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Thanks to Tim for sending the update: “There is a new sign up next to the you need a boyfriend one. He should just clean up his back yard.”

Last week we shared the saga between a neighbor(s) and the restaurant owner of Corduroy and Baby Wale in Shaw. To be honest I’m kinda speechless. Don’t get me wrong it’s beautiful in a Middle School tantrum sort of way and I certainly don’t condone throwing eggs, if indeed that happened, but Jesus Fracking Christ. Seriously? This all feels like a very Trumpian reaction. To what end I ask? What is the purpose? What does one hope to gain by such action? Such provocation. Will this improve the impasse? Bridge the divide? I don’t fracking think so. So, to gain publicity? Maybe. I know that restaurant competition has heated up in Shaw but there’s gotta be a better way. Anyway, wishing peace to all parties before we regress to Elementary school.

Update from owner of Baby Wale via email:

“My goal has never been to get publicity out of this situation. I have not contacted any media outlet first. Attached are photos of how we found our cars Friday night at 11:30 PM. Looks to me that the eggs were thrown from the Whitman. Not sure where the concern for the cleanliness of the alley was in that action. I think rats like eggs too.”




First of all, The Whitman condo residents facing this alley who are PoPville readers – how could you not email me this?!?!? This is my bread and butter and I have to read about it in the home of Washington’s best doctors?!? Just kidding, I’m a big Jessica Sidman fan and I’m glad she was able to dig into this story which is absolutely ridiculous:

“Tim alleges he has long observed leaky cooking oil drums and overflowing dumpsters attracting rats in the alley behind Corduroy and Baby Wale.

So, on February 17, Tim emailed the health department outlining a long list of grievances. On Feb. 21, health inspectors showed up at both restaurants. It was the second time within about a month they had responded to complaints about the establishments. Both times, they found no major violations.

Shortly after, a banner appeared in the back of Corduroy, facing the condo building, with a message:


Read the full story in Washingtonian here.

So – thoughts? Funny? Legit reaction to the frustration or just being a jackass? How long should he leave the sign up?

I stopped by on Sunday days after the story was first reported and was sure the sign would be gone. Nope. There was a cop checking it out though…



rear 910 M St, NW

corduroy baby wale
1122 9th Street, NW

7th and Q St, NW

From a press release:

“Dacha Beer Garden kicks off its 2017 season of sunshine and smiles under the violet gaze of gorgeous Liz. This season, Dacha introduces a new food menu, expands its drafts list, more wines, signature Dacha liquor cocktails and Radlers, plans for an array of special events, and a new brunch to launch later in March.

Dacha strives to provide unique and authentic experiences that excite patrons and reflect the incredible diversity of the proud and beautiful city. From #MadeinDC vendor markets, Dacha Beer Club, Monday wine tastings, Cause Tuesday fundraisers, and a new upstairs private events venue, returning and new patrons can expect another enchanting season in the garden abuzz with activity and merriment.

New food menu (more…)

Southern Efficiency - Cherry Blossom PUB (Photo by Farrah Skeiky)
Southern Efficiency at the Cherry Blossom PUB (Photo by Farrah Skeiky)

From a press release:

“Japan has officially landed inside James Beard Award-nominated Mockingbird Hill (1843 7th Street NW) and Southern Efficiency (1841 7th Street NW), which have been transformed into Cherry Blossom PUB (Pop-Up Bar), an ode to Washington, D.C.’s most beautiful season opening tonight at 5pm.

After the massive success of the holiday-themed Miracle on 7th Street pop-up experience, Drink Company launches Cherry Blossom PUB with all new detailed decor and exclusive cocktail and food menus, inspired by the annual cherry blossom viewing season each Spring in the nation’s capital. (more…)

ivy coney
1537 7th Street, NW – middle

From Ivy & Coney:

“Happy Paczki Day! For the third year in a row Ivy and Coney will be celebrating Fat Tuesday Midwest style, with free Paczki and Pierogi for those who prefer giant doughnuts and potato filled dumplings to King Cakes and beads. Rather than go all the way to Hamtramck or Chicago we spent all night rolling up hundreds of pierogi and grabbed a few dozen Paczki from Woodmoor Pastry shop (more than worth the drive to Silver Spring). Oh, and beer, we have plenty of that too.

Party starts at 4pm.”

Tiger Fork
Photo by PoPville flickr user Mark Andre

This is the former Rogue 24 space in Blagden alley that was originally supposed to be called Monkey King.

“A restaurant and bar serving a contemporary Hong Kong-inspired menu along with alcoholic beverages popular in Hong Kong.”

Tiger Fork’s Facebook says:

“Hong Kong Kitchen | Curative Cocktail Bar”

Anyone stop by for an early taste?

rogue 24 popville
Helluva transformation at 922 N Street, NW – Rear in Blagden Alley