Bat visiting Woodley Park in 2012

From the Petworth listserv:

“To all Powell Elementary Parents,

This evening [Tuesday] while playing baseball with my son on the baseball field, my son and I, along with few other folks out on the field and soccer field, noticed hundreds of bats swarming inside the chimney of the school.

It looked like a scene from a halloween/Dracula movie. I stopped a police officer to see if he could alert the custodian since there was a door open to the school. The officer thought the section of the school thats connected to the chimney was blocked off, but wasn’t sure.

As we walked home, I’m was not sure if the officer was able to talk to anyone at the school tonight because I saw him ride towards the back of the school since no one answered the front door. We wanted parents to be aware in order to take the necessary precautions on Wednesday morning.

I’m hoping the school is sectioned off from the bats for the safety of all the students.”

Fortunately another member responds:

“Did you get a close look?

These could be Chimney Swifts – small birds that could be mistaken for bats – kinda look like cigars with wings. These birds roost in chimneys in groups, and may swarm around these roosts in the evening. During fall migrations these groups can be large.

They pose no threat. Practically speaking, neither would bats, for that matter. Little Brown Bats would be the common bat around here. They eat insects (mosquitoes) and have been hit hard with a fungus in recent years, making them much less common. We definitely want them around.”

Ed. Note: Back in June we learned a Big Brown bat in Ward 1, was determined rabid by the DC Department of Health. Fortunately Powell is in Ward 4.

411 Delafield Place Northwest

This house is located at 411 Delafield Place, Northwest. The listing says:

“A beautiful renovation. 3 levels of open space. Open floor plan on main level. Gleaming hardwood floors. Top of the line SS appliances. Marble counter top. Self-closing kitchen cabinets. Crown molding. Skylight for natural light. Slate walkway and porch. Nice deck and yard. Enclosed driveway in rear.”

You can see more photos here.

This 4 bed/3.5 bath is going for $639,900.

Ed. Note: The request comes from a split family – the wife thinks it’s too high, the husband thinks it’s spot on. Settle this family dispute!

Taqueria habanero
3710 14th St, NW

Though it wasn’t looking good a couple of months ago thanks to a reader for sending the good news: “Taqueria habanero is open!”

They are located a few storefronts south of Lyman’s and Red Derby between Spring Road and Quincy. Anyone happen to stop by for an early taste yesterday?

From MPD:

“On September 21, 2014, at approximately 12:05AM police responded to a call for sounds of gunshots in the 4800 block of 7th Street, Northwest. Police arrived and found complainant suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. Complainant was transported to hospital and treated by medical staff. At this time the complainant has non-life threatening injuries.

Anyone who has information regarding this case should call police at 202-727-9099. Additionally, information may be submitted to the TEXT TIP LINE by text messaging 50411.”


“Last night at approximately 12:00am, the Metropolitan Police Department responded to reports of gunshots in the 4800 block of 7th Street NW (near Decatur & Crittenden Streets NW). An adult male was found suffering from gunshot wounds to the face and attempted to transport himself to the hospital. The complainant was transported to the hospital and MPD is still waiting to interview him. At this time, the complainant has non-life threatening injustices. Update to follow accordingly.

Shayne Wells
Office of Councilmember Muriel Bowser”


“Dear PoPville,

Another contender for ugliest popup — this one in the heart of Petworth at 456 Randolph St NW. Maybe you’ve seen it already, but I just had to say something bc it’s a real shame what they’ve done to it.

This house was an ugly eyesore for a long time but has (had?) great potential, so I’m glad someone is flipping it, and in general I have nothing against popups. But, they completely obliterated the nice brick curves and arches on the roofline that echoed the neighbors. How it’s a brown ugly boring box with the world’s least inspired pop up inside.


The even more annoying thing is that Landmark Construction Development shows a design on their website that included at least a watered down version of the arch, albeit with what looks like a shipping container behind it.

Strangely, after this house was sold, they gutted it completely, literally down to the brick outer walls and mud floor leaving a cathedral of empty space inside, and then left it for months before starting to rebuild. Very unusual for the neighborhood.

I note that the mirrored house at 445 Quincy St NW also had the same great roof design, and sold for $830k in January after a terrific flip job that preserved the design.

Does anyone review these things before they’re allowed to move forward?”

prior view via Google street view