Check out their menu here. From a press release:


Family behind Ben’s Chili Bowl opens new restaurant; Rep. Norton to lead ribbon-cutting ceremony

WHAT: TEN 01, an exciting new restaurant on trendy H Street NE, will hold its Grand Opening Celebration this Saturday, Nov. 21.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony will be held at the restaurant’s rooftop bar overlooking H Street. The day will feature all-day happy hour specials, including $2 off signature cocktails and draft craft beers, and $5 select wines.

WHEN: Saturday, November 21, 2015 — 2 p.m.

WHERE: TEN 01, 1001 H St. NE, Washington, DC 20002

WHO: A delegation of distinguished local and national leaders led by DC Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton.
Bernard Demczuk, Ben’s Chili Bowl Historian – Emcee

DETAILS: The latest venture from the Ali family, founders of DC institution Ben’s Chili Bowl, TEN 01 embraces the “foodie” scene with Executive Chef R.L. Boyd’s shareable small-plates menu that pairs seasonal, fresh, and fun food with delicious cocktails, to be enjoyed alfresco on the year-round rooftop terrace with heaters or the beautiful reclaimed white barn wood-laden main floor dining area with central look-around full bar.For more information, visit”

Photo by PoPville flickr user District Shots

Also lots of talk on twitter last night about loud bangs heard in NE:

“alright, NE DC — what were those two huge booms a moment ago?”

“if i had to guesstimate, i’d pin them near NOMA. ~5th or 6th & florida NE.”

“k glad I’m not crazy. Heard them too @ 7th & K”

“I was on 9&H and saw light for the 2nd boom & think fireworks. It looked like 10&H near the alley.”

“sure didn’t sound like fireworks!”

“@PoPville two more loud bangs shaking my windows at 7 and H NE”

“two more bright flashes & loud pops right by 8th & I”

Consensus: Fireworks.

“But…whyyyyyyy? It is November. And 11:30PM. And November.”

“pre-new years? No idea.”

Alleged package theft at 8th and K St, NE

“Dear PoPville,

Can you post this for a friend of mine who lives off of 8th and K NE? He caught on camera a man stealing packages off his doorstep (the pictures are from a motion activated security camera). I know there are more pressing (violent) issues in this neighborhood right now, but the gall of this dude is infuriating.”

Ed. Note: Another reader sent an email about this incident saying the neighborhood group had a look out for Charlie Brown.


via google maps

“Dear PoPville,

My wife was in a fairly bad bike accident this morning. Details to follow. I’m posting to thank the guys who helped her and ask if there were any other witnesses who may have seen the car involved.

She was biking to work this morning (Nov. 5, around 8:45 a.m.) and as she turned right from 12th St. NE onto I St. NE, a car pulled out from an illegal parking spot into her path without warning. She hit the brakes and her bike went out from under her. She landed on her left hand and right arm. A man in a white pick up truck asked if she was OK. At the time she thought she was just bruised and said and said yeah so he moved on. Two men helped her get her bike out of the street onto the sidewalk, which is when she started to think she had broken her left wrist. The car that caused the accident did not stop, it just proceeded to turn right on 12th St. NE heading south.

I Street Northeast is a one-way with a contraflow bike lane. The car had been parked on the left side of the street in a spot that is crossed out and not meant for cars to use. She believes the car was a gray Prius, but didn’t get the license plate number.

We filed a police report and went to the hospital in an ambulance. She has not only a broken wrist, but a fracture in the elbow on the other arm. We are looking for anyone who may have seen the accident itself, or a gray Prius-like car going south on 12th St. NE a little after 8:45 a.m. any witnesses to this accident this morning. If you did see anything, please reply to this e-mail. We also want to thank the people who helped her again. This could have been even worse.”


“Dear PoPville,

An incident yesterday (Sunday) morning perfectly summed up why the H-street Streetcar will never work. I’m coming out of Bullfrog Bagels with my son and heading back to our car on H street. I see that right around our car, idling in the right-hand lane (East-bound), is the Streetcar. Why? Because in the parking lane, just in front of our car, is a poorly-parked car with a side-view window that will be hit by the passing Streetcar. So the Streetcar has radio’d for a tow truck. But where’s a tow truck on Sunday morning? 5, 10-plus minutes later, no tow truck. And meanwhile others coming out from Bullfrog Bagels are finding they are blocked in by the Streetcar. Can’t do anything. The Streetcar blocks in some 5-6 cars. To say nothing of the fact it blocks the whole right traffic lane. Fortunately, I had just enough room to make my escape.

I have no idea how much longer everybody had to wait around. But this episode to me proves that the Streetcar has a fundamental design flaw. It’s clearly too much to ask that the average citizen park perfectly along H street all the time. And it’s clearly too much to ask that DC always have a tow truck just ready to tow, all the time. And if you can’t guarantee these two things, you have an unbearably slow bus-on-rails that temporarily blocks both the right lane and half a dozen cars. It just doesn’t work. The whole thing should be scrapped and the money earmarked for it in 2016 should be spent on a third-party deep dive audit that explains all the ways that DC messed it up, but with an eye towards how to avoid these kind of decisional mistakes in the future.”

Is it possible people will learn to park better?

920 H Street, NE

A reader reports:

“I was in Park’s Hardware on H St. NE on Saturday, and the owner said that they’re planning to close at the end of November. I know you had something back in August about the building being up for sale – presumably this means they have found a buyer. She blamed declining business on the Home Depot a couple of miles away (although the Home Depot has been there since ’02). I didn’t ask what was going to be coming in to the space after they close. I’ll miss having a hardware store in walking distance, as well as their cool sign.”