3216 Georgia Ave, NW

First we heard about the Ping Pong club and bar opening in February and now more good news for Georgia Ave – Union Drinkery. A liquor license placard posted out front says:

“New neighborhood restaurant/lounge offering light snacks and recorded music. No nude performances. Total Occupancy Load of 97 with seating for 86 inside the premises. Summer Garden with seating for 63.”

Back in August I had heard some scuttlebutt that this could become a high end fried chicken pop up but I’m not sure if that is still a plan but the most recent scuttlebutt I heard about this project – it could be coming from the same folks behind Sundevich in Shaw. Could be BBQ too. Stay tuned…


749 Park Road Northwest

This rental is located at 749 Park Road, Northwest. The listing says:

“Two-bedroom, 1.5 bath. Private outdoor patio, HVAC and Washer/Dryer. Close to Downtown and the shops, galleries and restaurants of Columbia Heights and Petworth. Hardwood floors, W&D, stainless steel appliances, washer & dryer in unit, Italian quartz counters, custom kitchen & tiled baths.”

You can see more photos here.

This 2 bed/1.5 bath is going for $1,890/Mo.

3118 Georgia Ave, NW

On Monday I was overjoyed to share an update about Colony Club, “coffee shop, bar and ping pong club”, coming to the former Ma Ma’s Southern Cuisine space by Georgia and Kenyon St, NW. I was able to get in touch with the owners who say if all goes well they should be able to open by early February. I was curious about the ping pong aspect and they share:

“We’ll probably just have one indoor table to start (space is tight!). We’re going to have a professional caliber table (probably from Joola) and gear. We’ll have a system for reserving the table, certain times will be open play, and we’ll host tournaments and a league. In keeping with everything we’re doing, we welcome people to take it as seriously (or not) as they want.”

Lots more updates as they get closer to opening.

3118 Georgia Ave, NW

Colony Club’s website says:

“Colony Club is a neighborhood coffee shop, bar and ping pong club. We strive to provide the highest quality products in a setting that is fun, friendly and approachable for all.

Located on the historic Georgia Ave in Park View, Colony Club tries to capture an old-school vibe and some of the history of the street by paying homage to the family flower shop that operated at Georgia Ave and Farragut in the 1940s-1960s.”

3118 Georgia Ave, NW was the former home to Ma Ma’s Southern Cuisine and Hadiyah Cafe before that. More info as they get closer to opening. If you’ll excuse me I’m going to pass out from joy…

looking north on Georgia towards Kenyon

“Dear PoPville,

I live in an apartment building on Irving St NW, between Warder and Park. About a half an hour ago I went outside and I noticed a person standing on the front steps. He was an older black man, with short gray hair and a short gray beard. He was around 5’10-6′ tall and was wearing an army green puffy down jacket with a brownish fur-lined hood. At the time I noticed him there were three packages in my building’s mail area, definitely visible to this person. As I exited the building he stood in a manner which made me think he was going to try to catch the door after i walked away. Because I felt he was suspicious, I shut the door securely behind me after i left. I went outside to walk my dog, and when I returned I went in the back way and headed to the mail area in hopes of getting a better look at him. Sure enough he was still there, but when he saw me, he calmly, but quickly, walked up the street. I proceeded to remove the packages from the mail area and place them at the apartments to which they were addressed.

I went outside to see if he was hanging around and noticed him waiting at the end of the street, possibly for the light to change, but there weren’t any cars coming either way and he was free to cross. I couldn’t get a photo of him, unfortunately. He seemed to be heading west on Irving, towards Columbia Heights. My building management has informed me that they have noticed someone fitting this man’s description loitering on our steps before today.

I would like to spread the word about this guy as the holiday-package season kicks into full gear. My girlfriend and I lost 4 packages this way last year and it really kills the holiday vibes.”


“Her name is Gracie, she has blue eyes, is very docile and very small (approx 9 pounds), a little deaf and slow.

Disappeared from the 700th block of Morton Street, NW last night, through the back alley between Morton St rowhouses and the Alsco linen cleaning facility on Lamont St. NW. Cross streets: Lamont St. NW, Sherman Avenue NW, Georgia Avenue NW, Park Rd NW.

If found please call 202-905-9242 or 202-607-9315.
Email address – thibaut.muzart(at)”

3124 Georgia Ave, NW

Early last year this building was supposed to become home to Mama Put “serving Asian & African inspired food, with an atmosphere for lounging and listening to DJ music or Live Bands”. Recently a new liquor license placard was posted for Hush Restaurant & Lounge saying:

“Tavern specializing in intercontinental food with seating capacity of 250 and total occupancy of 350. Summer garden with 100 seats. Entertainment Endorsement to include cover charge and dancing.”

looking north on Georgia towards Kenyon Street and Morgan’s Seafood

And just a few storefronts south that proposed tavern with ping pong tables looks to be making progress in the former Ma Ma’s Southern Cuisine space:

3118 Georgia Ave, NW

Looks like the bar is getting framed out: