“This adorable little Husky wandered up to my house at the corner of Trinidad and Owen in Northeast DC. I believe it’s a she, but she didn’t have a collar on so I brought her to the Humane Society on New York Ave. I was wondering if you could post it so she could be reunited with the owner. Their phone number is (202) 576-6664.”

From MPD:

“On Saturday, June 27, 2015, at approximately 12:00am Fifth District officers responded to 1200 block of Raum Street for sounds of gunshots. Once on the scene the observed a male suffering from several gunshot wounds. The male was transported to Med Starr and later succumb to his injuries.”

From MPD:

“On today’s date, Tuesday, June 23, 2015, at approximately, 0530 hours, Fifth District officers and the members of the Fire Department were dispatched to 1200 Block of Holbrook Terrace NE, for a fire. Members of the Fire Department located the fire and upon extinguishing it discovered a body. MPD members immediately secured the scene for further investigation. The victim was transported to Medical Examiner’s office. The case is currently being investigated by the Metropolitan Police Department’s Homicide Branch.

Anyone with information please call out TIP LINE at 202-727-9099 or TEXT 50411. If you saw something, please say something.”


Thanks to a reader for sending:

“the corner @ west Va & FL Ave NE progressing nicely”

The Stealth’s website says:

“Welcome to The Stealth DC, a premier 4-unit boutique condominium building where space, style and luxury meet. Developed by JT Development and designed to provide the perfect blend of urban and modern living, each unit features 1500 square feet and many upscale finishes. Located at the corner of 9th Street and Florida Ave N.E., The Stealth DC is a few blocks from the “H Street Corridor” NoMA Metro, restaurants, bars, retailers and several landmarks including the U.S. Capitol and Union Station.

As a one-of-a-kind boutique condominium, The Stealth DC offers many features and amenities as well as low condo and maintenance fees that are more affordable than many comparably sized apartments in the DC area. We recognize that buying a home is one of the most important decisions you will ever make and we are committed to providing you with exceptional attention to detail and elegant touches.”

Rendering via TheStealthdc.com

Photo via TheStealthdc.com


“Dear PoPville,

We live on Owen Place in Trinidad. Our neighbor got a pit bull a few years back. We just found out that it was trained over the years to fight. About a year ago it jumped another neighbor’s fence and ripped apart a little white dog in just a few seconds while several neighbors watched in horror, unable to do much. The dog was taken by Animal Control but somehow it ended up back at the neighbor’s house.

Last Tuesday evening, two men exited the next-door neighbor’s house with the dog. The dog was not leashed. We were outside on the front porch and our two dogs. The pit-bull started aggressively barking at our dog, climbed over the 42” picket fence and chomped my little rat terrier, Fitzz, around the neck.

We both rushed out to help but couldn’t do much. I was bitten four times and my mother-in-law was bitten once. She was also violently thrown down and hurt her wrist and back. After I realized that I could not overpower the dog I went in and got a baseball bat. I tried to hit the dog but its two handlers blocked my swings and told me to stop hitting their dog. I got a couple of good hits in and the dog released.

At this point there was blood everywhere. I called 911 and in about 10 minutes the police and EMS arrived. Animal control showed up about 10 minutes later. The two men brought the dog back into the house and fled out the back door into the alley. The police and animal control entered the house and took the pit bull into custody.

We took my dog to Friendship Animal Hospital where he was extensively treated. By the next morning we realized his internal bleeding and damage to throat and brain stem were too severe and we had to put him to sleep.

I was told later that this same dog attacked an elderly woman and had killed another dog but that the police weren’t involved in either case.

Dogs can be trained to be dangerous. And they can attack, unprovoked and without warning, even over a fence. I think it’s very important to report aggressive dogs and get them taken off the streets so this kind of horrible tragedy doesn’t happen to another dog or person.”

1266 Neal Street Northeast

This rental is located at 1266 Neal Street, Northeast. The listing says:

“*** Great Location few blocks from NEW H STREET – Close to Union Station and the New York Ave Metro*** Fabulous Home For Rent – 3BDS – 2FB – This row home has a unique floor plan, exquisitely upgraded kitchen, recessed lighting/ nice back yard/parking and much more…”


You can see more photos here.

This 3 bed/2 bath is going for $2,550/Mo.


From an email:

“OUR 8 YEAR ANNIVERSARY PARTY is one of our 3 biggest parties of the year with some of our favorite local DJ’s:
Joe L., Team Zapata, BEATrix, Tim Jackson, Jeff Hancock, Teknacolor Ninja, & Jan Dro spinning the gamut of EDM styles.
9 PM on Sunday, 5/24 w/ legal service til 4 AM. 1103 Bladensburg Rd NE
Everyone’s welcome, it’s FREE, please join us and all our closest friends

Folks tell us “I know Jimmy” all the time. Oh yeah? Well test your knowledge with this here scintillating
(answers below)

1. After Jimmy Valentine’s pardon by the governor, prisoner 9762 was given a suit, shoes, $5, a cheap cigar, and a train ticket outta town

2. The quote, “I was born standing up and talking back”, is attributed to Jimmy Valentine (best known from the song “Trouble”, sung by Elvis Presley)

3. Jimmy Valentine claims his first job after parole was “representing the New York Amalgamated Short Snap Biscuit Cracker and Frazzled Wheat Company”

4. Jimmy Valentine’s first real job after prison was cracking a safe in Richmond, Indiana, that netted him bout $800 cash

5. “Somnus Us Nos Et Mortuus” (Latin for “We’ll sleep when we’re dead”) was a phrase first coined by Jimmy Valentine (hint: he don’t sleep much)

7. Jimmy Valentine swore off safecracking the minute he saw Annabel Adams. Then he ran a shoestore

8. The Harlem Globetrotters had an early “character” named Jimmy Valentine, so named for his superior ball-stealing ability

9. The original idea to name the bar was “Jimmy Valentine’s Thief of Hearts” until co-owner Dawn “D Thrett” Daly misheard it and accidentally re-named it “Jimmy Valentine’s Lonely Hearts Club”

10. Annabel Adams’ sister was accidentally locked in a brand new bank vault for which a combination had not yet been set. Jimmy cracked the safe to save her from suffocating in front of detective Ned Price, but Price didn’t bust Jimmy cause Jimmy was way. too. cool

11. We’re lying if we say all the answers are true

1. T 2. T 3. T
4. T 5. T 6. T
7. T 8. T 9. T
10. T 11. T”

“Here’s a zoomed out photo of their delivery zone. Weird chunk out by Trinidad/Arboretum”

“Dear PoPville,

I live at 1600 Maryland Ave NE, not exactly off the beaten path, but for some reason Postmates won’t dare go north of H Street. I’ll leave it to them to explain why that’s different than, say, Dupont or Gtown. Whatever their reason, it’s not an issue for Uber, Instacart, Seamless, GrubHub, etc.”

Ed. Note: As of this posting Postmates had not returned the OP’s query. Will update when/if they do.