“Our cat Gus, a brown tabby with stripes and a white chin, went missing between Monday the 22nd and Tuesday the 23 from our house on the 1800 block of Park Road, NW in Mt Pleasant. We are not how/when he got out, but he did. He usually has a collar with an ID tag, but it is a breakaway cat collar, and it came off. I’ve attached a picture we took Monday night of Gus. My partner Sarah rescued him about 8 years ago in Dayton, OH. He knows his way around our block, but isn’t usually gone this long. If anyone has seen him or taken him in, we’re a bit worried and can be contacted at (202) 246-0125 or via [email protected]

via Columbia Heights Listserv

Important warning for dog owners on the Columbia Heights listserv:

“Please be advised, the rat problem on the 700 block of Irving St. is completely out of control. It has gotten to the point where residents are taking matters into their own hands to place poison baits, and are doing so without placing the baits in a way that is safe for pets and other, non-target animals.

Our dog ate one of the baits the other day and had to take a trip to the emergency room. Fortunately, she is fine. Our neighbors on one side said that they found bait blocks on their porch, and that their dog had one in its mouth. We also found two on our porch. Now I am seeing reports that residents are finding chewed up remnants of poison blocks on the sidewalks and in Bruce Monroe Park. These are extremely dangerous, as dogs will eat them very quickly. Our dog almost ate one yesterday, it did not occur to me what it was.

I have attached a photo of one of the offending items. These are also dangerous to children who may come into contact with the poison. I also found a dead squirrel this morning that appeared to have been poisoned.

Quote below from one of our neighbors: (more…)

found dog

“I found this litte fella around 11:30 on the corner of Vermont and Rhode Island. A landscaper said that he had been walking around there for a while.

He is very sweet and friendly but his fur is a bit matted. I live closeby and he is having fun with my dog.”

If you are or know the owner please email me at [email protected] and I’ll put you in touch with OP.


Thanks to all the residents who passed on word from Atlantic Plumbing:

“We’ve been recently informed there is a wandering cat walking around the neighborhood. The cat seems to be people friendly and does not seem to stray too far from the property. The cat is dark tan and brown color, it is currently in the Cherry Blossom art studio located in the ground floor retail of Atlantic Plumbing

Attached are photos of the missing cat, should you be missing this cat and belongs to you please do not hesitate to contact us at Atlantic Plumbing Leasing Office 202-518-0795 or Cherry Blossom 202-319-2979, Torie or Devon are able to assist. If anyone knows the owner or any additional information contact the proper authorities.”


“Monty went missing this morning (May 6), last seen at Georgia Ave and Kennedy St NW. She is a 20lb brown terrier mix, and is very scared.

She is microchipped but slipped out of her collar.”


“Monty was found this morning! Huge, huge thank you for your help getting the word out. Our hearts our full of gratitude, and we have nearly drowned the poor pup in happy tears.”

ok pup

“Dear PoPville,

Early yesterday afternoon [Thursday] I was walking my four dogs around Cap Hill near Lincoln Park when the leash unclasped out of the blue and my Chihuahua mix, Thor, ran off.

After taking off at full speed into East Capitol Street at the park he was hit by a car and caused me, and probably everyone watching in horror, a great deal of panic. It looked just awful, and he immediately dashed off from the street and out of sight.

Amazingly, he ended up running all the way home (a few blocks from the park; to our house where we have only been a few weeks!)

Since he ran off, no one at the scene knew the outcome of the situation and I didn’t get a chance to properly thank the incredibly kind biker that held on to my other three dogs while I desperately chased Thor. I also hope the poor driver of the car somehow gets the word that the dog is ok, and miraculously suffered no injuries (other than some slightly scraped paws).

My most sincere thanks to everyone who tried to herd the dog out of the street and especially to the amazing guy on the bike! I was scared out of my mind and I don’t know what I would have done without the assistance of these kind strangers.

I have ordered some secure screw-clasp leashes and will be reinforcing the “come” command about a hundred times a day from now on.