From MPD:

“On today’s date [Wed.], at approx. 6:00 pm, members of your 3rd District Crime Suppression Team
observed an adult male subject operating a stolen white colored scooter recklessly through rush hour traffic in the 500 block of Florida Avenue, NW. The subject was subsequently stopped, arrested and charged with “Unlawful Use of a Vehicle”, Receiving Stolen Property”, “Operating without a Drivers Permit” and “Illegal Possession of Narcotics.”

“If you See Something, Say Something.”

Please report suspicious VICE related activity to the 3-D VICE Tip Line (202) 673-6925.”


And a reader sends the photo above:

“Abandoned/dumped Vespa

This scooter has been in the alley between Newton and Ingleside Streets NW for over a week. I think it was stolen and dumped here. Could you post this to see if it’s owner claims it?”


“Dear PoPville,

I will be out of the country for approximately 4-6 months and I am strongly thinking about renting out my home in my absence. The issue is, I am unsure how to price it. The price is going to include a fully furnished home, washerdrier/cable/wifi/utilities ,and weekly maid service. The home is fully automated and can be controlled from a Smartphone. Only the master bedroom suite(a full floor) and a den will be part of the rental including all other areas of the home. Only one room will be locked and used as storage. In short it’s a 1 bed + den 1.5 bath 1600sqft row house with a deck located in Ledroit park. Your feedback is appreciated.”


Thanks to a reader for sharing their experience:

Having just moved to the northern end of LeDroit Park a few weeks ago, I’ve been told by many to be sure I, “keep my wits about.” The other day while walking my basset mix, a man came up to me completely cutting off my route. “Excuse me,” he said, “But your dog is well-loved. He obviously has someone who loves him and gives him a great life. He’s a great-looking dog, but looks better because he’s happy. I know I’m a stranger to you, but it’s obvious even to someone who’s never met you or your dog. Have a lovely day.”

Ed. Note: If you have a story/experience from your own mean streets please send a brief description in an email to princeofpetworth(at)gmail(dog)com and include what neighborhood you live in.

V Street NW between 2nd and 4th Streets NW

@LizDucey tweets us:

“@PoPville Drop off compost option for Bloomingale/Truxton Circle residents at Common Good City Farm:


Keep those scraps coming!

You can help lower landfill waste and our need to purchase soil by donating your kitchen scraps (no meat or dairy), leaves, and other biodegradables to our compost bins. It’s easy! Simply drop them off at the farm site. In a few weeks, it will be soil just bursting with nutrition to feed our crops! We also take leaves, junk mail (without plastic windows or staples and ripped into smaller pieces), and non-glossy newspaper.

How to Drop Off

Our compost deposit bin is located along the fence facing the park. Simply deposit your food scraps in the bin! We take all kinds of food scraps except animal products, which would attract pests and break down too slowly (eggshells, however, are okay). Include some carbon-based materials (paper, sawdust, cardboard, leaves, etc.) if possible. See below for details on acceptable materials. Email us or come visit during our open hours if you have questions!

To make this program work well and keep the compost pest and odor free, we need your help. Please do NOT leave bags or bins of food scraps outside the Farm gate when we are closed! This will smell and attract rodents and we will have to cancel this program.

What We Accept (more…)


“Dear, PoPville

What would you do?

I’d like to start this out by saying I have lived relatively peacefully in DC for the last 14 years and when I purchased my LeDroit Park home in June I received an enthusiastic and warm welcome from all my neighbors- some long time DC families and some new. I purchased a former college party house and have over the past year spent most of my time and money restoring it to the beauty it once was. Anyway, neighbors have recently witnessed kids (12ish years old) stealing Amazon packages off my front porch and some plants and landscaping have occasionally, and seemingly intentionally, gotten trampled. Yesterday, I was leaving the house with my boyfriend and three young boys (maybe in the 12 year old range) called us f@ggots as they passed. I thought to myself, “No, I must have misheard them” until one of the boys said, “He just called you a f@ggot, especially the one on the bike (me).”

Now I honestly didn’t know how to react because it’s pretty obvious I spend a lot of time at the gym and any 20-40 year old would never think to say that to me knowing I’d beat the living #$&! out of them. But what are you supposed to do with kids?! If it was me growing up, someone would have dragged me to my mother’s house by my ear and she would have publically beaten the fear of a thousand deaths into me… but right or wrong, times have changed.

Well, we let it go and kept walking till a minute or two later we realized we forgot something at home. We returned to the house to find the small fence in my tree box kicked over, bent, and trampled, along with some of the plants. Now we technically didn’t see the kids do it and I guess any random adult could have passed by and vandalized my property in those 120 seconds but let’s be real

Now, honestly I could care less what these kids are doing with their time and frankly I’ve got more important things to be doing with mine- but I’m not going anywhere and I don’t want to start a long annoying tradition of annoying neighborhood kids messing with my stuff.

So aside from maybe taking a photo of them, starting a police report, and/or trying to find the kids’ parents, what would you do? Try and talk some sense into them then come home to a brick thrown into my front window? Ignore them and hope they’ll stop stealing my stuff?”

326 T Street, NW (Old Maple Ave)

We first wondered about this house back in 2008. Sad to be reminded it’s still in the same shape as it was back then. The Post published an interesting history on the home over the weekend:

“The home’s owner, Howard University, has halted its plans to rehabilitate the Terrell House as a local museum and community space. That movement lost its momentum during the Great Recession, and there has been little effort to resuscitate it since.”



Check out a Mary Church Terrell tribute in Bloomingdale after the jump. (more…)


From the Ledroit Park listserv:

“I’d like to make the neighborhood aware of a violent robbery which occurred on my block on Saturday night. The victim was walking on U Street from 6th to 5th, and was attacked in the street in front of the row of townhouses. It was 1030pm, and the victim was walking down the street (sober) when someone came up behind him, placed a gun to his neck, and demanded his wallet or he’d be sot. The victim did not resist, but the assailant still tore the victim’s pants as he ripped the victim’s wallet out of his pants. He then swung the gun against the victim’s head, resulting in a skull fracture. The incident was reported to police and the victim was taken to Howard hospital. Please be VERY aware of your surroundings when walking in our neighborhood. If anyone knows of a way to find out whether the assailants are ever apprehended, please let me know.”

389 Rhode Island Ave, NW

It’s been fun watching the transformation of the former Frazier’s Funeral Home.


From Craigslist:

“6 brand new apartments waiting for you to call home in beautifully renovated boutique building! All 2 bedroom, 2 bath apartments with unique and spacious floorplans. Hardwood floors, exposed brick, high ceilings, stainless steel appliances, chefs kitchens w/ dishwashers, W/D in unit and security. No detail has been overlooked

Some more photos of the inside here

Great location at 389 Rhode Island Ave- short walk to the Shaw Metro. Close to Howard University and Hospital, restaurants, shops and more- this location has much to offer to an array of lifestyles. Available immediately. Rents start at $2300 per month + electric. Sorry no pets.”