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“Dear PoPville,

I have to complete 6 hours of court ordered community service. I would like to do it in the neighborhood [Petworth] and I thought maybe the readers may have some suggestions. It cannot be a church or school and the place has to be 501(c)(3) organization.

What did I do to get this? Reckless driving charge for going over 80 mph on route 81. In VA reckless driving is anything going over 80mph (no matter the posted speed-in my case it was 70mph) or 20 mph over the posted speed limit and it is a Class 1 Misdemeanor. One step below a felony.


People have gone to jail over this so I consider myself lucky for now. My charge will be reduced to Improper Driving if I satisfy all of the following by October 8th review.
-pay $500 fine
-complete drivers improvement
-complete 6 hours of community service
-infraction free until review date

Not to mention lawyer fees.

The maximum penalty for reckless driving is:
-Twelve months in jail
-Six months suspension of your Virginia driver’s license
-Six months suspension of your privilege to operate a motor vehicle in Virginia if you are licensed elsewhere,
-A fine of up to $2,500″


“Dear PoPville,

Last Saturday I was bicycling the W & OD trail and at the 25.5 mile mark (44652 Guilford Drive, Ashburn, VA) I saw a sign on the side of the trail pointing to the “Old Ox” brewpub. I figured “how bad can it be if it serves beer,” so I rode in and saw a warehouse space that’s been converted into a beer garden style pub and brewery. The place was full and just about everyone there arrived on a bike. Beer was not awful – the staff was great.”

Anyone else ever been? They’re having a party next Saturday:



From a press release:

“Top Chef All-Stars Runner-Up, Mike Isabella, announces plans to open a new Greek restaurant in the 4,700 square foot space at 4000 Wilson Blvd. in the Ballston neighborhood of Arlington, VA. Kapnos Taverna, set to open in summer 2014, is a sister restaurant to Kapnos, Isabella’s Northern Greek-inspired restaurant, which opened on the 14th Street Corridor just two months ago in early July.

“Guests have been asking me to build a restaurant in Virginia or Maryland since we opened Graffiato in 2011. Kapnos has been wildly popular in its first few months, and we think this sister concept will be a great addition to the booming neighborhoods in Arlington,” said chef/owner Mike Isabella. “Next spring, our team will travel to Greece, and we plan to build the menu around reinterpretations of regional cuisine.”

Isabella’s team plans to showcase their dishes from the Cyclades, Peloponnese, Thessaloniki, Ionian Islands and Crete. While the Kapnos Taverna menu will include some dishes from the original Kapnos, there will be some noticeable differences, including the addition of weekday lunch, weekend brunch and a happy hour menu. Kapnos Taverna will have one rotating spit, instead of two, to roast whole chickens, lamb and pork shoulders.

The bar program will include up to 10 cocktails on tap and the largest wine program in Isabella’s family of restaurants. More than 200 bottles will be displayed in a two-story glass enclosed case built to stretch from the first floor to the mezzanine. The 185-seat restaurant will also feature a 40-seat seasonal outdoor patio.”


Ben’s Chili Bowl just celebrated their 55th anniversary on U Street and work has started on a second location on H Street to be located on the corner of 10th and H St, NE. Now comes word that a third location could be in the works.
‏@toddkliman tweeted the scuttlebutt on Friday:

“Inside dope for #DCrestaurant fans: I’m hearing that the new occupant of the original Ray’s the Steaks space will be Ben’s Chili Bowl.”

The original Ray’s the Steaks was located at 1725 Wilson Blvd in Arlington, VA.


Blurbs from the ‘Burbs is written by Arlington resident Jeff Zeeman. Jeff previously wrote about the Bon Air Memorial Rose Garden.

One of the coolest neighborhoods near D.C. that few people seem to know about is Lake Barcroft, in Falls Church.  Starting around 1950, the insular-but-welcoming Lake Barcroft community developed around a gorgeous man-made lake, which had previously been used as a reservoir.  As such, the community has two unique features: a huge collection of stunning mid-century architectural gems, and a gigantic private lake useable only by Lake Barcroft residents.  Most of the homes for sale are fairly affordable, especially those that are not directly adjacent to (but always within minutes walking of) the lake.  For fans of mid-century homes, it’s worth a trip just to drive around the lake and see houses the likes of which you’ll rarely find anywhere else in the D.C. metro area.  And for folks who are willing to accept a slightly longer commute in exchange for the feel of year-round lakeside resort community living, it’s an amazing place to live.

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Blurbs from the ‘Burbs is written by Arlington resident Jeff Zeeman.  Jeff previously wrote about Public Art in Bluemont Park.

In my first Blurbs from the Burbs post, I noted that I’d been pleasantly surprised by the quality and variety of ethnic food available in Arlington and Falls Church. Now that I’ve had a chance to sample even more top-notch local restaurants, I thought I’d share more details on a few places that are worth the trip on the Orange Line. I note that in no way does this list claim to be comprehensive, as I’ve only lived in the area for a few months now. For example, I’ve yet to try any of the purportedly stellar Korean restaurants in the area. Here are my favorites as of today:

Hong Kong Palace

Hong Kong Palace is easily the best Chinese food I’ve tried in the D.C. area. The cooking is Szechuan style, and the flavors and quality are closely comparable to foodie favorite Peter Chang’s China Cafe near Richmond (which, by the way, I also highly recommend). Note that if you are averse to spicy food, or prefer your Chinese food covered in sticky-sweet sauces per the typical Americanized Chinese, HKP is not for you. The fried chicken with dried chili peppers is a must-try. I also recommend, as appetizers, the dan dan noodles and chengdu zhong dumplings.

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Biking around Town is written by Josh Nadas (@dcliterate), a daily bike commuter & avid rider who works for the National Park Service, and lives in Mount Pleasant.

I love Italian markets. There are a couple around DC, and the Italian Store is one of my favorites. Their pizza is legendary, and their sandwiches are some of my favorites around town. The store also boasts an impressive selection of prepared Italian food, frozen pastas, and sauces. I could go on and on, but safe to say it’s a great store. Here’s how to get there:

I started this route at New Hampshire and M street NW. From there, you want to take M street westbound all the way to the Key bridge. Take the sidewalk to cross the bridge. While that sounds simple, there are a lot of cars on M street, and the left hand turn onto the sidewalk to cross the bridge involves either dismounting and walking or patience through 1-2 light cycles to accomplish it safely.

Getting through Georgetown is the hardest part of the ride. Once you get onto the sidewalk of the bridge, the entire rest of the route is the paved trail until you get to the shopping center where the Italian Store is located. The only part where you need to be careful is crossing the intersection with the GW parkway. Promise me that your going to wait for the light – okay? Even with the light be aware that there are people in the right lane turning right – it’s an unusually busy crossing.

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