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From a press release:

“Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants will open a new flagship 178-room hotel along Washington, D.C.’s lively 14th Street corridor in spring 2016. Kimpton’s Mason & Rook Hotel includes plans for a larger building footprint; a newly constructed 1,800 square foot ballroom; and guest rooms that will be some of the largest in the city. Intended to serve as a neighborhood hideaway to in-the-know guests, the hotel will embrace a sophisticated residential design and serve as an exclusive jumping off point to enjoy the District’s most popular bars, restaurants and boutiques.

Kimpton’s Mason & Rook Hotel will be located at 1430 Rhode Island Avenue, N.W.

Hotel Helix will take reservations until Friday, October 16.”


“Dear PoPville,

We have a neighbor on the 1800 Block of Vermont Street NW who decided over 6+ months ago that the parking spot in front of his house is now officially his and while the rest of us have to jockey around for parking spots and move our cars during Street Sweeping days/hours he doesn’t.

You can’t tell from the photo since his car is 99% of the time covered with a grey tarp but it’s an older Red Mustang Convertible and the only time we saw it uncovered we saw he (young guy – possibly college age) did have DC Tags but a Registration/Parking Permit that expired October 2014. He’s also so brazen that the few times when the car is not there we’ve seen orange traffic and construction cones blocking the spot so no one else can park there. Then a few hours later he’s parked there again with the cover on.

The next door neighbor once politely (although I wasn’t there to confirm) asked to him to play by the rules and was apparently cursed out (again I wasn’t there) and physically intimated just by his large size and have since left notes, called 311, and even flagged down an MPD who have said as long as the cover is on it he can park here forever because DDOT and MPD don’t want to be responsible for any potential damage by removing it to ticket or tow him.

One one hand we give him props for figuring out a way to outsmart the system. On the other we’d like him to follow the same rules as all of us and gain (if he doesn’t renew his plates) a much needed additional street parking spot. Anything we can do to get him to move the car or get someone in DC Government to assist?

BTW – These pictures were taken during Street Sweeping hours yesterday.”

1345 S Street, NW

From Jared Jablonka, one of the partners of Left Door:

“We’ve been proactive about engaging with the ANC and the community to ensure they are involved in our planning/process from the beginning. After working with the ANC for the past 3-4+ months, we successfully negotiated a Settlement Agreement that is fair to all parties. The ANC was scheduled to vote to approve the SA at Thursday’s meeting, when we were blindsided by some last-minute, unreasonable demands from SDCA (Shaw-Dupont Citizens Alliance //

Their demands include restrictions that we believe would most likely put us in direct violation of DC Health Code (i.e. not allowed to remove trash from the premises during normal business hours, etc.). This would put us at a competitive disadvantage and would create an unsanitary and undesirable atmosphere (imagine drinking hand-crafted cocktails while surrounded by piles of trash…). The space is very small (@ 900 SF) so there is no interior trash storage space, a fact that SDCA is well aware of.

We engaged with SDCA a few months ago and received their support for all of the same terms and conditions that the ANC agreed to, but then they went back on their word and added more onerous restrictions at the last minute. We learned about their demands literally 15 minutes before the ANC vote on Thursday.

While we respect everyone’s right to their own opinion, we believe this group is intentionally hijacking the established ANC-ABRA process. They attempt to extract demands that are not financially viable nor legitimate concerns of actual neighbors.

This group comprises a VERY small number of people in the neighborhood and their viewpoints are extremely divergent from the overwhelming majority of neighboring residents. They have demonstrated a pattern of taking unreasonably hostile positions against legitimate business owners in the Shaw-Logan Circle area. Among other things, they tried to impose a liquor license moratorium along 14th Street and U Street in 2013-2014 (a notion which was rejected by roughly 98% of local residents), and they routinely file unwarranted liquor license protests that end up costing small local business owners tens of thousands of dollars in unnecessary legal expenses.

We would like to move forward and sign the SA that we negotiated with the ANC. We do not want to be held hostage by a vocal minority with unreasonable demands. Based on conversations with other business owners in the neighborhood, this seems to be a recurring pattern with this group. We believe SDCA is not negotiating in good faith and is unnecessarily wasting time, money and resources that could be better spent on more worthy pursuits. We would like to start a dialogue with other community members regarding the legitimacy and legal standing of SDCA as it relates to the ABRA liquor license process.

We welcome input from all sides. Thanks.”

Man Breaking into Church ST Condo Building

“Be on the lookout for this guy in the Logan Circle neighborhood. Here are a couple of links that include still images and video footage of a guy breaking into my Church ST condo building on two separate occasions. On July 13th, the perpetrator piggy-backed into our building after a guest was buzzed in and stole a couple of bikes. On August 11th, the same guy broke the magnetic lock on the front door and stole some electronics from two cars parked in the garage.

He managed to get in and out of the building and steal stuff on both occasions in fewer than 20 minutes. Owners and our front desk person notified the police”

Photos from July 13th break in (around 10:30pm)

Photos from August 11th break-in (around 12:30am)

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A couple readers report it happened around 7:20pm.

Another reader tweets us at 8pm:

“it is seriously awful. Four cars still in their crash locations, one in a pole.”

Update from AlertDC:

“MPD reports 14th St, NW from P St to R St, NW both directions are closed due to a 4-car vehicle accident / w non-life threatening injuries reported at this time, buses on this route are being diverted around the crash.”