Photo Credit: Paul Sirajuddin

Thanks to a reader for passing on:

“Three years ago, our founder David Fogel, had a vision to create a place that would continue our mission of cultivating a caring, conscientious community focused on forward thinking music, culture and pro-actively pushing things forward.

Tomorrow marks the end of the visioning and building period and the start of a new phase as he and long time friend Joe Liehr open the doors to Bump ‘n Grind – a boutique coffee shop, record store in downtown silver spring [1200 East West Highway].

Bump ‘n Grind will feature single origin, locally roasted coffees. A signature BnG espresso blend, locally crafted beers, sandwiches, salads, burritos and new release vinyl records from all over the world. We will also feature radio shows, hosted by local record labels ; music themed movie nights ; coffee cuppings and other associated events.

Please join us This Weekend for the Grand Opening Celebration Featuring our Vendors and some of our favorite local DJs and the culmination of years of hard work! Details Here.”


“I am writing to report our lost cat, Zella Mae. She has been missing since Sunday night from our home in Silver Spring at the corner of Bristol Avenue and Argyle Road (just east of the Sligo Creek Golf Course).

She is not micro-chipped, unfortunately.

She is a brown tabby with white on her breast and paws. About 13 lbs. Very friendly. Has white and orange patch on her snout.

She used to live in the Scooby Doo Mansion in Mt. Pleasant and therefore may have wandered in that direction from her new home.

She is very beloved! Any information on her whereabouts or other measures as to how to proceed would be much appreciated.

Many thanks,

Julie and Garrett Bradford




From a press release:

“Restaurant industry veterans Jennifer Meltzer and Chef Edward Reavis are pleased to announce the upcoming opening of ALL SET RESTAURANT & BAR, a 4,730-square-foot restaurant at 8630 Fenton Street in downtown Silver Spring in early spring 2015.

All Set, a space designed by Streetsense and rooted in community, food and quality, is destined to change the social dining scene and become a staple in Silver Spring, the hometown of co-owner Jennifer Meltzer.

“After living in the city, I developed a greater appreciation for the sense of community, tradition and togetherness which Silver Spring offers”, said Meltzer. “I am extremely excited to bring Silver Spring a new gathering place to relax and enjoy genuine, personalized hospitality coupled with good food and drink”.

All Set Restaurant and Bar will put a contemporary twist on seasonally inspired dishes which reflect Chef-Owner Edward Reavis’ passion for fresh ingredients, nutritious foods and unforgettable flavors.

“The menu will feature American cuisine inspired by the traditions of coastal New England. Moderately priced, the menu consists of diverse offerings. The dishes available will be comforting and current, all while supporting local farmers and suppliers,” said Chef Edward Reavis.

All Set will be open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Guests will also be able to enjoy a relaxing brunch on weekends. The kitchen will serve a 125-seat dining room, 15-seat bar featuring a raw seafood display and a 24-seat outdoor patio. A private dining room is also available to accommodate private events.

All Set Restaurant + Bar will be conveniently located in the Montgomery Center which contains a three level parking garage and is also walking distance from the Silver Spring Metro Station, The Fillmore and two blocks from Discovery Worldwide and United Therapeutics Headquarters.”


“Dear PoPville,

Silver Spring’s first brewery is snapping up quite nicely! I walked by Denizen’s space this evening and took a few pictures. One if the owners (I think) came out and said hello as we walked by and told us they would open in a couple of weeks and that the BBQ bus food truck will also be opening inside the brewery. As a residents of silver spring, I am very excited about this development and wanted to share!”

Denizens website says:

“Denizens Brewing Co. is a craft brewery serving European-style lagers, American-style ales, Belgian-inspired beers, sour beers, and barrel-aged beers to both the craft beer aficionado and those new to high quality brews. We are located steps from the Metro in downtown Silver Spring and are opening in Summer 2014.”

photo 2

Their facebook page says:

“First brew is in the books! Named for our home in South Silver Spring, the Southside Rye IPA is here for good.

Thirsty to try Denizens’ beer? Our Southside Rye IPA is on draft at Republic [Takoma Park]. Come and grab a pint!”

CityPaper reports the beer:

“is brewed with a small portion of rye malt and five American hops—Nugget, Cascade, Chinook, Azacca, and Amarillo. Bar manager Brett Robison describes the 7.2 percent alcohol beer as a well-balanced West coast-style IPA with a noticeable but not overwhelming rye character.”

photo 4


From a press release:

“Urban Butcher, a bohemian inspired gathering place that celebrates the butchers art, opens Thursday, December 12

Urban Butcher is a laid-back and relaxed escape from the ordinary that will transform downtown Silver Spring. Every element of the restaurant from the sharing menu to the garage door sized windows that create an open air market feel to the repurposed coffee bar/lounge furniture to the custom-designed glass-enclosed curing cellar to the in-house butchering kitchen creates a true atmosphere of community, inclusion, transparency and comfort unlike any other. The extensive sharable menu of eclectic and honest fare will feature a significant selection of in-house cured and aged cuts of meat, as well as seafood, poultry, pig and game.

The entire menu is made of shared items including many selections from the meat cellar including charcuterie and salumi as well as terrines, pâtés and more. The moderately priced menu focuses on nose-to-tail dining. It will feature popular cuts of meat from heritage breeds chosen for the natural flavors they take from the land upon which they graze as well as many other cuts not often found on restaurant menus. Reflecting the chefs’ passion for whole animal butchery and using flavorful and honest ingredients, many of the proteins on the menu will come from local and sustainable sources.

With a focus on accessibility Urban Butcher’s highly-researched and value oriented wine list of approximately 100 labels is devoted to respecting terroir and tradition. It features avant-garde small producers from the Old World. Additionally, it will include newer-style wines from around the United States. One sparkling wine and 11 beers will be available on tap. The cocktail program features classic cocktails as well as an eclectic whiskey and malts selection.

Designed to appeal to the business and residential communities it is surrounded by, Urban Butcher will offer a variety of experiences including a 30 seat coffee bar that turns into a lounge area in the evening, a 20 seat bar, a 50 seat dining room, a 24 seat communal table and an outdoor patio that seats 50.

Splashes of bright, fresh color and texture will accent the clean, white interior. Vintage and reclaimed furniture as well as more modern pieces create an eclectic mix of old and new. Garage doors open to the street creating an open air market feel throughout the restaurant that beckons passersby. The jewel piece of the restaurant is the custom-designed glass-enclosed curing cellar located at the back of the restaurant. Reflecting Urban Butcher’s emphasis on accessibility and transparency, a floor-to-ceiling glass walled wine room accessed by a rustic, library-style ladder greets guests upon entering.

The restaurant will initially offer dinner & happy hour. The butcher shop, lunch, brunch and a coffee shop throughout the day are planned for early 2014.

Hours: 5:00 p.m. – midnight (Monday thru Thursday), 5:00 p.m. – 2 a.m. (Friday & Saturday). 5 p.m. to TBD (Sunday). Dinner 6 p.m. – 10 p.m. (Sunday thru Thursday), 6 p.m. – midnight (Friday & Saturday), Happy Hour Open until close (seven days a week).

Thursday, December 12 at 5:00 p.m.

8226 Georgia Avenue, Silver Spring, Maryland 20910, just two blocks south of the Silver Spring Metro stop on the Red Line.”

Screen Shot 2013-07-15 at 10.57.16 AM
8517 Georgia Avenue

From a press release:

“sweetgreen, the much-loved, organic, farm-to-table salad shops founded in Washington, D.C., opens in Silver Spring, M.D. today – exactly six years since sweetgreen opened its first store in Georgetown. The Silver Spring store is located in the heart of downtown at 8517 Georgia Avenue, next to the Discovery Communications headquarters and Silver Spring Farmers Market. Silver Spring residents now have access to sweetgreen’s healthy and delicious salads, grain bowls, seasonal soup and frozen yogurt, which have garnered a cult-following in the D.C. area.

In celebration of opening day, sweetgreen is inviting guests to “Pay What You Want” until 4pm, with all proceeds benefiting FRESHFARM Markets. The organization’s mission is to educate the public about food and environmental issues and to provide vital economic opportunities for local farmers through farmers markets and other programs in the Chesapeake Bay region.”

962 Wayne Ave

Back in Nov. 2012 we first heard Pete’s would be opening up a Silver Spring location.

From an email:

We got all of our approvals today, so we can finally lock in an opening date: Wednesday! June 19th! 11AM! The hours at Silver Spring are the same at the DC locations: 11AM – 10PM Sunday – Thursday, 11AM – 11PM Friday and Saturday.

You can see a map of their delivery radius here.

Photos courtesy of Pete’s. I’m jealous of the booths:



Dysfunction Junction chronicles the most forlorn, baffling, and wonderful crossroads of our fair city. The column is written by Ben Ball, a transportation nerd in his spare time. He lives in LeDroit Park. Ben previously wrote about 18th and Florida/U St, NW.


This intersection is like the DC equivalent of the River Styx – a grim passage between two worlds that is a test of character in and of itself.  (Now, would that put Hades in Maryland or the District?  You decide.)  The Washington Post recently called it “a treacherous test of patience” – one that officials on both sides of the border have whined about but failed to fix.

DC recorded twelve accidents in this intersection in 2012 (Montgomery County hasn’t released data for its side).  A pedestrian was killed here in 2009.  So why are we still waiting for this to be fixed after years of promises?


Overlapping jurisdictions are supposedly to blame.  Traffic engineers apparently agree that the problem is on the Maryland side – a signal is needed on Colesville Road.  Getting the funding and approvals to install that signal requires action not only from Montgomery County and the District, but also the Maryland State Highway Administration, and therein lies the rub.  The request for proposals on a series of traffic improvements just went out in January – five years after everyone agreed on what needed to be done.  (Hopefully they’ll keep an eye on any concrete…)


Approaching the circle, there’s an amazing glut of signage.  Arrows point the way to a bunch of numbered Maryland highways, a bizarre placard on the Maryland side demonstrates various ways you might try to go through, and the circle itself is full of stops and yields that confuse even veterans of DC’s many traffic circle models.  The bumper-level dent in the “welcome to Silver Spring” sign seems to sum it all up.

Trying to walk in this area?  Don’t.  The lack of crosswalks on the Maryland side certainly contributes to the Frogger-like feel.  But the part that really takes the cake is in the middle of the circle, where they’ve installed tactile paving for the blind…without a matching crosswalk.  This supposes that anyone (let alone the visually impaired) would even attempt to cross straight through the middle without a serious death wish.  And what is there to experience in the middle of that circle anyway?  Shrubs?