“I am writing to report our lost cat, Zella Mae. She has been missing since Sunday night from our home in Silver Spring at the corner of Bristol Avenue and Argyle Road (just east of the Sligo Creek Golf Course).

She is not micro-chipped, unfortunately.

She is a brown tabby with white on her breast and paws. About 13 lbs. Very friendly. Has white and orange patch on her snout.

She used to live in the Scooby Doo Mansion in Mt. Pleasant and therefore may have wandered in that direction from her new home.

She is very beloved! Any information on her whereabouts or other measures as to how to proceed would be much appreciated.

Many thanks,

Julie and Garrett Bradford




“Her name is Gracie, she has blue eyes, is very docile and very small (approx 9 pounds), a little deaf and slow.

Disappeared from the 700th block of Morton Street, NW last night, through the back alley between Morton St rowhouses and the Alsco linen cleaning facility on Lamont St. NW. Cross streets: Lamont St. NW, Sherman Avenue NW, Georgia Avenue NW, Park Rd NW.

If found please call 202-905-9242 or 202-607-9315.
Email address – thibaut.muzart(at)”


“Dear PoPville,

A friend of mine in the building we live noticed a white bunny behind our building earlier this week, usually wouldn’t think anything of it, but we’ve seen it now almost a half dozen times (picture attached). Additionally we aren’t close to any “big” green space, except Meridian Hill Park and even then, I’ve rarely if ever seen a bunny there.

Anyway, someone has set up a makeshift box/home for it behind our building on the minimal grass we have. I figured I would send it your way to see if anyone was missing a bunny. I really don’t think it’s a wild bunny as it’s shown up so much. If we don’t find the owner I’ll notify the Humane Society if the bunny shows again.”


A reader sends:

“I was walking to my car this morning in the alley behind Quincy pl nw [North capital on one end and 1st st nw on the other end in Bloomingdale] and I saw this dog with tags running around. The dog kept running from me when I tried to get close to him so I couldn’t grab him. I did get close enough to see that his name on his tag was Smokie. I had to get to work so I ended up calling animal control but hopefully the owner sees this so they can pick Smokie up and get him home!”


Crumbs & Whiskers website says:


Washington DC’s cat cafe.

We’re currently in development, but we’re launching SOON on Kickstarter. In the meantime, sign up below to become a C&W VIP!

(Hint hint: That means you get access to limited early reservations for special prices AND free giveaways! Oh, and no spam. Ever.)

It’s fur real.”

Their twitter feed says:

“GUYS. A cat cafe in DC. We’re making it happen! By we I mean @Wash_Humane and @Crumbs_Whiskers. OFFICIAL PRE-LAUNCH!”

Updates when their kickstarter goes live.

Crumbs & Whiskers