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From an understandably frustrated email:

“The thieves in our neighborhood are getting more brazen. Yesterday, just before 12:30 PM, thieves kicked in our front door (Decatur Street near Sherman Circle). Luckily our alarm went off quickly, scaring them off before they took too much and alerting us and MPD quickly. Our family and pets are ok, but they made off with some laptops and one of our cars (keys were on the kitchen counter…).

If you see a silver 2 door Mini Cooper, DC plate DX9945, I’d appreciate if you call 911 and let them know – I love that little car.

This is the 2nd break in for us in three years. I know we keep getting told that crime is dropping, things are safer….but really? Kicking down the FRONT DOOR in the middle of the day?

I don’t even know anymore.”

Ed. Note: Last week we also heard about another burglar who stole a car.


“Dear PoPville,

On my walk this morning with my dog, another dog showed up and followed me home. He has a neon green collar on but no tags so he must have gotten out.

I found him (or he found us) at Illinois and Emerson, he followed us to Sherman Circle and then home. He’s very sweet and he wouldn’t leave my front porch so I put a leash on him and now he’s in my backyard. He was running across busy streets and I didn’t want him to get hit by a car.

I figured it was worth a shot to see if anyone claims him before I call animal rescue.

my number is 914-486-0640”

4016 Georgia Ave, NW

A bit of an update on yesterday’s great news about the Latin Wine Bar coming to Upshur Street in the Riyad Market space. Back in July I had posted about a Latin American Wine Bar coming to Georgia Ave (see photo above.) These are the same folks. Sadly/happily the deal for the Georgia Ave space fell through. Stay tuned for updates on the Upshur space as construction commences.

Ed. Note: I do not have a good memory.


“Metro Transit Police have arrested a Maryland man on felony child abuse charges following an incident earlier this month aboard a Green Line train in Washington, DC.

Espinosa L. LOPEZ, 32, of Greenbelt, Md., was ordered held without bond pending a pretrial hearing scheduled for Friday, October 2.

The victim, a 13-year-old girl, reported to police that she was aboard a Metrorail train at Georgia-Avenue Petworth Station on September 11 when LOPEZ allegedly sat down next to her, exposed himself and began inappropriately touching himself.

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“Dear PoPville,

We wanted to follow up on a recent post on your site and hope you can maybe even post again to let others know to call 4D if they’ve been a victim of credit card fraud in Petworth recently.

My fiancee and I had dinner and drinks on Sept. 18th at three restaurants in Petworth (a drink at one, dinner at another, and an after dinner drink and dessert at the third). He paid for all three transactions with his credit card, which he doesn’t use often.

There was a fraudulent charge on his credit card from BestBuy.com a couple days later. When he called the credit card company, they directed him to call Best Buy directly. When he called, Best Buy told him the item purchased was a Madden game and it was shipped to an address in D.C.

He asked me if he should call the cops and I was originally going to say no – what are they going to do, especially if the credit card company waived the charge (and made him call Best Buy himself?!)?

But then I did some googling and found this post. Same day that we ate out in Petworth, which piqued my interest. I started reading the comments and came to this one:

Is it a store near Upshur & Georgia? We recently had 3 separate instances of fraud within 6 weeks, which we think was occurring after we visited a store near that location. We stopped going there and have had no further issues. Could be a coincidence, but now we use cash if we visit this store.

Two of the three restaurants we visited on the 18th were on Upshur. (The other restaurant was within walking distance of Upshur.)

He did call the cops and a cop just left our house. Took my fiancee’s info, the names of the restaurants, and the address the game was shipped to. We also checked if there were any other fraud charges – none so far. We confirmed the card is now cancelled. I shared the PoP post and comment with the cop – and the cop agreed it seemed like a big coincidence.

He reported the info to the Financial Division and gave us a case number. They are going to see if there are any other ongoing cases in 4D and if they can find any connections.

If you have any other readers who have experienced fraud charges after visiting Petworth restaurants, they may want to look into this and call 4D.

8th and Upshur St, NW

Transformation of the 800 block of Upshur Street, NW continues – big time:

From the Petworth listserv:

“I just wanted to introduce myself. I’m Justin Logan, and my wife Jessica and I have signed a lease to open a Latin American wine bar in the space at 800-802 Upshur, which includes the space now occupied by the Riyad Market.”

The Washington City Paper reported:

“they do have a name: Ruta del Vino, Spanish for “the Wine Trail.” The restaurant will feature dishes from multiple countries, including Brazil, Chile, Argentina, and Uruguay. It’ll also serve about 20 regional wines in addition to liquors like tequila, ancho-chile, singani, and pisco. Ruta del Vino could open by next spring, at 800 Upshur St. NW.”

Godspeed Justin, Godspeed.

pain sculpture

“Dear PoPville,

I wanted to let others in the neighborhood know about a burglary/car theft at our house last week. We live at 3rd and Varnum NW. According to the detectives it was pretty standard procedure: He came in through the roll up garage door to the alley, threw a rock through our basement window, loaded up my roommate’s car with our T.V. and laptops, etc., found her keys near the back door and escaped in her car. We have an alarm system that wasn’t tripped until he kicked in the front door, for unexplained reasons.

Needless to say, we are still feeling scared and violated. We’re hoping the cops will catch this guy soon, but our neighbors should know that this is going on. If you notice something going on that doesn’t look or sound right, err on the side of caution. Our row house neighbor actually heard a commotion and saw the guy drive away in the car, but didn’t realize until the cops came that he was a thief.”

via google maps

Tim tweeted us just before 10pm Sunday night:

“Three shots fired on Crittenden in Petworth. @PoPville. Second time in six weeks we’ve had a shooting on this sleepy street. Too many guns.”

MPD tweeted:

“Shooting 2127hrs 1200 blk of Crittenden ST NW LOF 1 B/M 20-25 yrs old 5’2″ wearing a hooded sweatshirt”


And thanks to all who emailed about the shots fired on H Street, NE Saturday afternoon – though MPD only calls it “sound of gunshots” – report from MPD:

“On September 26, at approximately 4:27 PM, a call came out for sounds of gunshots at the intersection of 8th and H Street NE. The initial investigation revealed that a suspect was shooting at someone at the intersection. After a thorough canvass MPD members were able to locate the suspect and an arrest was made. There were no reports of property damage and no reports of injuries to anyone at that location.”

Grant Circle for Blog
old, old Grant Circle…

New Grant Circle traffic lines

“Noticed that Grant Circle traffic lines were painted on Tuesday 9/22/15, presumably as part of traffic-calming measures. The two traffic lanes were significantly narrowed and the parking lanes drastically expanded (these are now two-cars wide….weird).

So far, haven’t noticed any traffic-calming actually resulting from the new lines, but i am hopeful that there will be more physical changes to this dangerous circle.

Anyone have thoughts on this?”

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