26 Q Street Northeast

This condo is located at 26 Q Street, Northeast:


The listing says:

“Beautifully renovated multi level condo is ready to move in! Spacious, open floor plan, state of the art appliances, new fixtures, hardwood flooring throughout, 2 master suites and MORE! A must see!”

You can see more photos here.

This 3 bed/3 bath is going for $569,000 ($245 monthly fee.)

Ed. Note: The other 3 bed/3 bath in this building is going for $679,000 ($245 monthly fee.)


A reader sends this shot just after 3:30pm – view from T and Rhode Island Ave, NW.

Update. Though the photo above was taken in Bloomingdale it is looking east towards Eckington. Another reader sends a close up photo from Lincoln Road, NE and Seaton:



On the MPD-5D listserve a resident asked:

“I received a text/email alert indicating that there had been a shooting around 3:30 pm yesterday (1/8) on the unit block of S St NE. Does anyone have any additional details about this event?”

MPD responded:

“Fifth District detectives are investigating the circumstances surrounding a juvenile male who was found in the 1700 block of Lincoln Rd. N.E. suffering from an apparent gun shot wound.”

Photo by Stewart Eastep for PeopleforBikes.org

“Dear PoPville,

Sometime between Midnight and 5am this morning, two bikes were stolen from my backyard in Eckington, on the Unit Block of R St NE. I know, bikes get stolen every day in this city, and are hard to track, but the two bikes that were stolen are pretty hard to miss. I’ve attached a photo (thanks to PeopleforBikes.org for the great shot!!) Here are the specs:

1)Cream Xtracycle Radish long tail bike, with a Bobike front mounted baby seat/windshield, two large pannier bags, padded rear platform (note: Hoopty ‘rack’ in picture not currently attached), Obama bumper sticker on rear fender, lots of orange reflective ‘flower’ stickers, and an orange reflective mustache on the windshield.

2) White 24″ Opus Rambler with blue writing. Several “I biked to school at Yu Ying PCS today!” stickers. One black box bag on rear rack.

We are doing all the things we are supposed to do (filing a police report, setting craigslist alerts for DC, Baltimore and Philly, contacting all local bike shops, etc), but because these bikes are unique and tend to garner attention, there is a good chance that folks might see them out and about.

We are devastated. These bikes are our primary transportation when it is over 40 degrees outside. If you see them, please contact me as soon as possible! eblyttleton(at)gmail(dot)com or by phone (202-344-5389)”

Photo by PoPville flickr user Sanjay Suchak

“Dear PoPville,

My granddaughter (11 years of age) is enrolled in the new McKinley Middle School this school year, who previously attended Garrison Elementary School. We had great expectations as it related to the school and their goals. However, after my child was enrolled and started at the school, we immediately began to see major changes in her behavior. Followed with daily phone calls about her behavior being out of control. Being a realistic grandmother, I took the complaints at face value since she was leaving an elementary where her mother works as a Special Education Aid, her other two siblings also attender that school. Therefore, I felt anxiety may be a major issue for her. However, I later found out that she was being bullied by a group of girls that she was afraid of. As previously mentioned, with each phone call we addressed their concerns of her being disrespectful, walking out of her classroom, not completing classroom assignments, talking back. None of which we have seen at home or at her previous school. This lead the family to start a pop-in policy at the school. This popping in resulting in me personally observing this group of girls that my granddaughter had attached herself too. Please keep in mind, with ever teacher meeting, every phone call, all the teachers would say, they see more in my granddaughter and they know she is not like this group of girls. She stand out amongst them, etc.

After frequent visits, and entire days of going from classroom to classroom, I came to realize that this group of girls were totally out of control. I then understood why my granddaughters was acting out. Immediately, we took her to counseling at Kaiser only to find out that she was in fact afraid of them and felt since they never got in trouble that it was easier to hang with them to avoid being harassed. This is what I noticed in the classrooms (more…)