From an email:

“Just in time for the holidays Rock&Roll Hotel is hosting a Pop-Up Cat Cafe to bring kitty cuteness, craft cocktails and cat lovers together for a fun evening to raise money for the Washington Humane Society.

The Pop-Up will occupy the 2nd floor utilizing the different rooms for cat reading, snuggling, educating and friendly mingling. The two VIP rooms will be the official cat quarters where the cats are the new VIPs with cat condos, toys and treats. Here guests will be able play with, cuddle, and enjoy some intimate time with free roaming adoptable cats brought in from from Kitty City at WHS’s New York Avenue adoption center.

The Piano Lounge at the Hotel will be converted into a cat reading room and will allow an opportunity to preview the carefully selected cat literature that will be for sale during the event. (Think: amazing holiday gifts..for a great cause!)

As a very special bonus the Pop-Up will be raffling off 2 TICKETS for the Winter Classic NHL game at Nationals Park on January 1st.

All merchandise and raffle profits will go directly to the WHS.

The WHS will be on site to talk to guests and help answer questions about options for adoptions and fostering of cats and kittens.”

There will be no cover charge for the event.”

Rendering via Urban Pace

From a press release:

“With a new streetcar service running along the bustling H Street corridor in Washington, DC, residents will soon be moving into 16 newly constructed condominium homes at 1115 H Street, NE. Wall Development is nearing completion of its five-story mixed-use development on the site of a former Woolworth store. Urban Pace, the city’s leading condominium sales and marketing firm, has begun taking reservations from prospective buyers.

1115H is designed to achieve LEED Platinum certification from the US Green Building Council. Its energy-efficient and environmentally friendly features will include a green roof, triple-glazed windows, wiring for potential electric car charging stations, covered bicycle storage, and a one-year “transit package” for new residents. Square 134 of Washington, DC is the project architect. (more…)


Thanks to a friend of mine, @chuckwestover, for sharing

“One DC woman, fed up with packages being stolen from her H Street Northeast front stoop, decided to place dog poop in a box – and then let the camera do the rest.”

The resident who filmed the video writes:

“I used to have stuff delivered all the time, but in the last two months three packages were stolen. Two were successfully delivered. I got the guy on video and he walks right to the spot and takes the box. I told the police, but they haven’t called back yet.”

Sadly video of this special delivery being opened is not available…


@PopUpCatCafe tweets us the image above:

“12/18/14 5-8pm POP UP CAT CAFE at RnR Hotel [1353 H Street, NE].”

Frozen Tropics adds a few more details:

Eight cats. Play. Cuddle. Adopt.”

At the moment there is no mention of the event on Rock & Roll’s Facebook page or website. Though they did retweet Frozen Tropics so it seems legit.

Ed. Note: Last we heard the other Cat Cafe (Crumbs & Whiskers) hoping to come to DC was looking for a lawyer


From an email:

“The Green Zone is back this Thursday the 4th, as well as Thursday the 18th of December, upstairs at Vendetta (1212 H St NE).

we’re featuring some new drinks:

-(one case only!) pale ale brewed in Lebanon with Lebanese herbs and spices
-a hot tea-and-rum drink…since it’s cold out.
-We’re also featuring Green Hat’s fall/winter gin, which they call Ginavit, in our signature Janissary Corps cocktail (made with pistachio syrup), now known as the Winter Janissary.
-a smoky cocktail made with Turkish honey

And of course, our beloved Fuck ISIS! Punch and Saz’iraq will be back.

The fun starts at 6pm at Vendetta and goes until 1am.”

Crosby Bolden
Junior and our dog, Tru…his buddy from JM

From an email:

“I wanted to pass along a link regarding the death of an H Street NE icon. Crosby Bolden, Jr. (Aka, Junior) was a homeless man who was known by residents and business owners along H Street. He lived here, primarily around 11th St. NE his entire life. He was a lot of things…and had a few vices, but…he was a friend. He died with dignity at Joseph’s Hospice from a variety of cancers. Alas, he had nothing.

Many of the residents have looked after Junior for years. We would ask that you post this link to GiveForward to help offset the costs of his final expenses. Many of the restaurants and shop keepers along H Street know him, and might be inclined to help one more time if they knew of his plight.

On my porch in the 800 block of 11th St. NE is a Christmas tree that Junior gave us last year. The last thing he told me was that he was coming home to help set it up. Alas, I put it up myself this past weekend in his honor.”

THe GoFundMe page says:

“Lets rally for Junior’s family who needs our support to complete funeral preparations and services this week.

Junior’s friendship, laughter, work and presence will be missed by the residents and business owners along H Street. Your donation will help his niece complete the memorial services for Junior to rest in peace. We will miss you Junior!”

Donate here.

Ed. Note: If you have other #GivingTuesday recommendations, feel free to leave in the comments.

Urban Innovation Exchange: Peter & Tunde, revolver from DETROIT LIVES! on Vimeo.

Maybe the best pitch email I’ve ever gotten:

From an email:

“my name is tunde wey, and im a chef/ restaurateur (revolver) out of detroit. im on a haphazard tour of some interesting cities, bringing joy to all– in the form of a nigerian goat dinner.

DC (december 7 @ toki underground) [Buy a seat ($55 at Toki 1234 H St, NE) and check the menu at that link]

i understand why you might immediately dismiss my project as wasteful, unimportant, uninventive even… we all know nigerian cuisine is in the same pedestrian culinary category as burger and french fries.

of course people are tired of eating nigerian food; its ubiquitous, not sexy anymore and passé. nigerian cuisine is way past its heyday– which was sometime in the early 1900’s when everything nigerian was moving from hipster cool to mainstream vogue?

but i have a different angle.

you see, despite nigerian cuisine being more overexposed than the kardashians– with our boring plantains, stewed cowfeet, peppered goat head, silky palm oil, sweet coconuts and smoked crayfish– there is still at least one thing folks don’t know about nigerian fare: EVERYTHING!

In closing… help a nigerian today because one nigerian helped is one less nigerian sending you fraudulent emails (oops… i feel like i shouldn’t end the message this way… oh well)”