe that our cat, Beedie, got out of the house on Thursday (9/11) when some contractors were doing some work and we’re hoping that he’s alive and still nearby.

If you happen to see an orange american shorthair with small white rings on his tail in the 5th and Hamilton St. NW area of Petworth, please contact Erik at 202.302.6695. He’s 11 years old and has only been an indoor cat so he may be scared/hiding.

Again, please contact me if you’ve seen this cat.

Thank you!