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Alan Henney tweets just before 4pm:

“WILSON HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT STABBED- 4500 blk 40th St NW-DC. BOLO for 2 teens fled area.”

Update from Alert DC:

“Alert:Stabbing at 1536 hrs in the 4500 block of 40th Street NW. Lookout for: 2 Hispanic /Males, 16-17 years of age, Suspect (1) light complexion, 5’6″ to 5’7″ tall, 120 pounds, wearing black/green jacket, Suspect (2) light complexion, 130-140 pounds.
Sent to 2nd District (PSA 201-208) Alert DC
Sent by MPD Cad # 5279”


“Dear PoPville,

I just wanted to write about a kind of scary moment I had earlier as a pedestrian in DC. I was walking along Wisconsin Ave this afternoon and came to a side street that I wanted to cross. I looked ahead and saw a don’t cross sign, I looked to my left and saw a long line of cars that were stopped, and then looked back at the sign and it said walk, so I walked. In the middle of crossing I looked to the traffic light on my right and saw that it was green- basically I’d just stepped off the curb in front of a line of cars that had a green light.

When I looked at the signals more closely I realized that the box for Wisconsin Ave had been turned/blown by the wind almost completely 90 degrees, so there were two signals for the side street and I had been looking at the wrong one when I crossed. I have seen these boxes swiveled off their center on more than a few occasions, but never with this result, and out of mostly laziness I have never done anything about it.

This time I immediately called 311 and reported it- the whole call took about 30 seconds, and someone from the traffic department said she’d send a contractor out. I consider myself to be a relatively aware pedestrian and I was pretty blind-sided by this issue. I will call and report these issues every time I see them now, and I urge others to do the same. Be careful at intersection of Wisconsin and Van Ness NW right now particularly!”

rendering of 4600 Wisconsin Avenue, NW at Brandywine

Tenleytown continues to dominate the fast casual food market. Yesterday the Washington Post had a great profile on the founder of District Taco and towards the end revealed this little tidbit:

“Next up are restaurants in Skyline and Tenleytown.”

I emailed Osiris and he tells me that if all goes well the Tenleytown location should be open in 5-6 months!! And it’s coming to Wisconsin Ave and Brandywine St in the brand new Tenley View development.

You can see District Taco’s menu here. Updates as they get closer to opening.

bourbon coffee
4200 Wisconsin Ave, NW

Tenleytown is on a roll, relatively. Next up is Bourbon Coffee coming to the corner of Wisconsin and Veazey St, NW next to the Sullivan’s Toy Store. I’m told they could open up as early as this week if all goes well. Bourbon Coffee currently has locations in Foggy Bottom and on Capitol Hill.

Their website says:

“Bourbon Coffee first opened its doors in Kigali, Rwanda in 2007, and has expanded to eight different locations across Rwanda and the United States. We are an international brand of specialty coffee, and the first retail brand to originate from Africa. Our stores are built around the philosophy of producing coffee from “crop to cup” – while sharing our coffee with the world, we are also promoting sustainable practices, economic development, cultural unity, and helping to reshape the global image of Rwanda and its economic development and culture.”

Awesome – and a great addition to the neighborhood.


Photo via Beefsteak

Jose Andres’ Beefsteak is adding a third location in Tenleytown following openings in Foggy Bottom and Dupont. Eater DC reports the Tenleytown location should open in March at 4531 Wisconsin Avenue, NW. And from the world of highly reliable scuttlebutt – a very good source tells me that a fourth Beefsteak is very likely coming to 600 Mass Ave, NW by Mount Vernon Square. Updates when/if confirmed. Check out the menus here.

Photo by PoPville flickr user Phil

From a press release [3950 Chesapeake St, NW]:

“Incident at Wilson
December 1, 2015

Dear members of the Wilson High School Community,

At Wilson High School, we highly value and are committed to fostering a learning environment where students feel safe and secure. We also want to clearly communicate with parents about safety issues when they arise.

This is to alert you that at around 1:15 pm a gun was discovered in a student’s bookbag. The gun has been surrendered to police, and the student is being detained. At this time there is no immediate threat to the school. All students are safe. We will share additional details with you as appropriate.

I want to assure you that the safety of all Wilson High School students is one of our top priorities, and we remain committed to ensuring that your students are safe.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this incident or safety and security at our school, please feel free to contact me. Thank you again for your cooperation and support.


Kimberly Martin

Principal, Wilson High School”


Earlier this month Tenleytown DC reported:

“Chick-fil-A has filed for a construction permit with the District Department of Transportation for the former Payless ShoeSource storefront at 4505 Wisconsin Avenue.”

Of course not without a fight

“Do parents want their kids at nearby schools-Janney, Wilson, and Deal to be eating this at such an early age? Chick-fil-A, a popular chain among young adults and teens will just cause students at these schools to be unhealthy. There are numerous studies stating the more fast food kids eat as children, the more likely they are to continue these unhealthy eating habits through adulthood.”

Looking towards the metro stop