“Dear PoPville,

Every February, I have a big birthday party for my Cavalier King Charles spaniel, Kingsley, and invite Petworth dogs and their humans to come celebrate.

Last year I had 22 dogs in my row house! All are well-behaved, mooch at the treat table (I bake organic biscuits for them), and have a blast tearing open a piñata filled with more smelly dog biscuits.

Each year there’s a different party theme. This year it’s Star Wars, since Kingsley’s turning 7.

(I will also mention here Kingsley is a National canine agility champion — the only dog in Washington, DC with that title!)”

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A reader writes:

“I found this cat crying last night around 16th and Lang Pl NE. It seems very sweet and can’t tell if it’s a stray or someone’s lost pet–it’s very friendly and affectionate. For now it’s in my apartment but am going to call the Humane Society later to see if she’s microchipped or not but wanted to post in case someone is missing it.”

lost cat

“Dear PoPville,

This cat was found in the​ 2600 block of Sherman Ave NW. If this is your cat, please contact [email protected] or text 908.291.8359 [Call: 908.291.8359] .”


Update Found!

Please keep a lookout for:

“His name is Louie, he is a year and a half old west highland terrier, about 20 pounds. He has a red collar with a silver name tag. He was last seen running by the Gallery Place/Chinatown metro stop at 7th and H st NW. Louie is very shy and scares easily by loud noises so he may be hiding. He is a very fast runner so chasing after him may just cause him to run away.”


A reader writes:

“I am helping my older dad find his lost calico cat, Kitty. He hasn’t seen her since Thursday, December 17th on the 1300 block of Perry Place NW between 14th St. and Holmead Place in Columbia Heights. She is an indoor cat and she might have gotten out when he went to bring the mail inside. Kitty is an 11-year-old spayed female black, orange and white calico with long fur, white paws and a black nose.

Anyone can email me with information at [email protected], or text or call me at 202-744-2367. I don’t live in the area anymore (sadly) and I’m just helping my dad find the cat, but I will be able to manage any responses and send my brother to pick up the cat if anyone finds her.”



“Thanks to PoPville, when we saw a grey parrot on our front steps this morning, we knew exactly who she was and who to contact. Happy to report the parrot and owner have been reunited!”

From OP:

“hey all! Cleo is back home!!! so unbelievably relieved. She was sitting on 816 i’s front porch fence and I am at 802 i! just a spit’s away, rather than miles away, wow! It truly required the community’s eyes and ears to get Cleo back home safe and sound. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU for all of your efforts!

Oh yes, im gonna start taking down all those rain-soaked flyers. To help speed up the re-beautification of our neighborhood, if theres one in front of your home, you might just as well go ahead and remove it”

Cheers and happy warm December!”

A reader passes on this sad tale – please keep your eyes peeled!

“Cleo suddenly flew away at midnight and I cannot find her. She flew onto my head and then off when I opened the back door, flew towards the direction of 7th st between I and K. I live at 800 [block] i [Street, NE].

I am deaf and unable to hear her vocalizations. I am told she only makes coughing or microwave beep sounds. She actually uses sign language to communicate with me. She loves grapes and macaroni. She’s shy but would most likely come to someone for help. Please let me know, I will be thankful for any tips or leads! Text me at 202 351 9830 or call me (via relay) 202 540 8595.