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“Dear PoPville,

Thursday night my Maltipoo puppy, Bently, and I were taking our usual evening stroll when we were attacked by a black Pitbull, Reo. The dog was off-leash and ran down Kilbourne from 18th towards 19th where he sank into little Bentlys ear and started to toss him about. When he went in for Bently’s neck he ended up biting both Bently’s neck and my hand and started to drag us into the street as I gushed blood and tried my hardest to shield my puppy’s neck which he kept trying to snap.

The owner was absent in this until a neighbor was able to pry Reo, the Pitbull, off of us and she took hold of her dog again, finally having sauntered up the street, not heeding our screams. There was immediately a crowd of neighbors around us, two angels even rushed Bently and I both to our respective Emergency Rooms. One neighbor in the confusion picked up all my belongings strewn about the road, and found Reo’s tag with two disconnected DC numbers on it. (more…)


“Dear PoPville,

I’ve seen this dog in the unit block of Riggs NE in the football field behind the charter school. The dog is often seen in the overnight hours. He’s an escape artist and has been impossible to catch by animal control and police. I’m hoping if the owners can be found, maybe they can get him. From speaking with neighbors, he’s been out here since May and is getting thinner by the month. “rocky” is his name on file with animal control.”


“I lost my keys today in the Dupont/Adams Morgan area. The keyring has 5 keys on it total, with a FOB. Also has a pawprint on it with initials “CYB” and I think “’07” too.

Please email [email protected] if you’ve found them.”

dog walkers
Photo by PoPville flickr user Mr.TinDC

“Dear PoPville,

Does anyone in the H Street, NE neighborhood have any recommendations for dog walkers who truly love to spend time with the dogs they walk, and can be trusted to take good care of them?

I’ve had horrible experiences with being lied to about visits/ walks, and even just not showing up at all. All help is appreciated.”


“Dear PoPville,

My friends’ dog Capote bolted after they were involved in a serious car accident early this morning. He was last seen wearing a red harness and blue collar, heading toward the woods on BW Parkway near 95. They suspect he may have gotten into Greenbelt Park. The owners are both in hospital at the moment and completely broken up about this as they can’t search themselves. Local animal shelters are being contacted. If you’re up in the College Park/Greenbelt area, please keep a lookout. Please send sightings to [email protected]


Update: Found!

“They were at the corner of Columbia and Ontario in NW DC when he heard a noise, spooked, and slipped out of his harness.

He is a 2 year old black, white and gray spotted boxer mix. Tail and ears are not docked, 50 pounds, typical white ‘socks’ markings on feet. He was wearing a Royal Blue collar and answers to the name Maurice.

He was lost spotted at 14th and Kenyon.”


“Hello neighbors! Sadly, our cat Mogley, a wonderful and adventurous indoor/outdoor fellow, has been missing since the weekend. [Lamont St NW at 19th St NW] He is a gray American shorthair cat, with little white fur boots and a very long tail. If anyone has taken him in or seen him over the past few days, please let us know ASAP! This little man is the center of our lives and we are missing him very much.”

missing cat popville

“Dear PoPville,

Perla, our beloved rescue kitten, has been missing since Tuesday. She’s all black, only 3 months old, and is just over 2 lbs. She has a purple collar with small reflectors and a little bell. She’s very friendly but can be shy, especially in new surroundings.

She lives in the 2000 block of Park Rd, NW. She’s also microchipped, if whomever has found her prefers to take her to a local animal shelter or vet’s office.

If found, please email lori.holtz(at) or call/text 843-670-1860.

Please help us find her!

Thanks so much.”


“Dear PoPville,

After our walk this morning [Sunday], my dog, Dax, and I stopped by Compass Coffee on 8th Street. I tied her up to one of the steel beams attached to the building to the left of the door. I had finished ordering coffee when one of the staff members pointed and asked if that was my dog. A man had untied her and was walking away with her towards T St. I ran out of the door and caught up with them. We struggled for the leash for a second and I pushed him to the ground. He got up and ran off. Dax is a bit of a nervous dog so I stopped to check her out and try to calm her down. He had removed her gentle leader and had wrapped it around her neck. Other than that and being scared, she was fine. I walked back into Compass and grabbed my coffee, talked with a few people about what happened, and then went home. It was a bit of a crazy morning, but, luckily, it all ended okay.”