no dogs
Photo by PoPville flickr user ken_1001

“Dear PoPville,

Uno, who was one of the dogs featured on this week’s Afternoon Animal Fix, went to his favorite dog park yesterday to find a sign that said “No dogs allowed” and a giant chain on the gates. A fellow dog owner went by yesterday and saw a representative from DC Parks and Recreation putting up the signs and locks. The representative said that he has received e-mailed complaints from Community Garden users that people are taking their dogs into the fenced-in, so-called, “Rain Garden” which is basically a drainage area for the garden. Though this is the official use, this space has been an unofficial dog park for years and seems to have had the endorsement of the garden. In fact, on the Bruce Monroe Community Garden website, there is a photo that clearly shows that the space was intended for dogs. Additionally, many of the community garden folks also have dogs and use the dog run and many have voiced their support for allowing dogs into the space. It is unclear who has really made the complaints and whether they are actually part of the garden community.

If there are any other dog owners/dog lovers/community members who wish to join our effort to save this dog run, please join our Facebook group.

We are working on writing to our representatives. The dogs and humans who come to the Bruce Monroe Dog Run have formed an awesome community and a safe place for dogs to socialize. We don’t want to lose this park!”


“Dear PoPville,

On my walk this morning with my dog, another dog showed up and followed me home. He has a neon green collar on but no tags so he must have gotten out.

I found him (or he found us) at Illinois and Emerson, he followed us to Sherman Circle and then home. He’s very sweet and he wouldn’t leave my front porch so I put a leash on him and now he’s in my backyard. He was running across busy streets and I didn’t want him to get hit by a car.

I figured it was worth a shot to see if anyone claims him before I call animal rescue.

my number is 914-486-0640”


UPDATE: “Reefer has come home! thank you to the popville community for being so freakin awesome!”

“Dear PoPville-

Our beloved, curious, 9 month old kitten, Reefer is missing. He probably took an opportunity to sneak out the door at some point last night while one of our roommates wasn’t paying attention. (Fairmont between 11th and 13th) Unfortunately he recently outgrew his kitten sized collar and doesn’t have his nametag on. He’s very friendly and responds when you call his name. He is microchipped. We’ve gotten some strange looks from passers-by while calling for him, the only humorous part about this.”


A reader writes:

“I was out in Anacostia yesterday afternoon helping look for Charlotte, the lost hound mix, and I found this sweet little girl. No collar or tags. I took her to the NY Ave shelter to scan for microchip but none was found. Small brown poodle mix, heavily matted but very sweet. I am a coordinator for K9 Lifesavers rescue so I will hold on to her for the 5-day stray hold period animal control suggested, then re-home her.”


“Dear PoPville,

Our sweet kitty got out last night. Her name is Houston and she is a small, short hair grey cat with white markings (photo attached) She is super soft and friendly but somewhat skittish and is probably really scared.

She was last seen at the corner of 13th and Irving St. NE (in Brookland).

Please contact us if you see her at 301-641-1226 or 617-818-7537.

We are devastated.”


“Charlotte, ran away from the boarder in southeast DC. She was last seen running across the anacostia bridge at noon. She is 35 pounds and a hound mix. She has a purple collar and harness. She’s skittish so please don’t give chase. If anyone sees her, please call tel:202-430-1552.”


“I am dogsitting for a friend and was walking her dog out in Bloomingdale earlier today. My leash somehow unhooked and the dog went running. I lost sight of her heading west towards 2nd St NW and Bryant.

She’s a mixed terrier, white with brown patches. She’s incredibly shy and skittish with strangers, and may try to run in the other direction if you approach her too quickly.

Her collar reads Miss Priddy, and her name is Peanut. Please call me, Emily (408-507-6015) or Stacy (617-620-1459) if you find her.

Thanks so much,