“As our neighbor was walking to work this morning she found a small dog close to the Safeway in Petworth. He appears to be male and not neutered. He doesn’t have any tags or a collar. She called animal protection and he is hanging out in our backyard until they get here. I’m attaching a picture of him here. The owner / anyone looking for him can get in touch with the Humane Society – once he is checked in, he’ll be on their website.”

“Dear PoPville,

Friends of ours found this baby (only 5 weeks old) suffering from dehydration in front of a house at 13th and Maryland Ave, NE. The The neighbor said that our friend should probably take the puppy because it wouldn’t make it. Animal control has been called to that house before and they have beware of dog signs all around the yard. What course of action can someone take to make sure that there aren’t any other puppies inside that house?”


“Dear PoPville,

We live on Owen Place in Trinidad. Our neighbor got a pit bull a few years back. We just found out that it was trained over the years to fight. About a year ago it jumped another neighbor’s fence and ripped apart a little white dog in just a few seconds while several neighbors watched in horror, unable to do much. The dog was taken by Animal Control but somehow it ended up back at the neighbor’s house.

Last Tuesday evening, two men exited the next-door neighbor’s house with the dog. The dog was not leashed. We were outside on the front porch and our two dogs. The pit-bull started aggressively barking at our dog, climbed over the 42” picket fence and chomped my little rat terrier, Fitzz, around the neck.

We both rushed out to help but couldn’t do much. I was bitten four times and my mother-in-law was bitten once. She was also violently thrown down and hurt her wrist and back. After I realized that I could not overpower the dog I went in and got a baseball bat. I tried to hit the dog but its two handlers blocked my swings and told me to stop hitting their dog. I got a couple of good hits in and the dog released.

At this point there was blood everywhere. I called 911 and in about 10 minutes the police and EMS arrived. Animal control showed up about 10 minutes later. The two men brought the dog back into the house and fled out the back door into the alley. The police and animal control entered the house and took the pit bull into custody.

We took my dog to Friendship Animal Hospital where he was extensively treated. By the next morning we realized his internal bleeding and damage to throat and brain stem were too severe and we had to put him to sleep.

I was told later that this same dog attacked an elderly woman and had killed another dog but that the police weren’t involved in either case.

Dogs can be trained to be dangerous. And they can attack, unprovoked and without warning, even over a fence. I think it’s very important to report aggressive dogs and get them taken off the streets so this kind of horrible tragedy doesn’t happen to another dog or person.”


“This morning on my way to work I found a seriously terrified looking kitty pressed up against the nook of an townhome wall on Kingman St. (just off Logan Circle). Although there’s no collar, it’s a well-fed, friendly cat. S/he’s clearly not an outdoor animal, and is probably on a much bigger adventure than s/he bargained for. I plucked the kitty off the street, and s/he’s currently in my bathroom, where the personality switch was instantaneous.

I would really like to reunite this little one back with its owner. 719.201.2095.”


A reader writes:

“My wife found this cute little what I think it is a Yorkshire Terrier (or maybe a Tea Cup Terrier?) around noon today on 11th St. NE between H and I streets. We are going to bring him to our vet later today to see if he has a chip, but I was hoping you could post this pic on popville and see if anyone was looking for him. They can contact me directly at . He has a collar on, but there are no tags. I’m sure someone is missing him, or will be.”

UPDATE: Back home!


“Dear PoPville,

A friend of mine lost her sweet dog George when he jumped from her car window on May 23 between 4 and 4:30pm. Any help finding him would be appreciated! The route she took was Brandywine St – 46th NW – Mass Ave – Nebraska Ave – Foxhall – Key Bridge – 29 – I-66 W to exit 69 in Falls Church. He could have escaped anywhere alone that route and my friend is desperate to find him. His microchip number is 4C26226956. Call 202-500-6332 with any information. Could you post his info to help get the word out?”

Update: Found!

Photo by PoPville flickr user Rob

“Dear PoPville,

I’d like to take a moment to share a warning with you that I thought perhaps you could pass on to the Shaw pet owner community. I regularly walk my dog down 7th street, and usually, it is without incident. However, Friday night my dog unfortunately came upon a chicken bone that had been discarded on the sidewalk (between P and O) and managed to swallow it before I had the chance to pry it from him. Although dogs are often depicted happily gnawing on bones, cooked bones can easily splinter and cause internal bleeding or gastrointestinal distress if it causes a blockage. These chicken wing ones in particular are distressing because they can generally be swallowed but may be too large to pass. If you’re lucky, your dog will be able to digest it and escape the experience without harm. At the other end, your dog could potentially die from internal injuries or even choke on the bone as he tries to swallow it.

In my case, it was dark outside, so I didn’t notice the bone before my dog picked it up, and on top of that I wasn’t aware that I should be on the lookout for this life-threatening item on the sidewalk – especially since there was a trashcan 4 steps away. I have seen the bones before, but the last time was several months ago, so it wasn’t fresh on my mind. And my dog almost paid the ultimate price for that. Which is why I am reaching out to you – I thought my fellow Shaw residents should be aware so that they can be on the lookout themselves and avoid the panic and potential harm to their fur baby. My dog has been throwing up all morning and extremely lethargic as a result of this incident. I’ve been on the phone with the emergency vet several times and was just about to take him in when he at last threw up the piece of bone he had eaten the night before. Someone else might not be so lucky.

Just wanted to share.”