Photo by PoPville flickr user Rob

“Dear PoPville,

I’d like to take a moment to share a warning with you that I thought perhaps you could pass on to the Shaw pet owner community. I regularly walk my dog down 7th street, and usually, it is without incident. However, Friday night my dog unfortunately came upon a chicken bone that had been discarded on the sidewalk (between P and O) and managed to swallow it before I had the chance to pry it from him. Although dogs are often depicted happily gnawing on bones, cooked bones can easily splinter and cause internal bleeding or gastrointestinal distress if it causes a blockage. These chicken wing ones in particular are distressing because they can generally be swallowed but may be too large to pass. If you’re lucky, your dog will be able to digest it and escape the experience without harm. At the other end, your dog could potentially die from internal injuries or even choke on the bone as he tries to swallow it.

In my case, it was dark outside, so I didn’t notice the bone before my dog picked it up, and on top of that I wasn’t aware that I should be on the lookout for this life-threatening item on the sidewalk – especially since there was a trashcan 4 steps away. I have seen the bones before, but the last time was several months ago, so it wasn’t fresh on my mind. And my dog almost paid the ultimate price for that. Which is why I am reaching out to you – I thought my fellow Shaw residents should be aware so that they can be on the lookout themselves and avoid the panic and potential harm to their fur baby. My dog has been throwing up all morning and extremely lethargic as a result of this incident. I’ve been on the phone with the emergency vet several times and was just about to take him in when he at last threw up the piece of bone he had eaten the night before. Someone else might not be so lucky.

Just wanted to share.”

Photo via Crumbs & Whiskers

From an email:

“After what has been the most intense eight months of my life, I’m super excited to tell you guys that Crumbs & Whiskers is opening in June. Yep, that’s next month.

We do have an exact opening date in mind, and if all goes according to plan, we will be announcing it very soon. We can tell you that it will ABSOLUTELY open next month, and that we are ABSOLUTELY STOKED (to put it lightly).

Thank you for going on this adventure with me. Thank you for being so giving and inspiring. Thank you for signing petitions in support of the cat cafe. Thank you for backing the Kickstarter. Thank you for telling your friends about us. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I wouldn’t be here without you. Crumbs & Whiskers wouldn’t be here without you.”

3211 O Street, NW


“Our cat, Bernardo O’Higgins, is a small little dude, and he is yellow/ginger-colored with yellow/green eyes, a white chest, white patch on his belly, white tips on his front paws, and white back paws. He also has some light striping on his whole body. He is also a little cross-eyed, which just makes him more endearing. He is fast and could probably survive just fine outdoors, but we love him very much and want him back home (inside!).

We live Riggs Park along the border with Maryland, so we are hoping that O’Higgins is still somewhere in the neighborhood. If anyone spots him, they can call us at 248-345-7563 and ask for Eben. O’Higgins is a friendly guy, but he might run if anyone tries to chase him…so they shouldn’t do that.”


“Could you post this photo of a dog on the unit block of R st NW. Collar but no tags. Male, about 35 lbs. Seems skittish but like he’s a pet. Won’t let me catch him. Maybe just escaped from the yard? Seen at 7:15 am.”


A reader writes:

“Our cat, Maggie, usually an indoor-outdoor cat has been missing for the past couple of days and we are really worried that she’s lost. We adopted her with her sister- the foster mom wouldn’t let them be separated and her sister is definitely worried as well.
Maggie is a small (about 9 lbs) dark grey domestic short hair cat. When we last saw her (sometime Friday night) she was wearing a green belled collar – though she is prone to losing them so she might not be wearing it still. We’ve hunted around around the alleys nearby (at Upshur and 13th) with no luck.

Please let us know if you have seen any cats around that meet that description. We appreciate any info you may have- it is really important that we find her.

(Contact info: phone #: Jake at 617-429-7302 or email: Alison at this email: alisonshell@gmail.com)”

dog car
Photo by PoPville flickr user Rob

“Dear PoPville,

I live on T and 15th and while walking my dog I saw a dog locked in a car near 14th and T with only one window slightly cracked. Although it was overcast, It was 77 degrees outside. The dog was still in the car 15 minutes later when I came back that way. Thankfully we walked by again and the car was gone.

Now that its getting hotter, I’m hoping you can put something on the blog about this! It takes only a very short time for a dog (or child for that matter) to pass out from heat exhaustion or die. Even with the window cracked, it’s gets very very hot inside the car.

People are encouraged to try and find the owner and if they cannot to call the police. Here’s more info about dogs in hot cars from the humane society.”