04/16/14 10:25am

Pizza Parts & Service
1320 H Street, NE

First opened in Dec. 2012, Taylor Charles Steak & Ice abruptly closed back in January. At that time we were told:

“All we can say right now are cheesesteaks are not dead.”

But the mystery remained:

Pizza Parts & Service_h_street

Frozen Tropics now reports the Taylor Gourmet proprietors will try their hand at pizza:

“The new place is called Pizza Parts & Service. Customers will be able to buy pizza by the slice, or by the pie. My source tells me that this pizza is NYC style pie.”

Not sure of the opening date but in the meantime you can enjoy some H&Pizza a couple blocks away at 1118 H St, NE right next door to the original Taylor Gourmet or sit down at the beautiful Red Rocks Pizzeria located close by at 1348 H St, NE – and of course you can get some delicious Shawafel located right next door.

More info on the resurrection of the cheesesteaks if/when it becomes available.

Pizza Parts & Service_taylor_gourmet

04/15/14 11:25am

Rendering via Papadopoulos Properties

Whoa – potential huge H Street transformation for the former church at 1301 H Street, NE:

-Perfect for a Bank, Restaurant or Retail
-Join H St Country Club, Sticky Rice, Rock N’ Roll Hotel, Biergarten Haus, Dr. Granville Moore’s & OTHERS!
-DC Street Car coming SOON!

Lots more details on the property and potential transformation here.

How the property looks today:

1301 H Street, NE

04/15/14 10:25am

816 H Street, NE

Big news about the former HR-57 and Fever Lounge space at 816 H Street, NE from the Washington Business Journal – they report Mythology Modern Chop House/Lore Lounge will open next year and:

“The “chop house” restaurant will occupy the first floor, with three levels of lounge above, including an indoor-outdoor space on the third floor and a fourth floor space that can shift concepts. Luongo envisions a beer-tasting room or a whiskey bar, depending on the season and the trends of the moment.”

Equally as interesting to me was a quote from the owner who says:

“I think where things are going with H Street, it’s going to transition away from that hipster scene to more of a mainstream, cosmopolitan, urban scene.”

04/13/14 10:05pm


A reader writes in looking for an update. Estimates on when the streetcar will start carrying passengers have become notoriously unreliable. The DC Streetcar’s website gives no indication. We do know that testing has starting – but does anyone have any idea when it’s supposed to start carrying passengers? Has anyone heard how the testing is going?

And since I enjoy bets – let’s make some guesses. I’m gonna guess July 2014. What about you?

04/10/14 10:05pm

504 H Street, NE

I just noticed that New Citi Pizza had closed on H Street. A Frozen tropics shared sad news back in January:

“I am sad to report that an employee told me that the owner died of a heart attack. He further said that the employees do not know how to do the ordering or the books to keep the place open. Very sad news to hear. I will miss them as a good neighbor and vendor.”

Now the front has been papered over – anyone hear anything about plans for the space?

UPDATE from @DougLuzader:

“Just spoke to former employee of New Citi Pizza on H Street who plans to reopen in just a few days.”


04/09/14 11:41am


From an email:

“Please join us on Wednesday, April 16, 2014 for the second annual Bel’le Dinner in loving memory of Thang Le. Chef Aaron Silverman of Rose’s Luxury and chef Erik Bruner-Yang of Toki Underground will prepare an 8-course dinner at $100 per person. A portion of the proceeds will go to benefit Mission Excellence DC. Space is limited and reservations are required. Please email info(at)tokiunderground.com for reservations.

Second Annual Bel’le Dinner
In Memory of Thang Le
Benefitting Mission Excellence DC

Tuesday, April 16, 2014
8-courses, $100
Beverage Pairing Optional
For Reservations: info(at)tokiunderground.com [1234 H Street, NE]

nam prik oysters

nam khao crudo

congee | quinoa | pig’s tongue

“spring vegetables”
homemade sourdough and fresh cheese

pork | prawn

local fish
roasted grapes | bamboo shoots

whole quail
seven treasure sticky rice

oolong panna cotta”

04/09/14 10:16am

A reader writes:

“I got this email from a friend this morning:

My cousin was pretty seriously assaulted last night on her way home from work last night. It was around 10:15 and happened at 12th and K Sts NW NE. The guy stole her iPad and food and basically beat the crap out of her. She’s in the trauma unit at GW hospital and her face is pretty messed up – she will probably need reconstructive surgery. Please, PLEASE be on the lookout when you are out at night by yourself – even if you are in an area you feel is safe. It sounds like the attack was pretty aggressive, even for a mugging.”

Update: @DCPolicedept tweeted:

“1D-Rob F & V, 2205 hrs, 12th & K St NE, LOF B/M, 20′s. gray hoodie, jeans dreds to shoulders, medium skin, slim build, south 12th St NE/2237″

and another twitter follower confirms:

“That was last night, in front of my house. NE.”

More details from a reader:

“She was waiting for the bus and a guy, came up and punched her in the face and took her purse and phone. There was a car at the intersection that started honking and actually tried to chase the guy, but he cut through the alley behind my house, so they stopped and got out to come back and help the woman. The police arrived pretty quickly, and within a few minutes they were searching the area, and picked up a suspect on H St. Fortunately he tossed her phone nearby, so she got that back, and with the security camera footage they were able to positively ID a guy they picked up minutes after.”

04/08/14 4:00pm


From DDOT:

Why bike lanes on G and I Streets?
G and I Streets are one-way, low traffic volume roads popular with cyclists. They provide a safe and attractive alternative to cycling on the much busier H Street commercial corridor, and were recommended in the city’s 2005 Bicycle Master Plan. Up to 60 bicyclists per hour have been counted on these streets.* The soon-to-open streetcar line on H Street increases the need for these lanes due to the danger to cyclists of getting their bicycle wheels caught between the streetcar track and roadway.

What will the lanes look like?
The new bike lanes will look different than most of the lanes you see around the city. Placed outside the parking lane, the outer bike lane line will be a solid double yellow line separating the adjacent travel lane. This will provide a dedicated space for bicyclists to travel against traffic (contra-flow). Within this lane will be bike symbols and arrows indicating the contra-flow direction. Shared lane markings, or sharrows, will be placed in the adjacent travel lane indicating that cars and bikes must share this lane. In essence, each street will remain one-way for motor vehicles, while bikes can now travel in both directions.

What are the benefits of contra-flow lanes?
The contra-flow lanes provide better connectivity for bikes, reduce dangerous wrong-way riding, and decrease trip distance, making cycling a more attractive travel option. New Hampshire Avenue, NW has a similar design.

What about traffic?
Traffic flow will remain the same for motor vehicles – one-way westbound on G St, and one-way eastbound on I St. Bikes are the only vehicles allowed to travel both ways. There should be no negative effect on traffic flow.

Will parking be affected?
The amount of parking will remain the same. The only difference is that, on the bike lane (left) side of the road, drivers must cross the double yellow line to park. They should first look for oncoming bikes, then, when clear, cross the bike lane and park against the curb, facing in the direction of motor vehicle travel.

When will the work be done?
DDOT will install these lanes in April 2014.”



04/03/14 4:50pm


From an email:

“HBO’s Game of Thrones Season 4 episodes shown every week
@ Little Miss Whiskeys Golden Dollar (1104 H Street, NE)
Season premiere is Sunday, 4/6, at 9 PM. All season 4 episodes shown Sundays at 9 PM

We don’t have our own wolf any more, but we’ve still got the HDMI quality projector, 4′X6′ screen, and theatre-quality sound system with which to enjoy Season 4 of HBO’s brilliant Game of Thrones series. Possible swag and other “gifts” may work themselves into the mix this year, delicious drinky drinks and craft beers are always immediately available, so if you’re looking to stay up to date and enjoy an excellent screening of each episode as it airs please join us!”