1529 Wisconsin Ave, NW

Zannchi’s website says:

“Zannchi, a new casual dining concept in Georgetown, is bringing fresh Korean cuisine to Washington, DC. Our flavorful small plates, hot stone rice bowls and rolls are served in a relaxed atmosphere within the restaurant’s modern Korean decor. The simple yet streamlined menu offers vegetarian options as well as heartier dishes like Bulgogi BBQ Bibimbap.”

Check out their menu (and delicious looking photos of the food) here.






From a press release:

“The Alcoholic Beverage Control Board (Board) announced this morning that it will eliminate restrictions on certain liquor licenses in Georgetown beginning April 9.

As a result, there will no longer be a limit on the number of liquor licenses that can be issued to restaurants and multipurpose facilities—such as theatres and galleries—in the neighborhood. Businesses can apply for the liquor licenses beginning April 9.

A limit remains in effect on the number of liquor licenses that can be issued to taverns and nightclubs in Georgetown (more…)

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1525 Wisconsin Ave, NW

This week is turning around!! More good cheese news from an email:

“On Wednesday, March 30th we’re hosting Melt, a fondue fest featuring traditional Swiss alpine fondue, Italian fonduta, American pub cheese, raclette, and fried Wisconsin cheese curds. The event will be curated by our in-house cheesemonger, and each cheese item will be paired with accompaniments and beer or wine.” (more…)

courtesy Jamestown

From a press release:

“Looks like Georgetown Park is heading to Church. Jamestown LP announced today that Tin Shop Group, the company behind several of DC’s popular restaurant, casual dining and entertainment establishments including Penn Social and Crystal City’s Highline RXR, has signed a 10-year lease to occupy the 5,919-square-foot Canal Level space of the Georgetown Park retail complex. Founded by recognized restaurant entrepreneurs Geoff Dawson and Peter Bayne, Tin Shop Group aims to provide something for everyone with its newest concept Church – an approachable restaurant and taproom offering casual cuisine, cocktails and craft draft beer, as well as a comfortable space for light meals, coffee and meetings.

Tin Shop Group’s Church is Jamestown’s first tenant to occupy the lower level Georgetown Park area with grand opening plans slated for Summer 2016. The new location will benefit from Georgetown Park’s ample parking, featuring one of the largest parking garages in the heart of Georgetown. Bill Miller and Alex Walker of Miller Walker Retail Real Estate Brokerage represented Jamestown in the deal. Plans call for the transformation of the lower-level space, formerly part of Georgetown Mall food court, into a sophisticated, industrial-designed space, which will accommodate guests for an evening out or an afternoon away from the office. Dawson and Bayne will convert the space to include soft lighting and feature several fire places, deep comfortable seating and large communal tables. Tin Shop’s mission is to create a relaxed space for lunch, dinner, coffee or a meeting.

The Church concept will provide Georgetown with a “home away from home” locale that provides a warm and welcoming feel that will attract nearby residents and office workers alike. Not only will it primarily serve as a restaurant with a lounge, it will also provide local residents and nearby office tenants with a unique, relaxed space for coffee and meetings. The new space will provide seated meals and catered lunches as well as a quick grab-and-go option and a Vigilante Coffee program. (more…)


A reader reports:

“Mama Rouge is out, Bangkok Joe’s is (back) in! Passed by the building and sign during my lunch break/walk, see attached pic.”

From a press release:


“Chef Aulie Bunyarataphan and Proprietor Mel Oursinsiri, the dynamic husband and wife team behind a portfolio of the region’s ground breaking Thai restaurants, are proud to announce the return of Bangkok Joe’s. The heartbeat of the “new” restaurant is the much beloved Dumpling Bar, which will serve an expanded selection of hand-crafted delicacies. Exotic tastes and aromas of the Bangkok street food Aulie experienced as a child, along with Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese and even French flavors she picked up as a result of her culinary experiences in the United States are featured on the restaurant’s expansive menu. The menu includes a large selection of new dishes incorporating more traditional Thai flavors to appeal to diners expanding palates and openness to trying authentic global cuisines as well as customer favorites. The restaurant will open in March in its original location in Georgetown’s Washington Harbour. A new Happy Hour is planned for early summer. When Bangkok Joe’s opened in 2003, it was home to the first Dumpling Bar in the Nation’s Capital. Bangkok Joe’s was open from 2003 to 2014. (more…)