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“Dear PoPville,

Hoping someone might have some helpful info about two loose dogs in Park View! Around noon today, I was walking my dog in the 3500 block of Park Pl. NW (right across from the Soldiers’ Home) when we saw two medium-sized dogs running towards us, off-leash and no walker in sight, My dog (a small terrier) is not friendly with other dogs, so I tried to get her out of their line of vision, but they ran for us and started aggressively chasing, snarling, and biting her. A contractor at a nearby house ran out to help break up the fight and corralled the two dogs off to the side–not sure what happened to them after we walked away. My dog is shaken up and has a few cuts/bite marks, so if anybody has any information about these dogs, particularly regarding vaccines, I would be so, so grateful! I’m really not interested in anything other than making sure all the dogs are healthy. I can be reached by email at

Descriptions of the dogs are as follows:

Medium-sized dog, white with grey/brown spots, possible pit mix, had a small cut on its nose. More aggressive of the two dogs.
Medium-sized grey/brown short-hair mix, pointy ears.”


“Dear PoPville,

Last evening my husband went outside to check the mail and noticed a jeep driving down Irving Street [600 block] very quickly. It’s a residential street, so it stood out as odd. Then all of a sudden, this woman runs up to him and says that it’s her jeep and she needs to borrow a phone to call the police.

She is an instacart delivery woman and had left her brand new jeep running with her keys and phone inside (as well as other deliveries) while she was dropping off an order to our neighbors. Some passerby must have taken advantage of the situation and jumped into her jeep and drove off. The cops arrived quickly (thank goodness) and took a report. We feel really awful for her and we are hopeful she gets her car back without too much hassle. It’s also unsettling since this happened on the street we live on–only a few doors down.

Jumping out of the car to run inside while it’s running/unlocked is something we have all done at some point. It’s a good reminder for all of us to be more careful.


From an email:

“After a successful Georgia Ave Winter Fest in December 2015 that drew over 1200 attendees, Georgia Avenue Thrive will host the Georgia Ave Fall Fest on October 22, 2016 from 12pm-5pm at Bruce Monroe Park (3000 Georgia Ave NW). This family-friendly event will include local performers, vendors (both food and other goods), city and NGO services, kids activities, pumpkins sales, an interactive community mural creation, and more!

The purpose of the Georgia Ave Fests is to: (more…)

3210 Georgia Ave NW

A reader reports:

“New dog store on Georgia Ave. Right next to Small Fry. Also, my dog who will be a frequent visitor.”


District Dogs website says:

“Founded in 2013, District Dogs is a leading pet care company in Washington, DC. We specialize in mid-day walks, daycare, and boarding. District Dogs is 100% licensed, bonded and insured. You can feel comfortable your pets are in trusted hands.

Daycare (Coming Soon!)

District Dogs Daycare provides an enjoyable and fun experience for your dog. Dogs will enjoy friendly playtime with their canine pals, including occasional cool down sessions. All dogs are supervised as we reinforce basic training and good manners.

The facility is conditioned with a HEPA air filtration system and sanitized nightly with a commercial floor washing system. All dogs are given the opportunity to potty outside and any messes inside are cleaned and sanitized right away.

We offer two size play rooms for small and large dogs. Senior dogs that need a more relaxed environment may join their small dog companions. We also have a private feeding room if your dog requires lunch during his or her stay.”

3210 Georgia Ave NW

previously Petworth Liquor



“Dear PoPville,

I’m the owner of 649 Kenyon St NW, and wanted to share with you the incredible work of world renowned London muralist Remi Rough on my home in Washington DC! I consider myself incredibly lucky to have been able to participate in the DC Mural Project District Walls some of the other murals which you have featured on your site. My wonderful neighbor allowed me to set up a GoPro in her home across the street so that way I could capture a time lapse of the mural’s creation, and I thought you might want to check it out”

3333 Georgia Ave, NW

From Midlands:

“The midlands is hiring bartenders/bar backs, kitchen staff and security positions.

Restaurant experience is not necessary, but preferred for all positions.

Part time and full time availability.

Nights and weekends preferred.

If interested please email [email protected] or stop by if you see us there.”

700 block of Irving St, NW near Georgia Avenue

“Dear PoPville,

I thought that this was interesting. I’ve seen a lot of pop-up and additions in the back but, never an addition/extension like this going right out to the sidewalk. I guess the 70/30 rule for structures on a lot is really gone. I wouldn’t be terribly happy if I was the next door neighbor. House is at Georgia and Irving Streets NW.”