Photo by PoPville flickr user ekelly80

“Dear PoPville,

I was walking along P St NW this afternoon when I watched a beagle-mix-type dog push through the screen of a window that was only open by about six inches. He was just getting himself turned around, did not intend to push the screen through. He fell one story to the street. I ran over to check on him (he was fine, save for the shock and a bit of a bloody snout). A few other bystanders called the phone numbers on the tag and found someone else in the building who was able to hold onto the pup while the owners got home.

It’s that time of year again when the air is pleasant and we like to have our windows open. Our pets like the fresh air too though, and they sometimes don’t understand that it can be a long way down outside those windows.

If you are going to have your windows open, try to make sure your pets don’t have access by opening those that don’t have a couch or table or other perches in front of them. Alternatively, most double hung windows can also open from the top, so if your screens cover both, consider opening up the top sash rather than the bottom.”


A reader writes:

“Came across a black dog (picture attached) running through the streets. Got him/her to come into my yard until I could get humane society to come get them. Hopefully someone will read this/see this and be reunited with their little buddy.”


“Mishti slipped out of her collar around 10pm tonight by the 7-11 at Georgia and Shepherd NW. She doesn’t have tags on because they were on the collar. She is a yellow/tawny color dog, about 30 lbs, with pointy ears and a curly tail. She looks like a little fox/deer. She is very friendly but skitterish around new people. She would want to sniff someone a lot before she lets them approach her and giving her cheese might help. If anyone sees her, could they please call me at 610-400-7075 or email at

It’s probably best if people don’t try to approach her as she is scared. My friend just saw her and she ran away. Maybe folks could just call if they see her.”



“Mishti is home safe and sound. As soon as I got home and walked around the back of my house and called her she emerged from a neighbor’s landing. A special thank you to all the folks who emailed me about sightings – they helped to let me know she was still ok. It’s so great to know this fantastic community is out there.”

Alleged “trespooper” via the Hill East Listserv

It starts with a grainy still image of the video posted to the Hill East listserv:

“Do you recognize the man or dog in this photo? My wife and I have video of this man leaving his dog’s waste outside our home.

Before I’m scolded for overreacting, let me say that if this were an isolated incident, I wouldn’t have resorted to public shaming. Unfortunately, piles of pet waste are an all too common site on the curbs of A Street.

As a dog owner myself, who picks up our dog’s waste every single time (and throws it away in our own can), I find this irresponsible behavior especially infuriating. If the trespooper is on this listserv, I strongly urge you to stop leaving your dog waste outside our house. It’s as unsanitary as it is unsightly.”

Later that evening another resident writes:

“Speaking of public shaming, might I say that he is a slovenly individual.”

The next day:

“I do recognize him and my dog. He is “slovenly” dressed because it was Sunday morning and he was on his way to pick up breakfast. I will remember to make sure he has his top coat and tails on the next time he leaves the house.

The dog was NOT pooping (happy to take back if given actual proof.) Yes – she does LOOK like she is pooping, but she is actually peeing. We regularly clean up after her (and if we see other instances of people who haven’t cleaned up).”

But wait, later that day:

“Well. I must take something back. I do appreciate you sharing the video because I am able to give some peace of mind to my dapper man that that picture isn’t him.

So while I am sure you won’t believe us. But my pup is in the clear.

Now I hope everyone has a brilliant weekend and don’t forget to clean up after your pups!”

3211 O Street, NW

Yesterday we noted that Crumbs & Whiskers Cat Cafe had crushed their fundraising kickstarter. Here’s where they’re coming to in Georgetown. Thanks to a reader for sending:

“on O St NW between Wisconsin and Potomac Sts. It’s right across the street from the new vaping place in Georgetown (right next to Kitchen No. 1, the Chinese restaurant.)”


“Dear PoPville,

Yesterday (Monday, February 16th), around 12 noon, our dog (pictured) was attacked by another dog inside the S Street dog park. The dog that attacked her was a tricolored Australian shepherd. (Our dog also happens to be a miniature tricolored Australian Shepherd…I figured I’d state this just to prevent any confusion.)

The dog latched on to our dog’s backside the moment after we entered. We weren’t sure whether or not the attack resulted in a full “bite” but, sure enough, found out that indeed a bite did occur during attack after visiting the vet.

Please let us know if you have any information to help us locate the owner.

We want to contact the owner to ask about the health of his dog and let him know that indeed our dog was bitten. He did hang around to make sure we were okay after the attack but we were in shock and forgot to ask for his information.

Please email me at”


“Lily, a terrier mix, pulled out of her collar and ran away from her dog walker this afternoon (around 4:00 pm). She was last seen at 37th and Upton Streets, NW and was heading towards Reno Road. She’s a shy girl, so will probably try to run if you approach her. If you see her, please call Kitty Block at 202-236-1653.”