rendering via Bancroft Elementary 1755 Newton St, NW

Thanks to a reader for passing on:

“I’m reaching out to you today to inform you that the Bancroft Traditional campus will be completely shutting down due to the modernization work beginning next week. Effective Friday 10/21, Coakley-Williams will be shutting down access to the soccer field, playground, basketball court, and all of the other outdoor amenities behind Bancroft.”

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“Dear PoPville,

I wanted to write in because while I was walking my dog Friday around 4:30 pm on 18th Street between Kenyon and Kilbourne, I saw a DCPS school bus drive by. The driver, who had several children on the bus, was talking on her cell phone with only one hand on the wheel. I made a note of the license plate and called DCPS and left a voicemail. I am concerned I won’t hear back and want to know if anyone knows the contact info of someone at DCPS who I can talk to about this, as I really want this driver to be talked to about her reckless driving.”


“Dear PoPville,

I’m emailing because it looks like parking enforcement went on a rampage on our block and ticketed a bunch of cars. This isn’t exactly outrageous or news, but what is galling is the fact that some cars were ticketed unfairly but one truck that was literally parked within 1 foot of a stop sign got a pass. That truck did not receive a ticket. I saw the parking enforcement officer drive right by this parked truck (picture attached).

On the other hand, the officer ticketed a car that was parked illegally for “parking within 3 ft of a driveway.” This is not my car, but what’s frustrating about this is that the driveway wasn’t even blocked at all. (I’ve attached a picture of this car) I’m friends with the owner of the driveway and every once in awhile, someone parks a car there to actually block the driveway. When they call to get a car doing that ticketed, they are always told there’s nothing that can be done since there’s no “No Parking” sign.

A car on the other side of the driveway got two tickets. He received a ticket for parking in an emergency no parking spot (he wasn’t; he was parked past the sign) and also for parking too close to that driveway. Again, he was not blocking the driveway either and there’s no sign.

What makes this even more frustrating is that people are constantly parked illegally on my block and neighboring blocks. Delivery trucks will block a street for a half hour or park on the sidewalk (when there are commercial spaces available nearby), and there are no consequences. (more…)


“Dear PoPville,

Please see the attached photo of the front steps of my building on the corner of Mt. Pleasant and Lamont. This is at least the 3rd time I have seen this in the past few weeks. It’s strange for a few reasons: 1. Nobody takes the trash out the front door, so it’s unlikely that this fell out of someone’s trashbag 2. What are the chances that only the used coffee filter always ends up on the top of our stairs? 3. There’s been an increase in the number of stolen deliveries/packages inside the building and this isn’t an issue we’ve had in the past.

It’s all very, very strange and we’re beginning to wonder if there’s any secret message behind these “coffee filter bombs”. Are they code for something? Are they just marking a location? Is it a very strange coincidence after all? I’m wondering if anyone else has seen these or is experiencing something similar? Would appreciate outsourcing this!”

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From MPD:

“Shortly after 11 PM on October 3, 2016, MPD Fourth District units received a 911 call for a vehicle playing loud music in the 1700 block of Newton Street, NW. Officers responded and located a vehicle occupied by five people in a parking lot. The officers approached the vehicle and observed multiple open containers of alcohol inside the vehicle. The occupants were stepped out of the vehicle and placed under arrest for Possession of an Open Container of Alcohol. During a search incident to arrest of one of the occupants of the vehicle, officers located a semi-automatic pistol inside his pants. A pistol magazine containing ammunition was also located inside the vehicle. All of the occupants in the vehicle (3 juveniles and 2 adults) were placed under arrest for various firearms- and alcohol- related offenses.”

1742 Park Road, Northwest deck

This house is located at 1742 Park Road, Northwest. The listing says:

“Beautifully renovated Mt. Pleasant rowhome inspired by original charm + finished w/ custom millwork, timeless finishes + a fantastic layout. Upper level family room.Top floor is the master suite, showcasing a custom open closet + spa-like bath w/ access to a private 2-tier rooftop deck. Fabulous outdoor space + parking. LL in-law suite w/ kitchen, bath + sep entrance.”

1742 Park Road, Northwest piano

You can see more photos here.

This 4 bed/3.5 bath is going for $1,325,000.

1742 Park Road, Northwest


“Join Mount Pleasant Main Street this Friday for a free screening of Bikes vs Cars in Lamont Park.

Bikes vs Cars is a documentary about the bike and what an amazing tool for change it can be. It highlights a conflict in city planning between bikes, cars and a growing reliance on fossil fuels.

When: Friday, September 16 at 7:30 PM
Where: Lamont Park (3258 Mt Pleasant St NW)

More about the movie

fire mt p
Photo by Leslie Hayward

Leslie writes at 10:30pm:

“One of the houses on the corner of 17th and Lamont went up in flames this evening. Dc fire department arrived very quickly, still working to put it out. Word on the street is that everyone was evacuated.”

DC Fire & EMS reported:

“Lamont St fire dispatched 10:15pm. We prevented fire spread to attached homes both sides. 6 displaced residents. Cause under investigation.”

“Aggressive interior attack in progress on Lamont St NW. Some fire now present in roof area. No injuries at present

Working fire 1700 blk Lamont St NW. Heavy fire rear 3 story row dwellings

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