Lots of folks have been inquiring so please continue to keep your eyes peeled:

Geoffrey, our 11mo old black & tan Welsh Terrier (mini Airedale) is STILL missing, since Wednesday, 5/11. He was last seen in NE DC, around the National Arboretum/Mt. Olivet/Bladensburg Road/Trinidad area. He is ~20 lbs and was wearing a red collar when he went missing. Geoffrey is really friendly, loves other dogs and we hope someone in NE will spot him, snap a picture, and let us know — at 757.968.0444 or 802.370.0851 and on Facebook @Bring Geoffrey Home so we can bring him home! Large reward, no questions asked.”


“Dear PoPville,

On Thursday, May 12th, we spoke to a neighbor who witnessed Lexington walking alone down the 700 block of Kenyon St NW. This would have occurred roughly 5 minutes after she escaped from our backyard. The neighbor followed Lex down the road to investigate and witnessed a woman in a car pull-up beside Lexington, exit her car, pick up Lexington, get back into her car and drive off. This occurred near the drop-off area in front of Chavez Prep. Thus, we are convinced Lex was dognapped as she had tags with our phone # and a microchip, so the woman could have called us or brought Lexington to a vet or shelter to be identified.

Later on Thursday, a certified search and rescue dog tracked Lexington’s scent in the area that the neighbor saw her abducted, though she had not been on a walk on that street for a week. (more…)


Ed. Note: Now that we got the great news – you may unleash (no pun intended) your recriminations at will!

From an email:

“Maggie, the Boston Terrier puppy who was stolen from a car in downtown DC yesterday afternoon, is finally home with her owners tonight.

The person who found Maggie contacted the Steels today after seeing multiple news reports, so thank you for your coverage. It was instrumental in getting her back safely!”


“I just saw a dog running free -male, brown and tan, with a white chest- and i took a picture. I tried to approached to see if i could get him or check up his tag but he ran to the woods and I didn’t want to chase him. The dog was seeing at the corner of Longfellow and First, NE Washington DC -Fort Totten-South Manor Park area. The dog really look like he was struggling and I would like to help him. I can’t imagine loosing my dog.”


from car at 9th and K Street NW


Stolen between 1-2 p.m. on May 17th

Call (224)440-6552

Email [email protected]
Dog is 4 months old, 9 pounds, 4 white paws & red harness”

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found dog

Update: “The dog has been reunited with her family!”

“My colleague found a lost dog today (5/15/16) around the Cleveland Park area (around 34th and Cleveland Ave) at 11:30 am. She took her to the vet but she had no chip and no collar. We believe she is an older Border Collie-Australian Shepherd mix Black and Gray. Please contact Valerie Grange at [email protected] or 202-309-1964 if you know who the owner is or if this is your dog. We would love to reunite her with her family.”



Please help us find Lexington, she escaped from her backyard around 11:30 am yesterday, 5/10. She lives on Irving Street NW DC, 20010 between Sherman and Georgia Avenue. Lex is a 10 year old female Yorkie, and weighs about 3 lbs. She is black & tan mixed with silver.

IF FOUND please report here:, call: 1-877-PETLINK (1-877-738-5465) or email: [email protected]

The owner can be reached at: (917)939-2235.


NAME: Lexington

SEX: Female (Spayed)

COLOR: Black/Tan/Silver

BREED: Yorkshire Terrier

WEIGHT: 3 Lbs.

AGE: 10 yrs”


“Dear PoPville,

There was a sweet but scared dog running around 9th and T NW this morning without a collar. A few people and I stopped to try to help. I called the police (is that who you call in this situation?) but had to leave before seeing everything get resolved.

I’m including a picture, as I thought you could post to see if anyone recognizes the dog and knows how to get in touch with an owner. I know it’s a long shot but wanted to try.”


“Dear PoPville,

I wanted to reach out to you about a dangerous animal on second street. The other night I was letting my dog out to go the bathroom and we went to the field by second and W st, nw. When we were out there there was a dog that I could not see that was way back in the park. And that dog ran after my dog and viciously attacked my dog Kaiser. I was wondering if we can find any more information about this dog. It’s a black pit bull its owner is an African-American with short dreadlocks about 30 years old. When I confronted the owner about his dangerous animal he told me that I should not be in the field with my dog. That his dog is a dog aggressive dog and I should take my dog to the dog park not the field. I’m in the process of making a report and trying to get this dog removed from the neighborhood. I was wondering if anybody else has dealt with this dog or knows of an incident that happened with their dog with this dog?

Photo of injured pup after the jump. (more…)