Photo by by Farrah Skeiky

From a press release:

Toli Moli, DC’s first Falooda Shoppe, has become a permanent addition to Union Market with an indefinite lease. With an extended stay that continues beyond summer months, the team is introducing savory food to its sweet menu: Burmese Cold Noodle Salads. To celebrate this menu addition, Toli Moli will give away 50 snack-size servings to guests this Sunday, August 21st.

The two Burmese noodle salads will be added to the menu on Tuesday, August 30th. Guests can expect Smoky Eggplant & Udon Noodle, and Tofu & Thin Noodle. In Burma, there are hundreds of varieties of cold or room temperature noodle salads that are consumed as snacks and as main meals. One main ingredient is chickpea flour, which is used primarily in Burma and neighboring countries. Sometimes called let thoke or let thote or let thohk, these dry noodles offer a colorful, nutritious alternative to basic salads and usually contain a crunchy element such as puffed rice noodles or fried onions. Chilies, crunchy toppings and lime are typically served on the side.

toli moli
​Tofu & Thin Noodle (left); Smoky Eggplant & Udon Noodle (right) by Farrah Skeiky

Smoky Eggplant & Udon Noodle: stewed eggplant in turmeric, paprika, onion, garlic, ginger, tomato, cilantro and fish sauce, lentil/chickpea flour, sesame seeds, red cabbage, seasonal vegetables, rice udon, roasted chili paste, whole fresh green chili, fried onion

Tofu & Thin Noodle: lightly pan-fried ground tofu with black bean and garlic paste, white cabbage, seasonal vegetables, green onion, sliced tomatoes, pickled radishes, cilantro, fish sauce, tamarind-sesame dressing with shrimp flakes, vermicelli, house-made rice noodle crispies, roasted chili paste, whole fresh green chili

From Chef Jocelyn Law-Yone: (more…)


“Dear PoPville,

I live in NoMa and the for the last two days a construction crew has been demolishing a building at 51 N ST NE between North Capitol and First Street late into the night. They have been starting around 7 and going well past 11/12. Is construction allowed at this late hour? Does anyone know who is doing the construction? I’ve reported it to the city but haven’t heard anything back. Obviously since they are tearing down a building, the noise level has been insane.”

Update from OP:

“My building just sent an email around to residents saying they have a permit allowing them to work until 8am until 9/15.”

Has anyone else heard of permits being issues where demo can occur through the night?

6th and M Street, NE

A reader reports at 12:15pm:

“Double shooting at 6th and M, NE. 2 blocks from union market.”

From Alert DC:

“1D Shooting at 1206 hrs in the 500 M Street NE. Lookout for B/M, W/Dreads wearing colorful shirt”

Update from MPD:

“ADW Gun 6th and M Street, NE: a black male approached 3 complainants standing at the corner of 6th and M Street, NE and produced a handgun. Two victims shot in the legs (Non-life threatening) the other grazed by a bullet.

DC Police and Detectives are currently investigating the situation and if there is anyone in the community that has additional information to share, please contact the Command Information Center 202-727-9099. There is no further information at this time as the investigation is ongoing.”

Photo by PoPville flickr user Erin

“There seems to be a few incidents in NoMa this week, so wanted to add another word of caution to the mix:

My husband was coming home on the metro around 10pm last night (Thursday night). Was crossing First St NE from Harris Teeter going towards North Capitol when he saw 6 teenagers, who he noticed tossing around a football on the opposite side of the sidewalk (Starbucks side), deliberately throw their football hard at the windshield of an oncoming Jeep. Ball rammed the windshield, Jeep slammed on its breaks, kids cracked up, and since the car was thankfully fine (thank god there was no traffic behind him – plus it was raining) it sped off.

Husband kept walking down M towards North Capitol, trying to keep his head down and ignore the teenagers, as they had crossed the street and were yelling at him, calling him names, trying to prod him into reacting. He ignored them and kept walking. Then they got quiet, he had a bad feeling about that, and sure enough the football whizzed just next to his head, taunting started back up. (more…)


Thanks to Brittany for passing on from REI:

“Thingamajig Gear Swap
Saturday, July 30, 2016 12:00 PM – 5:00 PM
REI Community Space at Wunder Garten: First and L St. NE Washington, DC

Negotiating agreements isn’t just for politicians. Let’s listen to live bluegrass while we deal, swap and sell our favorite well-worn gear. A portion of each ticket supports a local outdoor nonprofit. The Lineup: 12PM: By and By, 1:45PM The Bumper Jacksons, 3:30PM Johnny Grave. The deets: $7 gets you in the door ($2 from each attendee going to support The Mid-Atlantic Climbers, a local outdoor nonprofit protecting local climbing areas). The first 50 people in the door with used gear to sell get a ticket for a free beer. Table space will be provided for people to merchandise their wares. REI will also be selling top-quality used gear. All sales are person to person. Bring cash to buy/sell gear. Restrictions: No guns, knives, hatchets, or anything that could be construed as a weapon. No motors -human powered transport items only. No rock climbing equipment. Please tag your items for sale with a price ahead of time. REI reserves the right to review and refuse items for sale. Let us know if you have questions at [email protected]

via google maps

Thanks to a reader for passing on from the Camden apartment building management [60 L Street, NE]:

“We wanted to make you aware of an incident which occurred last night. At approximately 10:30 PM, there was an attempted robbery of a resident and their guest on L Street. According to the police report, three suspects with the estimated age of 13-14 years old pepper sprayed a female on L Street in between our building and the Mathematica building and attempted to steal her purse. The suspects fled without the purse and fortunately, the resident and guest were not injured beyond the pepper spray.

We have the footage of the suspects on camera and have provided this to the police to aid in their investigation. If you have any information, we encourage you to contact the Washington DC Police Department at 202-727-9099.”


From an email:

“Above is the link for our OFFICIAL GRAND OPENING this Saturday (7/30/16)! Cookie Wear has ascended to new heights, largely because of the support we’ve received in our beginnings! From our family, friends and especially the Petworth community as a whole, we’ve been able to sustain a business and now grow!

It is our hope that we’ll see you, and all others you attached to you as we celebrate our new beginning!

The Cookie Wear Boutique in its early beginnings, started in a basement less than 500 feet. That location because of old faulty wiring within building’s infrastructure caught on fire, and destroyed what Michelle Noodles, her family and her collective built. (more…)

neal place
1300 4th Street, NE

A reader reports:

“I stopped by the new Neal Place Tap+Garden yesterday and wanted to report that it is now open! They have been apparently open for close to 2 months, and even though I have stopped by there multiple times I did not see many people there so I assumed they were not open.

We walked in yesterday and talked with one of the employees. They have been open for about two months. It is open Thursday through Sunday each week (entirely sure on the hours for those days). Just thought it would be nice to send out another update on the blog to let people, who may not be quite as inquisitive as I was, know that the new beer garden is now open. They had a pretty decent selection of craft beers for a great price (all beers are between $5-7).”